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Bug Reporting / How To Report Singleplayer and AI Bugs
« on: 06-02-2012, 00:02:24 »

 For reporting specific issues related to singleplayer or general AI problems, please use the community sp bug tracker set up by DJBarney.

This is a bug tracker hosted by google and created by players, but it is my preferred method of obtaining bug reports from the community. I am one of the tracker's project owners, and am keeping a close eye on it.

For a link to the google code page that hosts the SP bug tracker, please see This Topic

Singleplayer and Coop / Eppeldorf CTD
« on: 26-11-2011, 22:11:38 »
I think this is a very nice map, but I get random CTD when I try and play it. I've already fixed the tweak file for the half track (sdk???_win) that referenced missing ai templates.

CTD in windowed mode, no error. Suspect that it is an AI issue, but was hoping someone could tell me what is wrong before I go through the tweak files of every vehicle in the map.

This map is my next target for the ESAI project, since the Americans are so disadvantaged with lame CO.

So, what's the deal with this one? 

Singleplayer and Coop / FH2 AIBehaviors Unofficial Recode
« on: 10-05-2011, 20:05:45 »
Be warned, this post is long and technical, but you will find a d/l link at the end of it.

I've recently revisited this project, and made some minor tweaks to the rewrite I did a few months ago. The official FH2 2.3 file has some strange issues. I can't definitively call them mistakes, I can only say that some things I found were highly irregular. I will qualify that statement with an example:

Tank Fire behavior entry from original:

Code: [Select]
aiSettings.setVehicleBehaviour Tank Fire BBFireInfantery BBPFireInfantery 4 UCFire TankWeights
This causes the urgency for the tank fire behavior to reach an unreasonably high value (in excess of 90 in some instances, where 5-8 is sufficient to make it the active behavior)

Tank Fire behavior from my recode:

Code: [Select]
aiSettings.setVehicleBehaviour Tank Fire BBFireInfantery BBPFireInfantery 4 UCTankFire UnitWeights.

The main correction here is the use of UnitWeights instead of TankWeights. Observant readers will also notice the change of urgency curve generators (from UCFire to UCTankFire). This was not strictly necessary, but is an enhancement I coded in. It seems to help keep the tanks moving as they shoot. Seems to - I am not sure.

There are a host of other changes, but they are made in such a way that the bots should show similar behaviors to that created by the official file. You should see minor bot behavior improvements if you use this file, though the differences are subtle.

Here is a full list of the changes I made, taken from the code comments:
Code: [Select]
       Forgotten Hope 2.x AIBehaviors Recode                   
                 Version 2.4 :5-10-2011
                     by Void

 Featured Changes from 2.3 Official:

- soldier weights now unique to `Infantery`

- unit weights corrected and reinstated as behavior inhibitors

- avoid inhibitors corrected and reinstated as behavior inhibitors

- change inhibitors corrected and reinstated as behavior inhibitors

- base Idle urgency now 0.1

- custom inhibitors for `Tank` Fire && Move behaviors (also applied to `ArmedCar`)

- custom UC generator for `Tank` Fire behavior (also applied to `ArmedCar`)

- unarmed `Passenger` Fire weight now 1.0 (was much higher, but here this number is used only to calculate urgency of the Change behavior)

- `Car` vehicle type now more likely to try and run over enemies

- Added LookAtWrapper interpreter entry to ALL vehicle types. If you decide to code a vehicle of any type
  to target aircraft for some reason, this should prevent CTD.

The addition of the LookAtWrapper interpreter entry to all vehicles is not strictly necessary, but since it hurts nothing I went ahead and put it in. (If you are not familiar with the LookAtWrapper bug, search for it on the BFSP forums. It is well documented)

Ok then, interested parties may Download it here

Singleplayer and Coop / ESAI:FH2 Edition Releases
« on: 05-11-2010, 19:11:00 »
ESAI is a Strategic AI enhancement project. It gives your AI commander more choices of strategy, and seems to help with bot behavior. The FH2 Edition forces the AI commander to attack flags in the order dictated by Push game modes.

Works with FH2 v 2.4!

The current version of ESAI:FH2 is 2.5

Download ESAI:FH2 Edition

FH2 levels (SP & COOP) with specific ESAI plugins and map files:

- Gazala 64
- Mareth Line 64
- Villers Bocage 64
- Siege of Tobruk 64*
- Supercharge 64*
- Lebisey 64*
- Operation Goodwood 64*

* Fixes "Push" mode flag capture order

To download ESAI:FH2 pre-patched server.zips for the 2.5 maps with custom AI: Click Here

For feedback, suggestions, bug reports, and project status refer to This Thread.

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