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Singleplayer and Coop / Re: ESAI: FH2 Edition
« on: 08-03-2012, 15:03:54 »
No worries.

Surprised you found the method I posted over at BFSP; it was buried on page 9 of an 11 or 12 page topic.

Anyway, the answer is yes, it will work for fh2 also. Just put all the lines from the map file for your desired strategy set in except for the last line. The last line goes in

If I am honest, I would like to see it implemented in the mod by default.


Singleplayer and Coop / Re: Singleplayer Maps
« on: 24-02-2012, 19:02:10 »
And if a map supports one and not the other, someone's being either lazy or forgetful (the files are exactly the same)...

Ahh, neither. The coop layouts mirror conquest; that is the intent. Future SP layers will be different from their COOP counterparts.

So as it stands now, the files could be exactly the same, but that won't necessarily be true in the future. CooP is the first step in adding bot support to a map, from there I work on the SP layer.

So, you may see additional maps coming up that only support coop mode, until the "special" sp layouts are complete.

Singleplayer and Coop / Re: Bots fire from too far away
« on: 23-02-2012, 18:02:03 »
Then change the culldistance for the soldiers.

It is in the AI template for soldiers. Currently it is set to 1km. Reduce it from 1000 to like 400 = bots can "see" other infantry at 400 m.

cullDistance is scaled in meters. Typical level view distances are around 350 - 500 seems like.

Singleplayer and Coop / Re: Pathway errors on NA maps
« on: 18-02-2012, 00:02:49 »
So most of these kinda errors get automatically fixed by the navmesh generator ?

Most, yes. The ones that don't get fixed that way are fixed by manually navmeshing.

Putting these bugs in the tracker sounds fine, so long as they are clearly grouped by map name.

Don't use the white Hanomags.

not an acceptable solution; if a bot gets in the vehicle you still get a crash.

I've already given AI to this vehicle. cF, I can post it in your download sticky if you like; next patch won't be too far off but still, the sooner players get this the better.

surely someone has a wintendo setup to actually play on? Just run a server locally on that is all I can say.

you can play sp on a local server so you only need one person to try it; just add the line sv.numPlayersNeededToStart 1 to serversettings.con

Since your last post I have been made aware of a non ai supported vehicle on Eppeldorf, and that would indeed lead to a crash. A fix for that particular issue is coming in the next fh2 patch, but I will release it on this forum for all of you if it gets done before the patch is ready.

I have forgotten most of what I used to know about 'nix so not sure where you could look for crash/debug logs on your dedicated server setup.

Singleplayer and Coop / Re: Extra Bots for Co-Op Lan
« on: 14-02-2012, 00:02:32 »
Forgive me, but I am editing this topic title. There is no need for shouting as many nice people here are willing to help with questions. :)

@DJBarney: Just make shortcuts and use the command line switches of BF2 used in the FH2.exe; the arguments get passed through. +loadLevel +gameMode ... something like that, type in bf2.exe +? to get proper arguments.

@Djinn: BF2 has always supported 64 bots or more.

Meuse River and Eppeldorf crashes on our COOP-Server.

Is there still asolution to fix this?

Can you be more specific about the crash? Try and run a local coop server in windowed mode; take note of the error message given when it does crash.

For me at least, I need more information before I can produce a fix. If you can give specific info on it please report the issue in the singleplayer bug tracker; SP bugs of course apply to coop as well, and vice versa.

Quote from: gavrant
...Or are you going to redo navmeshes from scratch anyway, so you don't need that kind of info?

Yea. Gotta make new meshes for many maps, so bug reports about pathing errors aren't really helpful.

I was moaning out of fear, that my issue will have the same fate as issues dated Jun 2011

I fixed crusader incorrect strength type about a year ago as a community  contributor. It never got in. Try not to worry, as we are trying to change that trend.

As for waiting for the thanks and praises: you get thanks from me already; but don't hold your breath for a huge round of applause. A few people will thank you, maybe, and you will go on a list of contributors I maintain but that will probably be it.

I will look at it now Gavrant.

True the tracker has been a little neglected. It has been up for a good while, before it became the official preferred means of reporting bugs. We are working to change this, though it still may take a little time.

Please don't get discouraged. Looking over issue #51 now.

Hi all,

Just wanted to make it known that this tracker is the preferred method for reporting singleplayer bugs you might find in FH2.

You can report them elsewhere in this forum but I may never notice. The tracker I am paying close attention to.

Furthermore, the tracker now accommodates submitting fixes for bugs reported. Any bugfix that is submitted is a candidate for inclusion in the official build, though anyone wishing to see their fix go official must properly document their changes.

For more information refer to the documentation and faq on the issue tracker. 

Bug Reporting / How To Report Singleplayer and AI Bugs
« on: 06-02-2012, 00:02:24 »

 For reporting specific issues related to singleplayer or general AI problems, please use the community sp bug tracker set up by DJBarney.

This is a bug tracker hosted by google and created by players, but it is my preferred method of obtaining bug reports from the community. I am one of the tracker's project owners, and am keeping a close eye on it.

For a link to the google code page that hosts the SP bug tracker, please see This Topic

Singleplayer and Coop / Re: Pathway errors on NA maps
« on: 01-02-2012, 17:02:10 »
Well, we have an army of beta testers who have access to what I am currently working on. Djinn is a BT who happens to be my main go-to guy with what I would call my "pre-beta" work, before it goes to the rest of the testers. This is largely to prevent embarrassing myself with silly mistakes I might otherwise put into the beta build.

VG is a great community and I am acquainted with some of its members. I value their input as much as anyone else's. Any VG member is welcome and encouraged to express their ideas or concerns in this forum, and yes, I will listen.

Thank you for expressing your opinion on this, just thought I would clarify that we have many beta testers, though input from the gaming community is always welcome.

Singleplayer and Coop / Re: Tank movement fixing thread
« on: 31-01-2012, 08:01:32 »
Does anyone know which developer initially made all those changes? If yes....

No single dev took the tanks one day and just changed everything at once, nor did the AI code change in a single revision and suddenly make the tank behavior worse.

FH2 AI has evolved over time through the efforts of many talented people, so it is a more complex process to fix things than just comparing and contrasting a few major changes.

If it makes anyone feel any better, I do have tank movement improvement high on my priority list of things-to-do.

Of course if anyone does make some real headway on this before I get to it, I would love to know the method used to improve tank navigation. Seriously, I would be thrilled. I think we all would be.

Does it improve the bot tank handling?

If you are talking about the code lines in the first post: No.

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