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Falaise Pocket / Re: Falaise Pocket 64
« on: 30-12-2016, 11:12:46 »
Yes, indeed, there is a Canadian spawnpoint on the wrong side of the church, it will be fixed in the next release.

Hey gavrant, glad you're still here. I hope SP/COOP get some treat in the next update. Thanks for your input and work.

Keep rocking!

Hey, I'm not dead for the mod yet! To tease you, SP/Coop will definitely get some tasty things in the next update, including a fix for one nasty ancient bug ;)

Cool. Did you do the same thing for the same classes of positions for each map ? That way I could run a script through all my maps.
It's "random" - most maps have MGs/AT guns/artillery locked, but some don't (for example, Luttich, on which every cappable flag is open for attack/counterattack for an entire round, so all the static emplacements there are valuable for both teams). You would need a script capable of smart parsing GamePlayObjects.con's, hunting for those "ObjectTemplate.teamOnVehicle  1" in ObjectSpawners.

Yeah, it's pretty simple, just needs to be done 40-something times, and then repeated from scratch every time an official FH2 update is released :)

If you want to get the M1903 or M1 carbine in bazooka kits, edit aifixes.con in mods/fh2/, in lines 36-39 ("run") replace "winchester" with "M1903a1" or "m1carbine" (or "m1a1carbine") respectively. Note that this won't change the bazooka kits which still have the Colt in SP/Coop, to change those messing with individual map files is required.

As the guy who coded/tweaked the Winchester AI, I know that its max. range is exactly 50m for bots :) This still is significantly less than that of the Springfield (250m) or the M1 carbine (200m).
So the Winchester at least is not effective at medium to long ranges. IMO, the bazooka + semi-auto M1 carbine would be an overpowered all-purpose kit. It probably would not be so overpowered with the Springfield, but TBH, I do not like the rifle that much to throw out the Winchester for it.

BTW, why you, guys, do not ask for the same treatment for the British PIAT kits? ;)

The reason why most of static emplacements can be used only by the defending team in SP/Coop is to prevent the attacking team from losing its bots manning those MGs and AT guns as the offensive progresses forward. The emplacements (with the exception of the mortars) are coded so that bots, once entering them, can leave only by being killed, which makes sense for the "static defenses" kind of maps. As a result, on maps like Alam Halfa, while playing for the German team, you may end with a quarter of your teammates manning the MGs and AT guns only useful against your own main base.

If you still want to unlock emplacements, go to the respective GamePlayObjects.con, remove "ObjectTemplate.teamOnVehicle  1" from the respective object spawners and remove the following code at the start of the file for the respective emplacements:
Code: [Select]
ObjectTemplate.activeSafe PlayerControlObject <Emplacement name>
ObjectTemplate.dontClearTeamOnExit 1
Note, don't mix locked and unlocked object spawners for a single MG or AT gun on one map, this might end in CTDs.

Guys, the Winchester in the bazooka kits in SP/Coop was introduced as a fix to bots sucking with the Colts. The Winchester was chosen as a replacement because of 1) its relatively short range, 2) its coolness, and 3) its rareness (in MP it's present only on a few maps as a few pickup kits). After the pistols were more or less fixed, the Winchester was still left on some maps, primarily because of point 2). I do can replace it with the M1 carbine or the Springfield, but I'm afraid it will make the bazooka kits overpowered. For example, bots with Winchesters on Ramelle proved to be so stubborn in defense that I chose to revert the bazooka kit to the Colt. This could be even worse with the semi-auto and longer-ranged M1 carbine.

Wait, in FH2 most of the maps with one of the teams or even both having no uncappable main base are played along the "fight your way through the whole map and capture the last flag" scenario. I think the "German ticket loss going down very slowly" was actually the natural ticket loss through them being killed, because, as far as I can tell, the German team bleeds on PeB only when they lose every flag, and the bleed is really fast - 1000 tickets per minute. Unless the map is bugged, of course...

It's like this: before something like 90-95 in 100 bombs killed the target, now it will be more like 80. Will try to do more to fix that. For now, bailing out of the tank when you hear them coming is still the best tactic.

Guys, the first post in this thread was just updated with a description of the singleplayer/coop changes you will see in FH 2.52.

And talking about 2.5x patches: on 2.48 ALL maps are working perfectly, but on 2.51 I started the first map aaaand... the game crashed. So for me, it's not worth it. Maybe it crashed because I used standart bf2.exe (then changed the game in Custom game menu and so on...) instead the FH2Launcher. But what's the difference? What is that launcher doing except downloading updates (wich I don't need because I always load a full-installer manually)? I started 2.48 with standart bf2.exe too and it works perfectly.
FH2 Launcher does many things besides downloading updates - it manages FH2-specific video and controls settings, provides a rather easy way to tweak bots numbers and skills for Singleplayer (see "Options", the first tab), and such small details like historically accurate squad names for this time period  (Able, Baker and so on) instead of the modern Alpha, Bravo, ... from vBF2. To a certain degree you may consider FH2 to be a separate game, not a mod for BF2, and launching FH2 via bf2.exe is not supported by us for a veeeeery long time. Not to mention that by skipping 2.5x patches you miss a lot of sweet changes - 15+ updated singpleplayer maps, fixes for some crashes, general AI improvements (see the first post in this thread). And by the way, you can turn off checks for updates in the launcher, if you want.

On HE shells: did I make them too accurate, especially in static guns, or it's just you, guys, being not accustomed to AI utilizing them against infantry? :)

Oh, I can definitly adjust to that behaviour. The problem from my pov is, that the enemy AI infantry can not, does not, will not - and instead gets blown to bits in heaps of 5 men at a time while purposefully marching towards the defensive line. And again, afaik - a PaK just isn't there for anti personnel use. That is what MGs are supposed to do.
There are various ways to deal with this, from setting extremely high respawn times to the emplacements (this way the attackers have to destroy each gun once and it won't bother them anymore), to decreasing AI accuracy or ranges with that weapon (like it's done on PHL with the MGs), to counter-balancing the guns with bombers or artillery for the attacking team.

This is weird because the maximum range for weapons capable of automatic hip fire is set to 100m or so, far below the fog range on almost all maps.

I'm talking about Rifles/Carbines being fired from the hip - on further observation not necessarily at ineffective range, but often enough at ineffective range for the AI (they just won't hit like that) and very often behind terrain or static obstacles. But thats far from a gamebreaking issue. Its not like they are wasting any ammo as Bots.
Rifles also have rather short ranges of around 250m, shorter than the fog distance on most of EF maps. And bots shooting through statics may be actually a sign of misconfigured collision or materials of those statics (that is, it might be a fault of the statics, not the bots).

I've also noted that German riflemen fire standard rifle grenades at T34. The damage is insignificant and focuses them away from infantry threats. This might not be a good threat assessment for them.
Again, not my buisiness - the general behaviour like this should be reported in the 2.5 Singleplayer thread, this has nothing to do with my work in particular.
I thought you set the AI template for Russian tanks because they are clearly reacting to them as they would light armor, not medium armor. Or did Russian tanks already have that set?

Sorry if I'm mistaken.
The rifle grenades in the default German rifleman kit on Arad, Dukla and Seelow - they are not frag grenades, they are HEAT. The same HEAT grenades you can find in, say, the AT kit on Operation Cobra. On Cobra they are mildly effective against Shermans, but, as it seems, they are very weak against the Russian armor.

On planes bombs: I did tweak the bombs for FH 2.5 to be less accurate, but apparently it did not help much. Will try to tweak them more.

On HE shells: did I make them too accurate, especially in static guns, or it's just you, guys, being not accustomed to AI utilizing them against infantry? :)

Darman, what handhelds do you mean by "firing their handhelds at ineffective range"?
I very often observe how bots start discharging everthing at their disposal right on spawning, even when the enemy is still far out in the fog or behind terrain obstacles. Firing from the hip, mostly.
This is weird because the maximum range for weapons capable of automatic hip fire is set to 100m or so, far below the fog range on almost all maps.

Static artillery pieces, like the Nebelwerfer, are usually located in relatively open places, with no obstacles right in front of them, and somewhat behind the front line. And even if it's not the case, the SP mapper often can find a better position to put that arty. That's why they work fine with the cameras raised by the standard 10m or so, even despite the fact that moving the primary camera in a vehicle decreases AI accuracy with the weapon(s). With mobile arty pieces, on contrary, you can't guess where the bots will discharge all their HE load, it may be an open field, but more often than not it can be a narrow street in the middle of a town.

... probably due to the AI view distance though. That one is usually rather low to prevent Bots from firing their handhelds at ineffective range.
I usually set the AI view distance (<level>/ai/, aiSettings.setViewDistance) to the same value as the level's fog distance in sky.con. This is fair both to human players and AI bots, but damages static artillery on too foggy levels. In the case if the range of some weapon is an annoyance on a certain level (for example, the static MGs on PHL and Omaha Beach), I decrease the max. range in the AI template of that specific weapon on this level only. But in my experience handhelds are never troublemakers in this respect. Darman, what handhelds do you mean by "firing their handhelds at ineffective range"?

Since you mentioned proper packing - I suppose this feature is implemented by the "aifixes.con" ?
Yes, the aifixes.con thing raises the cameras, among many-many other things.

I think the Katyusha with _ai can be a clone. The only difference between the _ai version is that it's point of view is about 15m in the air so it sees over stuff. You might try also making it driver/ gunner so it stops and fires instead of having some idiot bot drive it off - Or try reducing the heat of driver should do also.

Sadly, I doubt Gavrant will ever make an _ai katyusha. On principle, Gavrant doesn't believe mobile arty should have that as it tends to make them more clumsy to drive by both bots and humans.

This is wrong. The Stuka zu Fuss, Willys Calliope and Katjusha do get the cameras raised by a couple of meters in SP/Co-op automatically, without any _ai clones (if the map is properly packed). This is enough if the AI view distance on the map matches the "human" view distance. Raising the cameras more will increase the risk of hitting a wall just in front and killing half of their own team, so they must be treated as direct firing weapons in the hands of AI.

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