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"If you have a suggestions or want to give us some Feedback about our Singleplayer you can Post it here!"

I think the AI is pretty good right now. The only problem is that they seem to throw way too many grenades.. But then again that could be due to their number.

They throw nades if they know you are there, but are out of direct line of fire eg. if you hide in a building after contact, or in a hole or ditch... Alternatively they use rifle-grenades ... they also use these at long range since there is a greater chance of obstraction at that distance. Depending on how I play, they may use ALOT of nades, or none at all

What I do wish, after which I will have very few complains, is for bots to use arty like in FH1... That's what made Fh1 so much fun, using howitzers and field guns, and maybe, even mortar

But yes, I completely agree, bots have undergone a serious face lift since 2.15, and I beleive we have an entire team to thank for that improvement, notably ofcourse, winterHilf and Bizness for anything done prior to retiring

Bots are actually fun in 2.2. Just a tinnie-winnie this and that here and there is all :-) - Will probably get back to that sometime in this thread...

A major request for SPers... Now I know WinterHilf is hard @ work pathmapping and finetuning... Is it too big a request to have updates with Downloadable completed map files as and when they are done?

What I mean is, rather than waiting for the big release of FH2.2X, can we have downloads for maps which are from 2.2 and have by time of uplaoding, recieved functional bots support - This is especially true for:
1/ Operation Goodwood
2/ FHSP maps that recieve completed bot-support
3/ Fixed versionsof maps like Supercharge with AI improvements and CTD solutions
4/ Any Normandy 2.2 map by then coded with bot-support :-D??



--- Quote ---Is it too big a request to have updates with Downloadable completed map files as and when they are done?
--- End quote ---
We should be so lucky... ;)

Maybe winterhilf could tell us what map he's currently working on?

That way we can focus our efforts on finding all the bugs/problems in said map, rather than us swamping the poor guy with requests to fix our 'favourite' maps.

Communicate with him and tell him this.

It is totally OK from us that he creates his own little "singleplayer betatest team" here if he wants  :) (on maps allready released ofcourse).

Would be great if you could help out, as our betatesters are focusing on the multiplayer and well, everything else in the mod like weapons, physics, bugs, vehicles etc  8)


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