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Michael Z Freeman:

--- Quote from: Turkish007 on 28-07-2019, 23:07:08 ---They occasionally do IIRC. But yes, it is quite irritating.

--- End quote ---


Another thing is the repeated (automatic) firing of many tanks and AT guns ONLY in dedicated server games (not in games started in the client). I have still not got to the bottom of this and if its only an AI only thing. I've heard reports of this from people who play on internet servers but I'm not sure if those were coop or exclusively MP. There is some discussion about this on the BFSP forum

I'm slowly moving in on map fixes. I just found out that the FH2 debugger can be run as a dedicated server which I did not know. I thought it was client only. It's important to fix the maps in a Coop context in a MP focused game.


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