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1. Make Grant I use its hull cannon (The 75mm) fire HE rather than using its foward facing MG and allow the Sherman in NA to fire HE also
The Allies completely lack an HE-firing tank in NA. While their tanks are superior in armor to the NA Germans, short of the PzIV and Marder's 75mm canon, they are incapable of dealing with 360o threats from German infantry, granted they start using their gabelt ladungs. The grant is particularly vulnerable since its hull mg is only foward facing. Addition of HE for both Sherman and Grant will balance the NA battlefield.

2. Move the howitzers in Goodwood foward
The German nebelwerfer is a real threat on this map, however the Allied arty is notably absent, since it is too far to fire on anything. I suggest moving it foward in SP/COOP to between the first hedgrow and boacage fixtures so it remains in cover but able to fire on the middle base and even to Cagney.

3. Allow big guns to respawn or be replaced when flag changes hands
While AT guns and mortars are destroyed permanently in SP/COOP for lack of AI ability to repair guns, some mgs reappear (And these are one-direction facing and therefore should NOT), while big guns like 88s, howitzers etc do not reappear. This should reappear or be replaced by a counterpart in all maps that have them, when their spawn area changes hands. A howitzer should be replaced by its opposing counterpart, a bofers AA should be replaced by a flakvierling or in NA, an 88.

4. Using Static guns
Bots dont use mobile ATs well. While these may remain in small part, most AT guns are well positioned and should hence be replaced in SP/COOP with static counterparts to create a defensive wall. Maps that include these are, Goodwood, Villers Bocage, Mersa matru, Totalize and Mareth Line.

5. Spawn static guns
Most if not all static guns i.e. MG, AT and AA, as well as mortars and howitzer should be made spawn points for bots. As the defensive line should be the primary defense, these should be the first line of defense, with the remaining bots moving in and out those lines in armor, aircraft, light vehicles and on foot.

6. Replace pickup mortar with static mortar points
Some pickup mortar should be replaced with mortar vehicles so that bots can use them. In some maps, there are as many as 2 pickup mortars per side, and in some pickup mortar is less important than mortar support. Many maps could do with constantly firing mortars :)

7. Make bots dash
Human players only walk when their run-bar is empty and when trying to sneak. Currently bots are vulnerable because they seldom run except when startled or when chasing a vehicle. I think bots should run by default, seeing that their run can also be exhausted. They should only walk when firing on enemy and when approaching seen enemy (even if out of view). This will make them appear sneaky when flanking enemy, while moving them to the battlefield faster, in the same way humans do.

8. The sniper vehicle
This would require work from a coder, but I suggest having a sniper vehicle, an invisible sniper rifle vehicle like an mg, except rather than placed on a wall, its in the air and with 360o rotational use - The awkwardness of this is why it should be invisible until its in use.

It is a spawn point so even if its in a church tower, bots can use it. Humans on the other hand cannot. The vehicle in use appears as a sniper aiming down the sites and with 360o rotation. Provide it with the minimum deviation possible and it becomes a real threat where pickup sniper kits otherwise are. Do not replace the sniper kit however, so that humans can use these. Don't forget, they wont see what they are missing.

Add this to COOP/SP and you will have a whole new threat on the battlefield - The sniper. It should be targeted in the same way mg positions are, mg, bullets, grenade launcher and HE from opposing forces, especially since it will likely be in concealed locations i.e. where sniper kits are tactically positioned.

Moderators, if you see this fit, pleace Sticky this. Thanks

The nebelwerfer may need to be moved forward to the edge of the Main base i.e on the hill infront of the tanks rather than behind, so that it can see into the town to fire. IMO, as long as it is behind the ABC lines, it can be moved forward - Applies to all maps, including Cobra, where arty plays NO role at all.

Bot Howitzers and mortar in FH2

I once came up with the idea to raise the perspective of artillery to allow it fire as far it sees from the sky. Drawde implemented this along with his fix for arty to make mortar fire in the first place , and we have what we have today.

But Drawde could never raise it above a certain height.. I think 15ft. Raising it above this tended to block the spawn points for some reason. Sadly, THIS is the solution, and I believe somehow raising it further (Specifically, to the height that allows bots to fire as far as the gun can elevate) is the solution, and I think work needs to be done to get this to work.

Alternatively, of if bots can be made to switch weapons on arty, bots should be able to fire based on the camera view. Bots can fire what the SEE. so if their primary or much-used secondary view point is the remote view, and people (human or bot) spot for them, my theory is they WILL fire at that location. Which i dont have to mention, will give SP/COOP the much desired live fire-support we currently lack.

I think some research needs to go into this to see if this is the case....


Personally, I really think this thread needs to be stickied, as per my request. We need a portal to SUGGEST

We have The Fan Mod, ie, Modding Section for SP
We have The Download Section for SP
We have The Tracker, Bugs Section for SP
We have 'Singleplayer in Fh2', ie, Help Section for SP

We need the Suggestions section... i.e This thread


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