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Old forum members remember thread about museums on the GamingForums. Now we are start thread about walkarounds.

What you can post here:
- Walkaround of any weapon, vehicle, aircraft, ship, uniform, fortifications, stowage items (gas cans, jacks etc) etc.

For what:
- Help to FH team;
- Help to another teams who made historical mods;
- Help to peoples who have interests to history;
- Help to scale modellers;
- Another peoples.

Where you can made walkarounds:
- Any museum near you  ;D ;
- Your personal collection.

Where you can upload your walkarounds:
- Images hosting sites, like,,, and another. More simple uploading procedure, but with images lost risk in future;
- Special walkaround pages like,, etc. More hard procedure for uploading, but more chance for images saving;
- Files hosting pages like, etc. More useful for full-sized pics in archive, but limited time for hosting.

How you can post walkaround in thread:
- Name of item, and additional information (there photos taken etc):
- Preview pic;
- Link to walkaround.

Also you can upload walkaround as a list of preview pics, but without lots of full-sized images, please  ;D

As a start, few new walkarounds from me:

Object 239, prototype of KV-85 heavy tank

GAZ-4 Pickup

Here is alot of walkarounds (They are not taken by me, I am just posting this link here)


--- Quote from: Sturmbocke on 09-08-2009, 11:08:49 ---Here is alot of walkarounds (They are not taken by me, I am just posting this link here)

--- End quote ---

I know - part of my walkarounds located on the Prime Portal.

Sticky sticky.

I have several photos of the Churchill CS seen in Overloon war museum.But where oh where are they


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