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Michael Z Freeman:
Here ! -

For my beloved Forgotten Hope single player experience  ;D

After some discussion with djinn and Remick04 I have finalised the initial set up of a Google Code issue tracker for Forgotten Hope single player and AI.

Please note that this bug/issue tracker is not endorsed by the FH dev team, but I did clear it with Remick04. In some ways it is just a more elaborate version of the "The Single Player Fan Project: Work to be done and feedback" thread. It can be used to track many of the issues with the AI reported on this forum to allow more efficient production of fixes. As always some of the fixes end up in the final build, some don't, nothing is guaranteed.

Anyone who is logged in with a Google account can submit an issue. The only set up issues I have is that I can't seem to allow users to add labels. I have labels set up for various common AI problem types and labels for each official map 16/32/64, or independent map. But only project owners and committers can add labels. The project admin has to manually authorise the addresses of people who want to edit issue metadata. I guess its not much of a problem as long as there are enough willing to become project owners and committers  and edit new issue submissions (triage) and deal with duplicate issues.

EDIT 06/07/12: Now the tracker is officially the preferred way to report SP/AI bugs ... see How To Report Singleplayer and AI Bugs in the Bug Reporting forum section.

Good show old chap... :)

Correct me if I'm wrong, but hasn't issue number 3 been fixed?... :-\

Great initiative DJ! Good work!

Michael Z Freeman:
Cheers  ;D

I just put some issues in there as examples. If you PM me your gmail address I can give you editing privileges and you can fix them ... (sounds of people running for cover).

RE: issue 24 (Crusader incorrectly set as armoured car)

-Found error in the AI Template plugins for all Crusader variants; strength type was incorrect. Patch kit posted on the code page.

RE: issue 12 (Crusader AA and quad .50 dont fire at aircrafts)

- Found incorrect settings for allowedDeviation vs Deviation in weapon ai template for Crusader AA. I need the correct asset name for  "quad .50"; I can't find it. Patch kit available after I know the object name for the quad.


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