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Developer Blogs / Gameplay changes in FH 2.5 explained
« on: 11-02-2016, 01:02:45 »
Hey, guys! I'll try to provide here details on some rather major gameplay changes mentioned in the "The Road to Forgotten Hope 2.5 Part 2" news update.

"Automatic fast bleed at the end of a round"
When one of the teams captures all flags on a map and the losing team has no place to spawn, the "fast bleed" is initiated. The players from the losing team who are still alive have up to 2 minutes to neutralize any flag or the round ends. This is a countermeasure against one lone player from the losing team hiding in a bush while the whole other team is searching for him for several minutes.

The "fast bleed" affects all maps and teams automatically, unless the team has an uncappable main base (obviously) or the map features vehicles players can spawn in (for example, the M3A1 halftracks on Cobra). Custom mappers do not need to activate anything on their maps for this to work.

To retell my earlier "Hot spots" blog post, a brief info about the current spot is shown now to every artilleryman in the top-left corner of the screen, among kill messages:

Tip: if you want the info to be repeated (since it may be overwritten by kill messages pretty quickly), just press "NEXT TARGET"/"PREV TARGET" in the commo rose.

The problem of annoying switching "spot - no spot - spot" on the spotter re-spotting, reported by Outlaw and others in that blog post, is fixed too.

The mobile artillery pieces in which the driver seat is combined with the gunner one (the Wespe, the Bishop and the new Renault UE Wurfgerat you can find on Pegasus) got a three camera setup: the driver camera (like in other self-propelled guns, together with turning the head by Ctrl+mouselook), the dials camera (activated by X) and the top-down view on the current spot (activated by right mouse click). We noticed one problem during testing this setup: you can get lost between cameras sometimes. For example, you want to switch to the driver camera but get trapped in a dials - top-down loop. Randomly pressing X and right mouse button few times usually helped in this case, and we got used to it. Please treat this drawback as a price for using tricks the game engine is not accustomed to.

One more improvement affecting all mobile artillery pieces (not only the one mentioned right above) - smoother, less jerky movement of the dials and top-down spot view cameras.

Anti-personnel and anti-tank mines
Here comes the story of taking all the fun out of mines :)

Prior to FH 2.5 you could plant AP mines on any surface - terrain or static, even absolutely vertical walls, while AT mines only stuck to terrain, falling through statics. Now both classes of mines stick to terrain and statics, but bounce off anything more or less vertical (that is, slopped by more than 45 degrees from horizontal).

We also increased the time it takes to plant a mine, AP or AT, up to 3 seconds, from the previous 1 second. To be honest, that 1 second was a leftover from 2012 internal tests of stand mine deployment, slipping by mistake into releases.

And to further nerf AP mines specifically, we limited the number of AP mines to 1 in each kit.

Deployable mortars and machine guns
First of all, we would like to thank Damaso (old forum goers do remember Damaso, right?) for bringing deployable weapons to our attention and making them a high priority task for us :)

All the known exploits allowing to deploy more than one weapon from one kit - passing the kit to a teammate, dropping another weapon while the first one is occupied by another player, and so on, do not work any more. The "one kit, one mortar/MG" rule is strictly enforced by the game now.

The physics of the deploy marker (the thing you drop on "firing" the weapon to deploy it) has been reworked too. It does not bounce hundreds meters away now, better interacts with vehicles and does not let deploying through walls, among other things.

Another small improvement for deployables is that a marker now indicates the position where the dropped weapon will soon appear:

The following launcher issues were fixed in 2.5 release of Forgotten Hope, many of them have been reported in this board many times:

Main form:
  • Verification of the default player account on the account server is performed now every time when you hit the Play button, to avoid crashes to desktop in the full-screen mode (the infamous "black screen crash" threads here) and cryptic "music player" messages in the windowed mode when the server is down.
First launch:
  • Fixed players getting corrupted in-game controls (the "can't turn the gun" kind of topics on the forum).
  • Fixed the game hanging on launch if player profiles have been copied from another PC.
  • Supposedly fixed "null reference exceptions" encountered by few players on the first launch, probably caused by some corruption of the config (on Windows XP only?).
  • Added import of Project Reality player profiles.
Options - Gameplay:
  • Proper handling of multiple player accounts sharing one name ("offline" Gavrant and "online" Gavrant, for example).
  • Added "[Offline]" suffix to offline accounts in the "Login as" field to distinguish them from online ones.
  • Renamed the "<None>" account to "<None / Manage accounts>", to emphasize one of its main purposes.
Options - Update / Repair:
  • Max. upload speed: the bottom limit raised to 5 KB/sec. Too low max. upload speeds could completely choke connection to uploaders and thus actually prevent you from downloading anything.

Singleplayer and Coop / Singleplayer in Forgotten Hope 2.5
« on: 08-02-2016, 22:02:25 »
Changes in 2.5

Maps reworked from scratch
  • Anctoville
  • Gazala (including new navmeshing by Ballard) *
  • Hurtgen Forest
  • Operation Goodwood
  • Operation Totalize
  • Vossenack *
* Gazala and Vossenack include reworked layers for 16 players. Please note that these layers do not repeat the multiplayer "single flag in the middle" layout, they can support 24-32 bots and are intended to be a pure infantry vs infantry slaughter.

Maps which got significant gameplay tweaks
  • Alam Halfa
  • Battle of Brest
  • Battle of Keren
  • Fall of Tobruk
  • Operation Luttich
  • Purple Heart Lane
  • Ramelle
  • The Battle for Sfakia
  • Tunis
  • Villers Bocage

General fixes and improvements
  • Fixed crashes to desktop when an AI tank driver gets stuck in one place for about 5 minutes. Note, this is not related to crashes when a human player exits a vehicle in a narrow place, that bug is still not fixed, sadly.
  • Fixed many (all?) static and mounted MGs playing fire sounds constantly, even when reloading, if manned by bots.
  • Fixed the dials of the British 3in mortar being completely broken in singleplayer (see here).
  • Game performance improvements, especially on the maps heavy with airplanes and artillery. Also first minutes on Omaha Beach are now less FPS-hungry thanks to the removal of one of the two MGs in the LCVP boats.
  • Reworked AI for cannons, rockets, MGs and bombs in airplanes, HE shells in tanks and AT guns (especially noticeable in the vehicles which don't have a coaxial MG as a secondary anti-infantry weapon), with the main goal to improve their effectiveness.
  • Somewhat improved performance of turret-less self-propelled guns and tanks (for example, StuGs, Marders, Grants) in AI hands by making the driver camera to move with the gun barrel in singleplayer.
  • Reworked deployable weapons. They do not disappear instantly after a bot or human player exits them, like in multiplayer. Instead they stay for some seconds. This means that bots can enter deployed weapons without dying now, and no crash to desktop will happen when a human player tries to enter a deployed weapon already occupied by a bot.
  • Increased time-to-live for artillery spots in singleplayer up to 5 minutes (from the multiplayer's 2 minutes) as suggested by DJ Barney.
  • Every mortar pickup kit got binoculars as suggested by DJ Barney.
  • Many-many smaller tweaks and fixes in AI of vehicles and weapons.

Changes in 2.52

First of all, an answer to the question which bothers you most: the new EF maps and Pegasus Bridge still have no official singleplayer support, we are working on providing them with tolerable pathfinding.

General fixes and improvements
  • Significant improvement of how the bots drive all tracked vehicles, from universal carriers and halftracks to, obviously, tanks. Bots now often choose better routes and are more confident in dealing with smaller obstacles. Guys, I need feedback on this, since it's virtually impossible to test single-handedly all the tens and tens of tracked vehicles on 40-something maps, so the results are still a bit raw. For example, the behavior of the heavier German tanks, starting with the Panthers, appears to be not as good as of many Allied tanks (but still better than it was before 2.52), which results in situations like the American team capturing all flags on Meuse River in something like 5 minutes while half of the German armor freezing in traffic jams at the bridges on their side of the map.
  • Somewhat decreased deadliness of the airplane bombs in the hands of AI (there is still room for improvement here).
  • Static AA guns now follow air targets better.
  • Improved handling of handheld AT explosives, especially the ones that explode on impact (e.g., the Italian AT grenade).
  • Fixed missing AI of the turret MG seats in the Russian tanks. Darman, the Russian mobile AT guns and airplanes are yet to get new AI, so for now keep the one you created in your map pack.

  • Bardia: fixed broken push mode, general gameplay tweaks.
  • Operation Hyacinth: fixed flare spamming by the bots with FPS drops accompanying it, better (more steady and continuous) "firing" of the spotlights.
  • Operation Totalize: general gameplay tweaks.

Complete lists of "good" and "play at your own risk" singleplayer maps, as of 2.52

The list of "good" maps
These are the maps with up-to-date (as in multiplayer) equipment, more or less balanced gameplay and pathfinding, mostly bug-free, and having the latest code "sweeteners".
  • Alam Halfa
  • Anctoville
  • Bardia
  • Battle of Brest
  • Battle of Keren
  • Eppeldorf
  • Fall of Tobruk
  • Gazala
  • Siege of Giarabub
  • Gold Beach
  • Hurtgen Forest
  • Lebisey
  • Meuse River
  • Omaha Beach
  • Operation Cobra (slightly outdated by the today's standards)
  • Operation Goodwood
  • Operation Hyacinth
  • Operation Luttich
  • Operation Totalize
  • Pointe du Hoc
  • Port en Bessin
  • Purple Heart Lane
  • Ramelle
  • St Vith
  • The Battle for Sfakia
  • Tunis
  • Villers Bocage
  • Vossenack

The list of "play at your own risk" maps
The following maps have one or more of these issues: outdated/broken gameplay and equipment, bad AI pathfinding, no code "sweeteners":
  • Bastogne (completely broken pathfinding, everything gets stuck everywhere)
  • Invasion of Crete (there are rumors that the map has outdated pathfinding too)
  • El Alamein
  • Falaise Pocket
  • Mareth Line (probably outdated pathfinding)
  • Mersa Matruh
  • Mount Olympus
  • Sidi Bou Zid
  • Sidi Rezegh
  • Siege of Tobruk
  • St Lo Breakthrough
  • Supercharge

Sorry, guys, as it often happens, neither of the new 2.5 maps - Arad, Dukla Pass, Pegasus, Seelow, Sammatus, got singleplayer support on release. But the equipment used on these maps is mostly ready for AI, anyone with basic BF2 modding skills can try it on another map with singleplayer support (at least I tested Katjushas and IS-2 on Alam Halfa :) ).

Previous changelogs for versions 2.46 - 2.48:

Developer Blogs / Hot spots
« on: 20-10-2014, 23:10:48 »
Artillerymen, rejoice!

Here are some screenshots of one long-requested feature, just a day after it passed testing on our internal dev server:

Excuse me for the lack of accompanying wall of text, since, I guess, the screenshots are self-explanatory enough to anyone who ever tried to rain death on the enemy in FH2 without exposing his precious self to return fire :P

Gold Beach / Gold Beach 64
« on: 11-04-2014, 09:04:44 »
"If you have a suggestions or want to give us some Feedback about this Map you can Post it here!"

Minimap (somewhat broken):

Omaha Beach / Omaha Beach 64
« on: 11-04-2014, 09:04:51 »
"If you have a suggestions or want to give us some Feedback about this Map you can Post it here!"


Tunis / Tunis 16
« on: 11-04-2014, 07:04:44 »
"If you have a suggestions or want to give us some Feedback about this Map you can Post it here!"

Here's a summary of what awaits you, singleplayer fans, in Forgotten Hope 2.46.

First and foremost, FH 2.46 will incorporate all fixes and improvements from the semi-official singleplayer patches for 2.45 (the Singleplayer 2.45 hot fix (Patch A), Patch B and Patch C).

Changes in 2.46

Upgraded maps from the 2.45 patches
  • Alam Halfa - 64 and 16.
  • Bardia - 64 and 16.
  • Battle of Brest - 64.
  • Battle of Keren - 64 and 32.
  • Eppeldorf - 64 and 32.
  • Fall of Tobruk - 64.
  • Meuse River - 64.
  • Operation Cobra - 64.
  • Operation Hyacinth - 64.
  • Operation Luttich - 64 and 16.
  • Ramelle-Neuville - 64.
  • The Battle for Sfakia - 64.
  • Tunis - 64.
Every map above got face-lifting upgrades eliminating bugs and improving gameplay balance.

Newly rebuilt maps
  • Gold Beach - 64.
  • Pointe du Hoc - 64 and 32. PdH 64 includes the guns as objectives, the American team needs to destroy them to win.
  • Port en Bessin - 64.
  • Purple Heart Lane - 64.
  • Siege of Giarabub - 64 and 32.

Miscellaneous stuff
  • Bots learned to understand new commorose commands - Get in, Bail out, Follow me, requests for pickup and repairs. The first two of those commands, Get in and Bail out, work perfectly, the rest - with somewhat limited success, seemingly dependent on the bots' mood.
  • Introduced kit limiting to singleplayer. No more hordes of NCOs and AT riflemen running around. So far, since it requires individual tweaking for each map, kit limiting works only on the rebuilt maps listed above. Human players are limited in only one way - to select NCO kits, they have to be squad leaders or commanders.
  • Deployable guns from pickup kits - bots now almost instantly die on entering a gun deployed by a human player. This is done to prevent crashes to desktop when the human enters an occupied gun.
  • Tons and tons of various weapon and vehicle tweaks and fixes. To name a few:
    • Bots became less clinging to unarmed transports and unarmed passenger seats in vehicles.
    • Fixed bots not firing secondary MGs in multiple vehicles (the rear MG on the SdKfz 251 and some airplanes, the hull MGs on tanks, and so on).
    • DJ Barney, for you: better handling of the spotlights on Hyacinth and Keren 32.
  • New default settings - 63 bots with 80% skill.
  • Fixed all remaining in-game map list issues - missing load screen pictures, missing or obsolete singleplayer layers.
  • Expanded and improved list of AI bot names.

Changes in 2.47
  • Omaha Beach: got brand new singleplayer and coop.
  • Gold Beach: ported some multiplayer tweaks (added the Stuart Recce and commander artillery for the British, the MP34 replaced the MP40 in the German assault kit) + polishing gameplay tweak.
  • Villers Bocage: an attempt to fix CTDs. Please test this map. If these changes prove to be a remedy, we'll port them to other unstable maps too.
  • Fixed vehicle passengers not shooting at enemies.
  • Decreased mortars' accuracy in the hands of AI by ~25-30%.

Changes in 2.48

  • Lebisey - 64: brand new navmeshing by Ballard, rebuilt gameplay. Yes, that brings the Tiger back, but only as a reinforcement at the end.
  • St Vith - 64: rebuilt gameplay. Warning: the map is not particularly friendly to vehicles in the AI hands.
  • Villers Bocage - 64: new navmeshing by Ballard, rebuilt gameplay, still largely Work in progress, but it's better than nothing. At least, I haven't  seen CTDs on it yet.
  • Some previously rebuilt maps got rather minor improvements too.

Overall gameplay changes
  • AI commander now issues correct defend orders if there is nothing to attack for the team. This affects both the start of a round (helps to bring vehicles to the front from the first minutes), and the last minutes when one of the teams holds all flags.
  • Introduced new "AI push mode" on 18 maps to prevent sneaky humans from capturing rear flags (as reported by jrivett).
  • ESAI removed from FH2. It brought little actual improvements in AI behavior, but created some issues. At the time of ESAI removal, a half of the maps did not use it anyway.
  • Supposedly fixed crashes on Coop servers when a player tries to repair a wrecked emplacement (as reported by Plattfuss).
  • Fixed bots not reloading the 20mm guns (primarily on the Pz II) at the cost of human players not being able to manually reload half-empty mags on the static MGs, AA guns, Pz II and Marmon-Herrington now.
  • Major overhaul of all ground and handheld weapons. It fixed infantry failing to switch to a more suitable gun, tanks using only coaxial MGs against infantry (now they also occasionally fire HE shells), and a lot of other, less noticeable issues.
  • For a bunch of vehicles fixed or improved their handling by bots. For example, fixed bots not turning the turret of the M3 Grant, Lee, and M8 Greyhound.


Gentlemen, start your engines, here comes the third patch for FH 2.45 Singleplayer and Coop.

Download link (354 MB):

Reserve link:

Just run the installer, select your FH2 folder (e.g., C:\Program Files\EA Games\Battlefield 2\mods\fh2) and click the "Install" button.

NOTE: The patch is cumulative. In other words, it includes all the stuff from 2 previous patches/hotfixes for FH 2.45. You don't need to install or delete these previous patches.

WARNING 1: As with Patch B, Patch C is not multiplayer compatible. If you try to join any multiplayer server with this patch installed, most likely you'll get kicked. So creating a copy of your ...\Battlefield 2\mods\fh2 folder before the installation is strongly recommended, if not for the sake of multiplayer, but at least for backup purposes.

WARNING 2: To avoid CTDs on some maps (Ramelle, specifically), add ...\Battlefield 2\ForgottenHope2.exe to the Data Execution Prevention (DEP) exception list. How to turn off DEP for an individual program: (the instructions there are for Vista, but are also suitable for Win 7 and Win 8 ).

WARNING 3: In game, try not to leave a vehicle if you are the driver, the vehicle has some AI passengers and is parked in some narrow place or on a steep slope. There is a high chance that such areas have no vehicle navmeshes (AI pathfinding for vehicles), so the game will instantly crash to desktop. Sadly, it's the price for having somewhat improved overall AI pathfinding. Roads and flatlands are relatively safe for leaving vehicles.


Completely rebuilt maps
  • Alam Halfa - 64 and 16 *
  • Bardia - 64 and 16 **
  • Battle of Brest - 64 *
  • Battle of Keren - 64 and 32 (night infantry) *
    There is a bug on Keren 64 - bots get stuck in the Keren station building (one of the final flags). Sorry, we couldn't fix it before the release.
  • Eppeldorf - 64 and 32 (night) **
  • Fall of Tobruk - 64 **
  • Meuse River - 64
    The map is rebuilt as a mix of the old, pre-2.45, flag layout (4 flags to capture instead of 5) with the new, 2.45, vehicle layout.
    This map has not received new navmeshes. The old ones have some flaws, but are rather tolerable.
  • Operation Hyacinth - 64 **
    Built around the 2.4 version, that is, with flags and without objectives. Objective tanks and planes are still there, you may destroy them, but they don't play any strategic role.
    The minefields were removed to avoid rush hour traffic jams on the roads.
  • Ramelle-Neuville - 64 *
    To balance the teams, the Winchester shotgun in the American bazooka kit was replaced back with the Colt (on this map only).
    The map is not recommended for sensitive people, children under 17 and nursing mothers, as it contains intense and persistent violence and provokes hard language and drug abuse. Seriously :P
  • The Battle for Sfakia - 64 *
* - The map got new navmeshes.
** - The map uses updated navmeshes from the previous patches.

Sorry, guys, still no new navmeshes for Mareth Line and Crete.

Miscellaneous maps changes
  • New navmeshes for Siege of Tobruk.
  • Fixed Hurtgen Forest, Siege of Giarabub and Sidi Bou Zid missing from the Singleplayer map list.
  • Other relatively minor updates for the previously released maps.

  • Fixed the Universal carrier (probably the cause of CTDs on Port-en-Bessin).
  • Fixed winter variants of SdKfz 222 (a German armoured car) being immune to AP shells.
  • Improved AI behaviour for Cannone da 47/32, Pak35/Pak38 mobile and static.
  • Improved AI accuracy with AA guns (namely, Flak 38, Bofors, Breda 35).
  • Decreased hit points of some emplaced MGs (the German bipods, the Lewis gun and Breda M37) to make them more easily destructible.

A lot of changes were made in handheld weapons. The most notable are:
  • An attempt to decrease bots tendency to freeze for a couple of seconds while aiming rifles and SMGs was made. As a side effect, now bots are more accurate with these weapons to the degree when a SMG head shot from 50m is not a rarity.
  • Significantly improved AI accuracy with LMGs, especially with deployable ones (e.g., MG42, which means less teamkills for the Germans). The same was applied to AT rifles, Bazookas and Panzerfausts, but with far more limited success, still a work to be done.
  • Melee weapons - significantly increased ranges, which means that bots can stab you from further distance or while you're lying on the ground.
  • Explosives - bots try to escape the explosion zone, at least once in a while.
  • Prevented bots from using smoke grenades. Welcome to the smokeless world!
  • Fixed No3 Mk1 Very (a flare gun) (the cause of CTDs on Hyacinth).
Considering the changes above, especially the rifles and SMGs part, you may review the bot skills you play with, as it becomes harder to survive on the battlefield.

Changelogs for the previous patches
Patch B (Dec 2012):
The Singleplayer 2.45 hot fix (Patch A, Nov 2012):

  • Remick04 - navmeshing, vehicles and weapons AI.
  • ballard44 - navmeshing, vehicles and weapons AI.
  • gavrant - coding, map rebuilding, vehicles and weapons AI.
As usual, special thanks go to the FH Dev team, especially to Mayhemic.MAD for file hosting and to Kev4000 and Spitfire (fh_spitfire) for general advice and assistance.


By this post the Singleplayer Task Force is proud to present you our efforts for the past month - the Singleplayer Über Patch ausf. B for Forgotten Hope 2.45, or "Patch B" for short.

Download link: <REMOVED>

Reserve link: <REMOVED>

The patch size is ~260 MB.

Public Coop server, running Patch B: [FMR][PzDF] FH 2.45 COOP Patch B
Location: Germany
Managed by and thanks to: Plattfuss

Just run the installer, select your FH2 folder (e.g., C:\Program Files\EA Games\Battlefield 2\mods\fh2) and click the "Install" button.

The patch can be installed both on "vanilla" FH 2.45 and on FH 2.45 patched with the previous hot fix ("THE SINGLEPLAYER 2.45 HOT FIX").
NOTE: The patch is not multiplayer compatible. If you try to join any multiplayer server with patched FH, most likely you'll get kicked. So creating a copy of your ...\Battlefield 2\mods\fh2 folder before installing the patch is strongly recommended, if not for the sake of multiplayer, but at least for backup purposes.

The patch includes the stuff from "THE SINGLEPLAYER 2.45 HOT FIX" and the following updates:

Rebuilt maps*
  • Operation Cobra
  • Operation Luttich (including 16 map size)
  • Tunis
* "Rebuilt" means that the maps got new navmeshes, up-to-date gameplay and completely rebuilt and strengthened AI - sane spawning (no more "We will spawn on the base while the enemy takes our front line flags"), emplacements get manned at proper times and by proper teams, everything that should ride or fly - rides and flies.

Maps with updated navmeshes
  • Giarabub
  • Hurtgen Forest
  • Mersa Matruh
  • Purple Heart Lane
  • Sidi Bou Zid
  • Villers Bocage
Bug fixes
  • Fixed Marmon-Herrington Armoured Car (the cure for CTDs on Keren and Siege of Tobruk).
  • Fixed CTDs and gameplay issues on Falaise Pocket (still not perfect, but at least it doesn't crash).
  • Fixed Sherman Firefly and Piper Cub (the American spotter plane) (CTDs on enter, Villers Bocage and Bastogne respectively).
  • Updates and fixes for quite a few vehicles and weapons, including: fixed remaining "choo-choo" sounds for tanks, fixed AI issues with reloading M1 Garand rifle in Coop, and so on.
  • Fixed wrong number of tickets at the start of Coop rounds (vBF2 bug - the game used to take tickets number from 16 map size instead of 64).
  • Fixed ticket bleed speed for a lot of maps (but not all).
  • Fixed Bardia missing from Coop maplist.
Changes in gameplay
  • In all American bazooka kits the Colt pistol was replaced with the Winchester shotgun. It fixes hanging and freezing bazooka-bots and besides, it's, um, funnier in that way.
  • Destructible emplaced MGs - the German bipods, the Lewis gun and Breda M37. In FH 2.45 they are almost or completely indestructible, now in the patch you can kill them by applying 1 or 2 grenades to the place that hurts.

  • Remick04 - navmeshing, vehicles and weapons AI.
  • ballard44 - navmeshing, vehicles and weapons AI.
  • gavrant - coding and map rebuilding.
  • djinn - testing and theorizing :P
Special thanks goes to the FH Dev team, especially to Mayhemic.MAD for file hosting and to Kev4000 and Spitfire (fh_spitfire) for general advice and assistance.

General / No4 rifle sound
« on: 25-07-2012, 21:07:50 »
New No4's 3p distant shot sounds a bit strange to my taste, as if it's short burst of MG34 or 2 very close rifle shots. The sound in question is attached below.

Bug Reporting / FH2.4 Installer - Destination Folder
« on: 13-06-2012, 15:06:10 »
Forum of one recently launched FH server gets a lot of messages from newcomers like "When I launch FH, the game says 'Couldn't find <insert dll name>!'" (there are similar posts here in Help / Support). The reason is wrong installation path, mostly due to the following features of the installer:

1. If you select destination folder with Browse button and if selected folder is not named "Battlefield 2", the installer adds "Battlefield 2" to selected path:

2. Some people install FH in "mods" folder, e.g. select "...\Battlefield 2\mods\Fh2" path instead of "...\Battlefield 2". I think that renaming "Destination folder" to "Battlefield 2 folder" in UI would help with this issue.

General Discussion / Missing avatars on the forum, anyone?
« on: 26-04-2012, 12:04:58 »
I don't see avatars of some members, examples: Azreal, Ciupita, Flippy Warbear, VonMudra, Fuchs' fox, LuckyOne, Rawhide, etc, etc, etc. On the other hand, Thorondor's and Theta's avatars are visible. Checked on Firefox and Chrome, Chrome shows missing image icon instead of avatars. Am I the only one who's experiencing this? Or maybe something went wrong during yesterday maintenance?

Bug Reporting / Awards and inaccuracy
« on: 16-10-2011, 13:10:59 »
Minor glitch in Awards' weapons and vehicle statistics: if someone has fired several rounds with zero hits, his accuracy should be "0%", not "Not Available". You can use my abysmal performance with artillery as an example:

Bug Reporting / FH Site: link to manual
« on: 16-10-2011, 12:10:45 »
"About FH2" page ( has "Forgotten Hope Manual" link, which leads to FH2 server v1.0, not manual. I discussed this issue on the forum three weeks ago (, but don't know if it was reported to site's admin or not.

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