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Transports showing in mini-map

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Using a transport vehicle like a truck or a jeep and parking it close to an enemy position is a worthless strategy because the vehicle will appear in the enemy┬┤s mini-map and thus the attack becomes visible, the surprise element is lost.

It's fine to show it on the minimap, 'cause rushing behind enemy lines with a 4 ton truck and pooping out squad mates is a dumb tactic imo. :-\ It's not realistic in any way and from a gameplay standpoint I'd much rather fight for a flag then have it taken from behind me without contest because someone wasn't paying attention.

I think having it show up on the minimap is an unintended consequence of the fact that it's not team locked. So tbh I don't think it's something that's even been looked into by anyone. I also don't know if it's possible to do without stopping it from showing up on the minimap entirely or team locking it.

Having it show up, coupled with blinking circles and the fact that there's a minimap in the first place, allow the average player to have more situational awareness that is necessary in a 'gamey' shooter like FH2 imo

I don't think it's a dumb tactic if you can use the element of surprise to your advantage. Rushing into static defense is a dumb tactic though and more often than not the only choice on Sector Push. As you have said yourself, the game is quite 'gamey' and the troll tactics, at least in my opinion, make it more fun. I miss the big conquest maps. Sure, it was annoying when some random Schwimmwagen managed to cap back a flag on Operation Cobra, but it made the map way more enjoyable even for a losing team and let's face it: Teams get stacked quite regularly so that one sided constantly loses. Most Conquest maps are Sector Push now, K├╝belschrecking and Bazookajeeps have been removed, the Calliope Jeep has been castrated, the Wasp takes incredible amounts of damage by just driving to the front and the rocket launchers are iffy as hell so I'd definitely argue for a change that enables goofy tactics. There's nothing remotely immersive in FH2 except for the art work that you would have to preserve by making those tactics useless.

I agree though, it's just the vBF2 way of showing empty vehicles that are not team locked. Making them completely invisible on the map would probably lead to some frustration as well.


--- Quote ---Most Conquest maps are Sector Push now,
--- End quote ---

What? In what world? We actually released a new conquest map last patch and 2 in the patch before that...

I'm talking about the old ones you turned into sector push - like Cobra. I appreciate the idea of more people on one flag but I don't like the result.
One map on which it works particularly well though is Hurtgen.


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