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How To Report Singleplayer and AI Bugs



 For reporting specific issues related to singleplayer or general AI problems, please use the community sp bug tracker set up by DJBarney.

This is a bug tracker hosted by google and created by players, but it is my preferred method of obtaining bug reports from the community. I am one of the tracker's project owners, and am keeping a close eye on it.

For a link to the google code page that hosts the SP bug tracker, please see This Topic

All Frequently asked questions and solutions can be found here

Downloadable fixes can be found  here:

If it isn't there, then put it in the bugtracker so we are aware of it.
I will make it a point to check the bugtracker regularly to update the FAQ when solutions are available.

if it isn't a problem/ bug, but you are suggesting improvements, post them here:

This thread is reserved for specific challenge projects and improvements:

Michael Z Freeman:
Is this stickied post still valid ? Due to RL concerns I have not been attending to this bug tracker. Also FH dev team have their own bug tracker somewhere (never seen it but you must have) which could well be recording any Coop/SP issues by now. If need be I could "resurrect" the bug tracker if it could be useful in any way.


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