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Hello, I just reinstalled BF2 + FH2. On my previous install everything run fine, but this time I am unable to launch PBSetup from FH2's toolbox

If I attempt to run PBSetup from the toolbox (menu > tools > Start PBSetup), one of these 2 things happen:
- PBSetup pops up a small message window <<ERROR: Please rename the PBSetup executable to "pbsetup.exe" and run pbsetup from that location.>> and quits without showing the main window
- FH2's toolbox crashes generating a standard "Send an error report to Microsoft" windows prompt. PBSetup seems to be launched in the meanwhile (appears in Window's task manager but never pops up any window

Misc info:
Toolbox version 1.0.085
PBSetup version 3.4
BF2 is installed to G:\giochi\Battlefield 2
PBSetup is installed to G:\giochi\PBSetup
G: is a removable drive (USB2.0 external HD, for what it's worth) - obviously it's always plugged in when the toolbox is run (since the toolbox itself resides on it as well)
PBSetup's executable is named "pbsetup.exe"
PBSetup runs fine and updates pb files if I run it manually (i.e., if I go to its dir and doubleclick on its icon)
OS is Windows XP
In FH2 toolbox, menu > options > Punkbuster Setup Parameter is pointing to the right directory

Admiral Donutz:
Moving this from the bug report forum to help/support (unless you meant this to be here? But it sounds like a userside problem rather then a bug to me).

Well, I posted in bug reports since I would classify it as a bug because it can crash the toolbox.

I don't actually need to fix it (I just run PBSetup from an external shortcut), so... well, not much to ask support for. :)

I just wished to tell Purity about it. (even if I think fixing it probably won't be worth the effort)

Admiral Donutz:
Hmm I'll move it back then.

Wait wait, maybe it's better in the off-topic... *watches donutz haul the thread back and forth*

(ok, I'l stop spamming now... :P)


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