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do they come out ever? because they arent available at the moment i see

Flippy Warbear:
Single Player maps are always lacking behind since they require a bit more than what the regular multiplayer versions do. As long as we have good AI devs (Winterhilf and Legion) working out the goods, you will always get new maps to play on SP when a new version of the mod is released.

Since its a special case, can it be 'when they are done' so we can put them in rather than with the offcial versions.. They really don't affect MP play and it will be solace for us SPers, because frankly not a single brand new map was added in 2.25

No Mareth, no Normandy map, save for Goodwood being fixed.

I'm not even sure the old single maps like Gazala beta etc, would still work if we put them in meaning we actually have less maps than in 2.2

Im going to give you a lesson Djinn... prepare y...
Hey Hey, look, this is how to make a SP map.

Now see how hard is to make a single SP map playable?...

If im not mistaken, Fh2 goes trough this step...

Here is more links to helpful tips (better than that show-offs)

Things that you can actually learn from. Just d/l the editor and study it. It is worthwhile if your new year resolution is getting a mapping project  ;)


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