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FH 0.7, freeze after starting a game / connection loss in multiplayer

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Hello there

I searched the forums here a bit, nobody seems to have such a problem.

As told, I'm using the Battlefield 1942 FH, I installed it 2 days ago during my LAN party and at first it was working very well.
The problems occur in multiplayer (LAN) after about ~20-30 Minutes. Then it just freezes and returns to the main menu saying "Connection lost". The others were still playing and had no problems, just I was kicked every half an hour.

The second problem occurs in singleplayer (Only instant action, no campaign or sth) as well as when I host a LAN server.
I load the map, accept the map introduction and can choose a team, but as soon as I actually play it freezes, instantly.

None of my friends had any idea about these problems and neither do I.
There's no warning, no windows failure or anything, it just freezes or disconnect.
I didn't re-install BF1942 and the mod, I just kept playing and reconnecting every 30 Minutes.

So my hope is upon you

Yours sincerely

Sounds like a  Punkbuster issue.

Go to for the pbsetup which you can find there and then try to manually update your pb for bf1942.

Let us know if it worked

Edit: I have no idea about the singleplayer though

I didn't install punkbuster, was told we don't need this when just we play in LAN^^
But the others, too, didn't install pb.

This still causes problems?

Well, for LAN, I don't know, but most servers in multiplayer(online) do make use of Punkbuster.

Yeah and that's a good thing, but this game supports a singleplayer mode, which I prefer due to many other games I only play online.
I'll try reinstalling in some days, I'm too busy at the moment to encounter such problems^^

If there are any other suggestions what could help, let me know.



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