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I have a question about FH1 objects. This started when I got a HD monitor (1920x1080).  You can get the original Forgotten Hope to run at that resolution, but most of the cockpits in vehicles are porked - the camera view distance is wrong so you can see through or around textures in tanks and planes.  I made a quick camera mod for myself to fix all the standard BF1942 vehicles to work properly in HD (well, it actually took a hell of a lot of time to do this), but I really missed the US Apache plane from FH1, so I threw it in my HD mod.  Everything worked great - except the plane appears to be almost impervious to any damage.  You can crash it into the ground or anything else with impunity.  I know where the stock damage files are and how they work, but why can't I get the proper damage type for a plane in the object file (material=60) to work in a vanilla BF1942 setting for this model?

Or maybe there is another way to get widescreen to work properly in the original FH without having to edit the camera in every vehicle?

You guys would make my day by having an Allison Mustang in FH2...

What does the cockpit view look like in widescreen when you are inside a vanilla bf1942 plane? I haven't bf42 installed anymore so I cant check this...

The screen captures were reduced down from 1920x1080 - note the see through areas.  It took quite a bit of fiddling with the camera to fix these.


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