Is the introduction of a button for bombs consumption on planes from 2 to 1 required?

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4 (80%)

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Author Topic: Poll: Is it correct to enter the bombs consumption button from 2 to 1?  (Read 416 times)

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Most aircraft in FH2 drop bombs 2 at a time. But for experienced pilots, with skillful handling against a medium tank, one bomb is often enough. This has been verified by me many times. Is it possible to add a button to switch the consumption of bombs from two to one per drop in the options for all aircraft?

It may also be necessary to improve the view from the cockpit in order to better see the target on the ground, and to more accurately drop low-power bombs on heavy tanks.

Perhaps this will significantly strengthen aviation. Aircraft like Junkers can now drop bombs 3 times and destroy 3-4 tanks on average. If you introduce this function, then experienced pilots will be able to destroy 4-5 tanks. This potential aviation enhancement may require a counterweight. Now, in order to replenish the full supply of bombs, the pilot on Junkers 87 simply needs to fly over his airfield at a low altitude. You can make it so that, flying over the airfield, the plane would not replenish the full supply of bombs, but only half. Or even he was forced to land on the airfield in order to replenish the ammunition load with at least one bomb.

If this is not enough, then you can add more machine guns to the tanks near the hatch so that they have at least some means of fighting aircraft. In the 2000s, I played a lot in the old Battlefield 1942. When I moved from the old BF 1942 to FH2 in 2009, I was surprised to find that in FH2 it is much easier to destroy tanks with bombs than in BF 1942 because the bombs are more powerful here. In order to destroy a medium tank in FH2, it is not necessary to hit the body of the tank with a bomb. In the case of, for example, the Junkers 87 aircraft, it is enough that a low-power bomb would fall 1-2 meters next to a medium tank. In the old BF 1942, it was imperative to hit the tank with a bomb, otherwise after the bomb was dropped, the tank was not destroyed, and the machine gunner on the tank either shot down the plane or inflicted great damage on it. In BF 1942, near the hatch of all medium tanks, there was a machine gun from which bots and live players fired very accurately at planes. Because of this, before dropping a bomb on the tank, it was necessary to destroy the machine gunner behind the machine gun in the tank hatch from an aircraft machine gun https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PZ4DCXl_vMLwUN_PCpcx9jrSPWE5ixxt/view?usp=sharing or very carefully choose a position to dive onto the tank. It was necessary to make the most of the mountains, hills, buildings and other terrain features in order to minimize the time a machine gunner could fire on a tank at an aircraft. I had to dive at tanks at an angle of 70-80 degrees in order not to give the machine gunner the opportunity to shoot at the plane for a long time. This added interest to the game on a measure-countermeasure basis. It seems to me that FH2 really needs such an improvement.

Among the Russian-speaking audience, the majority voted in favor of adding such an option
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