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Battlefield 2 Halloween Event: Omnicide & Pirates



This year Lost-Soldiers BF2 Community will play Zombies & Pirates for Halloween!
(credits to Master-CA, Catbox, Detrux, PiratePlunder, 1/2Hawk, INtense)

WHEN:  Saturday 30th of October starting 21:00 CEST  for OMNICIDE (Zombie Co-op)
WHERE:* + (TS3)
            *there will be multiple co-op servers and rooms available, bring your mates!

WHEN:  Sunday 31st of October starting 21:00 CET  for PIRATES II (Pirates/Skeletons)
WHERE: + (TS3)

We invite you to our yearly Halloween Event where we play spooky mods together and hang out in our TeamSpeak to get the full 360° experience. Streamers/content creators welcome!
The Pirates mod is the same as last year’s event, turnout here.


Refer to this new tutorial, everything is explained there so read it carefully


There’s a green link at the bottom, mirror links are also available
 ● Omnicide (Zombie Mod)
 ● Pirates 2  (Pirate Mod)

Make sure to test the mod(s) before the day of the event,
if you wait last minute you may as well walk the plank! YARRR

Follow-up on the events, you can take a look at them through these videos!

Pirates 2:

The full stream of Pirates by E-3 has actually been highlit so, if you want to play it it’s here.
Hope to see some of you next year, if we do this again!! :sunglasses:


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