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Battlefield 2 Halloween Pirates Event

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I want to leave you with the Top 10 Best Clips from the event, as well as the most hilarious video edit that was created so far. Let me know which clip you liked the most, cheers and see you next time FH2 Pirate Fans!!  :-*

YouTube: Battlefield 2 Online 2020 - Sea of Friendly Fire

Top 10 Twitch Clips:

* Go home Dolphin, you are drunk (towards event end, too much booze)
* The moment Viking decides to turn his boat into a submarine
* Killing Holler (10 points), boarding enemy ship (5 points), blasting enemy with it (100 points)
* The Rising of the Field Cannon Hero Season 2 (even more hilarious)
* The funniest and most organized Russian crew on the Battlefield 2 high seas, blyat
* Murdering OpoIE2 twice, first on a balloon then on a boat (pro-gamer PENTAKILL clip)
* Battlefield 2 Pirates naval battles, this mod is awesome!
* ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, UNDEAD EDITION
* Turn right. Hard right hard right, FIIIRE!!!
* Pirate Holler & Bremaine vs Zombie Shvanni, Shark, McLaren - Part 3 (Big Brain Time + Faceplant)BONUS CLIP! The kitty cat steals the spotlight, and this time he's the real pirate!


Hello Forgotten Hope forumers,

this to let you know we'll replay this pirate-themed BF2 mod this Saturday 6th starting 19:30 CET.
If you don't have the base game you can send me a line and I'll be happy to help you install it.

The modification is also very easy to download and install from ModDB.
Thank you and have fun on the high seas, YAARRR


First video by Prospekt Mir, his footage is so much high detail that I'm so jealous of the guy's rig; when you read drop a comment under his video if you haven't done so already, content creators appreiate it.

My personal highlights from the video above:
[*][11:25] "Powderkeg quad kill squad-wipe, plus a very surprised shark
[*][27:40] They say sharks don't swim upstream, and they don't check the game either
[*][31:30] If you're not in the puppyshark cult after this one you are relieved from duty
[*][33:35] "[Powderkeg] rolling down the street, like a turd, in the wind" - cit. Venom[/list]


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