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Battlefield 2 Halloween Pirates Event

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Hello folks, I am glad to invite you all to the upcoming yearly Halloween Event which will be held on October 31st starting 20:00 UTC (live countdown) on a modification of Battlefield 2 called "Pirates 2".

To join you will just have to install the mod which very straightforward, you can read more about it and download it from ModDB. I invite all of you from the FH2 Community because this special one-time modded event is going to be a blast. ;)

We will be playing different game modes during the night, namely the regular conquest assault mode but also capture the flag and zombie modes (more information on how to play these modes is available on the page linked above, please read it thoroughly to be prepared).

In the following list you can see some gameplay recorded this week, the mod's introduction machinima (very dope) as well as an instalation tutorial + gameplay:

* Gameplay by spagati_yeti
* Machinima by GalacticPegasusBF2
* Installation tutorial by Revive ProjectRegards,

EDIT: oh I forgot to mention that the FH2 Zombie mini-mod is also on my radar, but I need a few tips to set the server up so maybe next time? Stay tuned and message me if you want to arrange some events together.

Nice. Looking forward to it

I hope to see some of you on the day of the event, tomorrow, starting 20:00 UTC :) this is the countdown short-link if you want to keep track of join time. Here are some screenshots captured during the last play-tests, I hope you will enjoy:

EDIT: How do you resize images, actually? It doesn't handle it automatically?

Thank you all who attended the event yesterday, we've had a blast playing with you for 10 hours straight and enjoying some pirate talk over Discord voice chat, looking forward to meet each other on the high seas again.

For future reference I will be updating this thread with the various post-event videos that will be released by the content creators who attended, as well as showing some of the best clips from the several streams (list below, some may still be found in highlights in the future).

For starters, early clips and snippets from the event:
- it's a dolphin's life by OpoIE:
- Hmm yes 'Swim' by Imperial_Toaster:
- Parrot power by Shvanni:
- Shark flying to the moon by mrmilkins:
- Hijacking a boat by mrmilkins:
- Cliffjumping by GalacticPegasusBF2:


Okay I'm almost done going through the insane amount of streams that were casted for this event, I have almost 1GB of clips downloaded on my hard drive and I want you to know I will be sharing each and every one of them with y'all ;D

But let's start with the first 4K 60 FPS montage that was released by GravityBFTV, an american friend of ours who is always eager to support and tape our events, casting them as well (he was the main commentator of the previous modded event on the Battleracer car racing mod):

With his video I will also attach the best clips from his stream, selected by yours truly:

 - Turn right. Hard right hard right, FIIIRE!!! []
 - Battlefield 2 Pirates naval battles, this mod is awesome! []
 - Gravity rekking the sh*t out of us on the beach, with a frigging boat []
 - OpolE throwing a one-man comedy show from the British yard []
 - Blasting ANEPAnton across the river with a field cannon []
 - And in that moment, he knew, he f*cked up (stun grenade) []

I've also clipped something from Seekaplayer's stream: overall he had fun but the inaccurate guns and the mod itself were pretty unforgiving towards him, though moments like this is what made it special; I thank him very much for streaming the first part of this absolute marathon!

 - Careful, enemy vessels can come right out of nowhere, better be prepared! []


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