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Hello (or Hoot Hoot if you prefer...!

Our animations at Forgotten Hope 2 have received love these past few months and we are excited to share them with you! Jan Kurator was kind to add various new sounds as well!

Along with several weapons getting updated (the ones listed below are just mine...), we have a very special treat for you: crawling animations! These will be rather dynamic, meaning that there are four directional animations for each weapon including zoomed. Enjoy.

(reminder: just click the pic for the video!)

Super awesome! I love the dust cover of the grease gun... it jumps as you fire or move, it looks so natural.

Michael Z Freeman:
Now I can crawl around in the dirt, while trying not to die, in style !

Suomi is so lovely when you crawl from right to left ! you can really feel the drum hitting the ground

I agree as well. :)

Thanks for the support!


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