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"If you have a suggestions or want to give us some Feedback about this Map you can Post it here!"

Hi. Played studienka a few times on German side and was kinda surprised with questionable game design desisions. There are no way for Germans to fight back if they lost all points in first 10 minutes - and then game turns into long exausting runs from main spawn to your death in the open field with no cover. No place to sneak or hide for a squad leader. Boring for both sides - boring to run 1 minute 20 times to get shot and boring to wait on the other side.

Some thoughts to fix that:

Set one more flag on german side, close to river - if you and your team suck at least you would run less before you die.

Set more cover\bushes\holes\logs on the ground on approach to first flag - there are just no way to hide for SL`s to spawn people, on both sides of river. 

Give teams alternative spawnpoints - like US halftruck on operation cobra, to hide them on the other side.

To sum up - shorten time from spawn to getting into battle, or make it more tactical. Restrictions in crossing the river make it even harder and dumber - you got no other option but to run on machinegun in open field in a narrow spot.

IMO this is one of the best looking maps so far. But playing it right now is just eeeh..

Changelog for 2.54:
- Add sign near the bridge as a historical detail

well i know random opinions does not matter but being completely ignored is kinda sad

The map just didn't seem as clearly unbalanced to me as for example Ogledow, so I decided to leave it be for now and wait for more data. Also note that due to the RPG43 changes the Russians are generally nerfed in their ability to hunt tanks.


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