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problem with DirectX


I have a problem with with enabling FH2 mod, so when I tried firing I got the message "DirectX version 0.9C or higher is required to run BF2. . Please install DX9c and try again "
I have win 7 and DX11.
I tried to uninstall, DirectX, install 0.9c or higher and nothing, I also tried installing everything from BF2 startup, patches and mods, nothing more.
Please help.
ps: sorry for my english but i come from poland

I'll make it easier for you and type in polish :D Spróbuj odpalić grę w kompatybilności z Win XP. Jak nie pomoże wejdź w rejestr (Start -> regedit)
Potem HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SOFTWARE -> Microsoft -> DirectX usuń ten folder. Zrestartuj PC i zainstaluj DX 9.0 jeszcze raz.


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