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Maps keep Crashing when loading WINDOWS 10


Hi guys, I currently downloaded FH 0.7 and loaded it up. Thinking that installation (which i followed to the letter) was easy peasy, I just tried to load up a map. It crashed, So I made a new "Player Profile" which did no good at all.  I did some scooping and disabled punkbuster without a problem (From this same forum but it is FH2 & a windows 7 comp. ). Every time I load up a map it keeps crashing. Sometimes fully loading then crashing.
I have not tried the Uninstall reinstall trick.

I got BF1942 as Abandonware and got a up to date version of it. BF1942 runs perfectly and there is nothing missing with the game itself. Just FH .7 which really gives me trouble.
(Website: )

I am not very good with Mods, so please do guide me through it like you would an idiot.

With Thanks,

Open Battlefield 1942\Mods\BF1942\Settings\VideoDefault.con with notepad, change first 1 to 0 and save the file. Then run FH via its shortcut and load any map. When the game crashrs, it will open a window with an descrition of error


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