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--- Quote from: N24Reporter on 08-10-2010, 07:10:14 ---
Other than that you have to disable punkbuster since it doesn't support the Win98 compatibility (same procedure as with admin mode) uder win7.

Deactivating you user access control in Win7 also helps.

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I got it working as you said I had to disable Punk Buster which was activated by default to run in Win 98 Mode. Its a shame you have to go through all the loop holes to get this to run. I know it's a old Mod for the BF1942 but at least I got it running. Not sure how to deactivate my user access control in Win7? And is this the same procedure for running the Forgotten Honor expansion Mod as well? I would like to play that also.

For an instruction on deactivating the user access control just google win7 uac.
I would guess that it is the same procedure for the F|H mod since it is a minimod of FH0.7.


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