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FH1 -- No Multiplayer Servers Are Compatable


For months I've had the game, but all multiplayer FH servers won't work--they say I need a newer version, but I have the newest versions of both BF42 (1.6) and FH! (0.7)

What should I do?


The newest BF42 version is 1.61, not 1.6.

Did you install BF1942 patch 1.61b?

General Tso:
This is an EA problem, I think: I installed BF42 and FH over the weekend and searched EA's tech support FAQs for the latest version of BF42.  EA, in its infinite wisdom, had an entry called "Latest Version of BF1942" with a link to 1.6.  No date on it, but obviously it is very out of date.


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