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Off-Topic / Merry Christmas (2016) & Happy New Year (2017)
« on: 24-12-2016, 22:12:06 »

Merry Christmas, everybody!

Gaming / The games I missed
« on: 03-10-2016, 06:10:42 »
It seems I missed some Free-to-Play titles lately.  Might & Magic Duel of Champions, Endwar Online, The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot, Ghost Recon Phantom, Silent Hunter Online and Panzer General Online are to be dicontinued by Ubisoft.

Actually, I've never heard of those. Lack of advertising? Lack of quality? Silent Hunter Online and Panzer General Online are both titles I regret not to have seen. Panzer General accompanied me through the 90's and even being totally arcade, a Silent Hunter online game could have had some potential. Well then...

Gaming / World of Warships - Open Beta
« on: 13-07-2015, 00:07:49 »
Welcome to World of Warships - Open Beta.

This is the game that displays warships of the period between 1900 and 1960, for you to play in a competive manner. Basically the game is a spinnoff from's famous World of Tanks.

Basically you'll know the game interface. It is the same as in World of Tanks. And the game mechanics are similar. You only have to unlock all aspects of the game first, as they're considered too much for a beginner.

You start with Co-OP battles.

After that you get random battles.

And then daily missions. Like having to achieve 3 wins within 24 hours.

Yes, at some point you get free XP for distribution to unlock ships and modules.

Ship commander serves same purpose as tank crews.

Even the skills and perks should be kinda familiar.

The upgrades appear to be minor. Nothing big or special, like the reduction of the chance of receiving damage to important parts like driving shaft or rudder.

Signals are comsumables that provide little boosts to speed or similar, they deplete after single use.

Comoflague can prevent the enemy to detect you, by 3%.

Combat situation: Shelling a ship...

...and destroying it.

Example for Signals and camoflague in use.

Note the torpedos. There are no submarines in this game. Destroyers are smallest class that serves as Torpedo Boats.

Yes, I'm going for the carrier.

Tier I ships are easy to score with. Tier II compensates tier I for being easy. At least you get money. Tier III makes good money. At Tier IV business gets serious. Similar to WoT.

European Link:

Gaming / Obey - Indie PC game
« on: 07-06-2015, 03:06:53 »
Does anyone play this game?
It is 15$ at steam.
Looks very funny.

OBEY is a game where you play a bunny trying to earn 10.000 cent before anybody else does. This takes place in a 3d environment, domininated by a large sentry gun. Both controlling the sentry and ordering the other bunnys as well as obeying the sentry controllers orders gets you money. Which path would you choose?

OBEY - Official Game Trailer

OBEY - How to create a Bunny Dictatorship

Off-Topic / Merry Christmas (2014)
« on: 24-12-2014, 20:12:04 »
Merry Christmas for all of you! :)

I hope you enjoyed the dinner. I did.

And after dinner, it's time to...

Off-Topic / Hello SysAdmin!
« on: 26-07-2013, 12:07:52 »
How was your day?
Did you know, today is System Administrator day?

Accordingly, thanks for keeping the site up and running. It is much appreciated.

How hard is it to solve all the mischief we're causing?


Off-Topic / Wall street occupied...
« on: 06-10-2011, 00:10:04 »
Somehow I consider it worth mentioning that wall street was occupied. I mean, it is not just some country, but the United States.

I got the impression that the american dream is over once and forever for many people in the U.S. And as they occupy wall street as some sort of protest, they are being treated more harshly by the police than Glen Beck and his rally to restore sanity ever could have been mocked.

Of course, media pulls explanations out of the hat now. Stating that the idea of change given by Obama led to the arabic spring, which is now the motivator for the protests back in the U.S. However, I got the impression that this will grow larger than it is right now.

The financial system gets the bailout after having gambled, but the common people get not. Not in the U.S., not in greece or wherever. And I honestly don't know any proper reason, how this can justified in front of the common people.

And then there is pages on the web, ever growing, telling about the whole misery of people:


General / Inaccurate historical town signs
« on: 17-07-2011, 23:07:15 »
This is a no-go:

The design used on this town sign is from the postwar period.
The historical german wartime town sign got black letters on a white background. Below the town name, you'll find information about both district and county. The pilar is made of wood, square-cut and got a rotating red strap.

Actually this is a very difficult subject at all, due to several postwar local government reforms. Nowadays Germeter isn't an independent village but part of the city Huertgenwald. It might have been an independent village in times of World War II, but the sign is still plain wrong. After having seen this, I had expected an Leopard tank behind the next corner.

My controls were totally resat.

I had a copy of my controls.con and overwrote.
Nothing happens.

Everything is still on default.

I didn't try to modify it ingame yet, because modifying ingame usually never works.

My controls.con have been modified prior to BF2 patch 1.02, which allowed me to bind keys that were locked for modification after 1.02.

So, I'm so FUCKED UP.
This mess will take hours, if I ever get my controls back working as it was in FH2.3.

I'm getting something to eat and will ponder about it.
Will be hardcore to copy and paste single elements within the controls con. Not to mention, that there are several controls.con.  :'(

Can only take hours or days. I'll probably hate my life.


Off-Topic / Gaddafi and Libya
« on: 20-02-2011, 16:02:11 »
I'm currently really unsure about Lybia. Gaddafi appeared to be very well established in Lybia. I doubt that a few protesters will wipe away Gaddafi that easily. The more confusing reports are, that some high military leaders support the protesters and that parts of the common police refuses to take actions against the protesters but join them. Bengasi was reported to be under control of the Lybian opposition. It has been also stated that Gaddafi recruited foreign mercenaries to shoot at the protesters. Any thoughts?

Off-Topic / Fallout 3
« on: 07-02-2011, 22:02:03 »

I know there are some Fallout 3 veterans here. Please help me planning my next step.

- I've done the Arefu Mission dealing the 'Family' of Vampires.  
- Solved the Big Town quest, thus having been to the police station. Also cleared Roosevelt Academy.
- Arefu settlers reveal 3 areas afterwards: Abandoned Car Fort, Five Axels Rest Stop and Shalebridge (Ants). On the way I also found VAPL-58 Power Station and Jalbert Brothers Waste Disposal.
- Solved chapter 1 of the Survival Manual from Moira. Did not start with chapter 2.
- Solved Greyditch, need to go to Rivet City for the boy, but it seems to difficult now. I've encountered the chinese down there. Aborted at Mama Dolce's sweet factory. There is also the quest with those guys searching for their friend, at Falls Church Metro.

Mission available:
- Bring boy to Rivet city
- Falls Church Metro
- Survival Manual Chapter 2: Dry Sewer
- Find info on Android
- Goto Galaxy Radio
(- The bomb in Megaton)

Any suggestions where to go next from a expirienced lone wanderer?


Tactics & Tutorials / [FH2] Squadleader tactics
« on: 25-01-2011, 09:01:43 »
I've noticed that such thread is missing. I'd like to open it with a playful test. ;D

Question #1:
You've been surprisingly become squadleader of your squad while sitting in a static gun/airplane at base, what do you do first?

A: I do not care and keep manning my gun.
B: I transfer the lead to a squadmate by leaving and rejoining the squad.

Question #2:
As a squadleader, what are your first meassurements?

A: I shout 'Attack, Attack!' and run at the enemy.
B: I check where the majority of my squadmates are and try to join/reach their position.

Question #3:
At mapstart you find yourself surrounded by your squadmates, eagerly looking at you. What do you do?

A: I shout 'Attack, Attack!' and run ahead, leading them into combat.
B: I give an order to move/attack and follow my men at last.

Question #4:
While moving at the enemy position all of your men have been killed in an ambush. What do you do?

A: I shout 'Attack, Attack!' and revenge my dead men with a direct assault moving over their dead bodies on the enemy position.
B: I fall back into a covered position and wait for my squadmates to respawn.

Question #5:
You find yourself attacked by an enemy squad on a flag. Your men are scattered all over the map. What do you do?

A: I shout 'Attack, Attack!' and deal with the squad all alone.
B: I hide in the next house, and order my men to spawn on me in order to repel the attack.

Question #6:
After an successive assault on a heavily fortified position, what do you do next?

A: I shout 'Attack, Attack!' and run at the next enemy flag, for my men to follow.
B: I order men men to hold the position for a moment while I spy out enemy positions and close in to the next flag.

In almost all cases B will be the smarter choice. As a squadleader your strength is to gather your men by letting them spawn on you. Thus you should not die right away. Of course your men will only spawn on you, when you offer a good position close to the enemy or the flag/objective. A squadleader sitting in base or far away from flags is no use at all. The trick is to find spots where you can provide a safe spawn for your men, that are nevertheless only a few steps away from combat. A position is good, when it is closer to the flag than the enemy spawns are. That will grant your men a time bonus over the enemy each respawn.

Bug Reporting / Bedford Ammo Truck
« on: 01-09-2010, 21:09:39 »
Is it still bugged? I think it is. I also think this has been posted before, but i didnt find the thread. The bedford ammo truck is sweeping enemy mines when running over them without taking damage. I believe to have noticed this lately on Hyazinth, running version 2.26. Then the bug would be still there since...2.0? I believe this could be verified on Bardia as well. Plz, could somebody take care of that? Otherwise I might make excessive use of that bug. ;)

Suggestions / Forgotten Features
« on: 20-06-2010, 02:06:16 »
There are some features that have been once mentioned or have already been included in FH0.7 that seems to be forgotten.

First I'd like to ask whether we will see tanks camouflaged with brushwood(?) again like we had on the Stugs in 0.7. Would be great to have a tank with some camo again. Cp:

And then I stumbled upon an delevoper interview when googling FH2 lately dated 2006. google entry #3. Cp: here

Short as it is, it mentions some interesting features: recon airplanes, smoke screens and air strikes as commander assets. Well, I think we don't really have any of these yet. We got recon planes, but no commander controlled ones.
We got smoke barrages, but those are rather small like an artillerystrike. What I got in mind when talking about smoke barrages is a long stretched wall of smoke. Like releasing 10 smoke rounds with a PIII on aberdeen while driving full speed horizontally to the front line. Would give both sides on africa maps great chances for assaults.
And finally we had those neat player controlled remote bombers in FH0.7. What about a remote airstrike for the commander? Lets say, a very heavy airstrike, like 3 Stukas approaching a position, but therefor they would approach from off-map and could been seen early.

However, I think some of these features have been scrapped or forgotten, so I'd like to commemorate these once again.

Edit:// fixes

Off-Topic / Elephant painting!?
« on: 19-06-2010, 23:06:10 »
This is a bit off-topic, but I was so amazed, I had to share it. Don't know whether this has been posted before. Especially as the video got 5 million views. But this elephant is probably better at painting than I am. Amazing.

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