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Only 3 minutes in and i take down my eternal nemesis.....Ts4ever!
Proof is below. And may i give my congrats to the team for this awesome standalone client?

General Discussion / I'm back, baby
« on: 23-08-2018, 09:08:11 »
Where is that german bias, luftwaffe drillings and churchill tanks?

Have been playing for the past days, really enjoying myself. Feels good to play FH2 again. Who is still around!

Gaming / Getting a new pc..on a budget..
« on: 28-03-2017, 08:03:43 »
My PC decided to go kamikaze last week. At first it was some blue screens of death wich i ignored.. then my D harddrive failed. And yesterday i got the call that infact my entire pc is toast. hdd, motherboard and power supply are a total loss. The GPU is working but has some damage aswel.

My bud luckily knows a thing or 2 about PCS, and he was able to get, quite cheap, a proper MSI motherboard, powersupply, coolingmaster fans and a 1 TB HD.

I only need RAM, GPU and a processor..but thats where i have a problem= i only have 510 euros to spend.
I need games like WOWS, PS2 and MWO to run propely. But my friend is nagging i should get 16gb of ram. But issent the maximum supported atm 8 gb?

To save costs, i also wanna keep windows 7.
But i think 510 euro is not enough to get a decent gpu, processor and ram. Wich is why i am thinking of going AMD this time.

I have a fat company profit bonus inbound, but thats due for another month.

Is it better to save cash and wait longer? My m8 says yes. Kinda needing a second opinion here (sorry for typos, posting on forums with a phone is difficult)

Off-Topic / Cafe René has lost its owner...
« on: 23-01-2017, 20:01:45 »
One of my favorite actors from one of my favorite series i watched as a kid, has passed away.

Gordon kaye, aka René Artois from Allo Allo, has passed away at the age of 75. This is truly a sad day for the united kingdom, and therefor the world...

Gaming / Enlisted. New WW2 shooter by Gajin
« on: 12-12-2016, 23:12:20 »

So yeah, Gajin, the creator of War thunder, the most russian biased game ever, has released this.

Appearntly, it will have higher realism then Triple A games, and will be an MMO FPS. Meaning that (At the moment), battles will feature 150 players maximum per battle.

Not sure what to think. Gajin is a great company in almost everything. The almost everything being poor balance wich is always favoured towards the russian faction (play warthunder and thy will understand this)
Looks good, some aspects of the game i like, others have not got my convinced yet

Gaming / Total accurate tank simulator!
« on: 27-10-2016, 16:10:26 »

One of my friends is in australia for 6 months. She's looking for places to visit and stuff to do in Melbourne and victoria. Anyone have any suggestions?

Off-Topic / Shipping off to Oslo!
« on: 11-10-2015, 10:10:35 »
Going to Oslo for 4 days in november. Guys what do you reccomend over there?

Off-Topic / Need popular WW1/WW2 songs
« on: 11-11-2014, 21:11:02 »
I am helping a budday out who studies music. His task is to get a list of popular WW1 & WW2 songs, and preferably from many nations, not just america and germany. Luckily his teacher is an open minded fellow, so WW2 german songs are allowed as long as they do not have any reference to the holocaust.
As a bonus he may also add songs from before WW1 & even some important movies

here is what i have compiled for him so far:

-Grenadier lied
-Westerwald marsch
-Fridericus Rex
-Red army choir - When the soldiers are singing
-Red army choir -The Sacred War
-On ne passe pas
-Kay kyser-praise the lord and pass the ammunition
-Blood on the risers
-It's A Long Way To Tipperary
-Vera lynn- We'll meet again (YES fh2 one :D)
-La sagra di giarabub

So pass on some more please!

Hey guys, bit of a weird request here. Thanks to a friend i'm going (for free) to Farnborough airshow in the UK  18-20 july. Since its a bit of a rush, we are still searching for a campsite. And we were wondering if somebody is willing to provide us with a backyard for 3 days to stack our tent. Ofcourse i'm talking about local residents.

We are willing to pay for a compensation ofcourse!

After a very long time...i decided to replay FH2.

My intrest in video games has been declining rapidly for the past year. Whatever came simply did not gave the same feeling as gaming in the past. War thunder tanks kept me busy for a while, MWO kept me busy, but they never gave that satisfaction

2 Days ago, i began playing FH2 again.
And i knew what was missing. A game like FH2... After 5 rounds i felt those good old feelings again..And heck 3 of those rounds was with the germans! I barely ever played germans in the past. but now? i was scoring fat stacks yo with that lovely K98k!

So yeah. 2.47 you are the great bitch man!

Off-Topic / allo allo actor sam kelly passed away
« on: 14-06-2014, 23:06:18 »
Sam Kelly, aka captain Hans Geering has passed away at the age of 70

because of the popularity of allo allo here, this deserves its own topic.
RIP you awesome dude!  Let us all say 'TLER! Before we go to sleep tonight

Gaming / Renegade X now released
« on: 25-02-2014, 20:02:34 »
any of you fellows remember C&C renegade? Back then the only game that combined FPS with RTS elements?
an FPS with bases were you must destroy the enemy base by defending yours? resource gathering?

Well that 2002 has a remake..a free remake, that has been in development for a very long time, and is now finnaly released

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