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Gaming / Dirt Rally
« on: 10-01-2016, 01:01:23 »
It's been a while since I've posted on this form, or made a new topic, but this spiritual successor to Richard Burns Rally deserves it's own topic IMO. So, what expereiences have you got with the game so far?  I'll start by posting a link to my youtube accounts Dirt Rally playlist.

If you've had problems with Punkbuster kicking you for the reason mentioned above and you're on a system with nvidia display card and integrated graphic chipset, just download and install the nvidia display driver ver. 285.33

Works with BF3 and Assassins Creed: Revelations

Off-Topic / The Great Firearms-Thread
« on: 05-08-2012, 19:08:23 »
Since the militaria-thread covers so many bases but sticks to exclusively military stuff (You don't say?) I thought of making a new thread to all you firearms enthusiasts there!  Here you can post stuff about your own firearms or ask questions relating to firearms and we may be able to help you in that matter.

We will start off with a video on Mosin-Nagant bolt disassembled and reassembled blindfolded.. by ME, not one f me.

FH2 Help / Support / Microphone doesn't work on VOIP?
« on: 18-07-2012, 13:07:15 »
Hi! I have this Logitech headset with separate plugs for mic and headphones. I tried to use VOIP by going to options menu -> audio -> start microphone treshold test, but it seems that my computer isn't picking up my voice. Then I tried the BF2 Voice setup and it doesn't pick up my voice either. Yes the microphone is plugged in. My soundcard is Realtek integrated.

General / Deficits in map descriptions on home page
« on: 15-06-2012, 02:06:44 »
Hey there!

Since I'm bored and it's 3 A.M, i decided o check around the maps listed on the home page and see if there are some things wrong with mostly vehicle loadouts. Results:

Mount Olympus: IIRC it's just a FlaK 38, not Flakvierlings on this map,

PdH, PHL, Ramelle, Goodwood, Lüttich, Vossenack, (St. Vith, though not released yet) and PeB are missing vehicle info entirely,

Anctoville is missing the Firefly, Panther and Cromwell tanks

Villers-Bocage is missing Pz IV,

Lebisey is missing 6pdr

St. Lo is missing american trucks and jeeps, as well as opels and Kübel, also every stationary weapon is missing

Cobra is missing the wolverine and greyhound, and the 57mm

Totalize is missing the Spitfire,

Brest is missing the normal M4A1 Sherman, the 76mm is there

Bardia is missing the 88.

These are the ones that I remember, feel free to add anything else missing.

Purpose of this is NOT to build pressure to the devs, it is only supposed to help the devs update their homepage, and by doing that, attract more players.

Off-Topic / Ask-about-games-thread
« on: 02-01-2011, 03:01:01 »
So the basics are simple: If you have any questions on games, walkthroughs, videos, nitpicking or anything related to games, post them here. And please, if you know any answers, share them with us.

I'll start with this one: Is there a white video game/movie character that is bald and has glasses?

Tactics & Tutorials / Flag capping/commanding squads
« on: 10-11-2010, 21:11:45 »
Good evening, soldiers, NCO's and commanders! Tonight I'll lecture about commanding squads and organizing flag defense depending on maps and map types.

It is, has been and allways will be crucial for the commander to do what he has to, which is to issue orders to squad leaders, who will then issue orders to squad members. He also has to figure out the "perfect" battle plan in order to succeed in given goals. I shall use Battle of Brest as example map because of it's pushmode with a lot of flags available to capture simultaneausly, four at best. This also applies to Falaise pocket with five flags cappable at the same time, and of course all non-push maps. Let's assume there are nine full squads, which is an impossibility at least on 762. Commander has the ability to check each squads performance, and therefore decide what is "the best" squad for a certain job.

The map in this example shall be Falaise Pocket, with 4 flags cappable at all times and 2 flags that have to be taken before capping the last flag. The allied commander should give orders to have at least one squad for each flag, except maybe the uncappable, the mortar battery. That gives us three squads that don't have a job. From those three, two should be put on church and destroyed battery flags, while the last remaining squad acts as a mobile reserve. That would be a good situation. I know what you're thinking: "What if the Axis team takes every guy they have and go for th Church flag or the Battery? The defenders will be slaughtered!" Which is why the ideal situation would be this: since the St. Lambert flags are so close together, two squads should be able to deal with them nicely. Which then gives us two extra squads for the push flags, giving us 3+3+mobile reserve. Then again, it is very unlikely to have this ideal situation of nine full squads, so the commander has to adapt their according to the amount of squads, and of course the leftovers that can't get in a squad.

Any thoughts? Give suggestions which maps I should try to figure out defense for.

Suggestions / Commando Raids
« on: 12-09-2010, 19:09:42 »
Operation Archery - Invasion of Norwegina Vaagso port.
The Commando force of 570 troops was divided into five with these objectives.

(1) Secure the area north of the town of Måløy in South Vågsøy and engage any enemy reinforcements;
(2) subdue and secure Måløy town;
(3) eliminate the enemy on Måløy Island (Moldøen, "Øyna") which dominated the town;
(4) eliminate the enemy strongpoint at Holvik south of Måløy;
(5) provide a floating reserve offshore.
Central to the operation was the destruction of fish-oil production and stores which the Germans used in the manufacture of high explosives. Another intention was to cause the Germans to maintain and increase forces in Norway which otherwise might be employed on the Eastern Front.

[edit] Raid
The dawn landing was preceded by a very effective naval bombardment and objectives went according to plan except in the town of Måløy itself. Opposition there was much stiffer than expected as unknown to the British, a gebirgsjäger (mountain troops) unit of experienced troops from the Eastern Front was there on leave. As the landing craft hit the beach, Major Jack Churchill was playing The March of the Cameron Men on the bagpipes.[3]

Their experience in sniping and street fighting caused the operation to develop into a bitter house-to-house battle. This caused the commander, John Durnford-Slater, to call in the floating reserve and troops from Vågsøy Island. A number of local citizens assisted the Commandos by acting as porters for ammunition, grenades and other explosives, and in carrying away the wounded.

At around 14:00 the Commandos started their withdrawal having destroyed four factories, the fish-oil stores, ammunition and fuel stores, the telephone exchange and various military installations. Much of the town was in flames. The Naval assault force of one cruiser and four destroyers had meanwhile sunk 10 vessels, some found in the act of being scuttled to prevent capture.

[edit] Outcome
A wounded soldier is being helped onto a Landing Craft Assault.No Royal Navy ships were lost, but the Navy suffered four men killed and four wounded. The Commandos sustained 17 killed and 53 wounded, the commander of the Norwegians, Capt. Linge, was killed in an attack on the local German headquarters, and the RAF had eight planes downed. The Commandos accounted for at least 120 enemy killed and returned with 98 prisoners and a complete copy of the German Naval Code. Several Quislings and a number of loyal Norwegians were also brought back. The wounded man being taken to the landing craft is Captain O'Flaherty who was shot in both eyes by a German sniper. He lost one eye and wore a black eyepatch thereafter. He died in the late nineties. A photo [1] of him being helped by two soldiers is in the archives, flanked by commando Derek Page with his rifle and bayonet. In conjunction with this raid, Operation Anklet was mounted by No. 12 Commando on the Lofoten Islands as a diversion.

The raid was enough to persuade Adolf Hitler to divert 30,000 troops to Norway, upgrade coastal and inland defences. Hitler thought that the British might invade northern Norway to put pressure on Sweden and Finland.


My ideas regarding this: British Commando troops would spawn in on LCA's to Capture the Måloy island in front of the docks, and then the attack on town itself would be done (Pushmode?), OR the island is in british hands from the beginning, and just the attack would be made.

BTW is anyone else having this extremely annoying auto-scroll so that i can't see what I'm writing?

Tactics & Tutorials / Scout/Sniper guide.
« on: 15-08-2010, 10:08:13 »
The rule listing thing i made with tanks worked well, so i'll use it here aswell.

Rule #1: Scout first, Sniper second

What I mean is that your primary role is reconnaissance, and then owning people from long ranges. Use those damn binoculars to spot enemies and give targets to artillery. That way you get one helluva score, if the arty guy knows what he's doing however.

Rule #2: Movement kills.

You probably have killed someone that you haven't noticed until he moved an inch. That is becouse human eye is attracted to movement. Now that you noticed how easy it is for enemy to spot you, then don't move. Stay in cover, and if you have to move, cover to cover is your best friend. If you can, run in a ditch, so that you can't be seen until the enemy is above you.

Rule#3: Sniper roles.

Sniper roles can be divided to two categories: offensive and defensive.

Offensive sniping involves providing support for your teammates, including tanks. See an enemy AT gun that is raping you tanks? Snipe the gunner. Oh you can't hit him from this angle? Then spot him for arty. Is vonMudra raping your team again with the lafette? Snipe him then. Note that even though you can snipe people from artillery guns, at certain maps and servers it is not appreciated if the guns in question are in uncap bases.

Defensive sniping is a bit more challenging. If you notice a flag is constantly being attacked from an unexcpected direction, there's most likely a squad leader, which will be referred as SL from now on, hiding somewhere nearby. See where the enemy is coming from, check your map for the likely hiding position of the SL, then flank it and observe. If you see enemies popping there from thin air, you know you're in the sweet spot. Now figure out his precise location and kill him, then you can make merry with his squad members. Other thing about defensive sniping: enemy machine gunners and SLs are primary targets. Prevent the enemy machine gunner from suppressing your teammates by killing him.

Rule #4: Use your equipment.

Mine the most likely route the enemy will take, but most unlikely route your teammates take. That way you won't get the tamkills so often (hopefully). Use smoke grenades to cover your movements and prevent the enemy from seeing your teammates defensive positions. They'll have to go Leeroy Jenkins through the smoke and get raped by a defending lafette vonMudra. Binoculars, see rule #1. Knife if you think you're ninja enough. If not, then use the pistols for headshots. Suggestion to devs: Hi-Power for Canadian sniperkits. Please?

Rule #5: Know when NOT to shoot.

If you are heavily outnumbered, don't shoot, you'll just get their attention. You don't have to kill every single possible enemy, only the biggest threats to your teammates, IE gunners on MGs, AT-guns and mortars, SLs and anti-tank troops. If you think you've been spotted by an enemy, take him out, s-mine and relocate.

That's all for now, don't bother asking for bullet trajectories or other stuff like that, practice makes perfect.

I believe there are many people out there who wake up in a WTF state of mind because of the dream they had. So I decided to make this thread. Have you had a random, weird, stupid or funny dream recently? Then post it here! The public will then probably have some laughs, and we could also try to interpret each others dreams.

And here's the kick-off:

I had somehow got related to some drugs for reasons unknown. Apparently I had acidentally got hold of some cocaine or something, stashed it someplace/lost it,  and the REAL drug dealers had invaded my apartment. The held me, some dark haired girl I don't remember having seen anywhere, my dad and my godfather captive, and tortured the last two by throwing them outside into the snow naked and then beating them. For some reason the girl and I were having a shower together, and she recommended some shampoos that were on the shelf for me.  ;D Then the guy assigned to guard us decided to go outside with the other blokes to share the fun of torturing, so the girl and I made our way to the door. I grabbed the car keys and asked her: "Ready?"

And I woke up. Now here's the fun part: create an ending to the dream that was cut off.

So we drove off apparently in my car, because the guys contacted me with my mobile phone. We agreed on an exchange: drugs for my relatives. The meeting point was an open football field, with knee-deep snow, surrounded by forest. I left the girl under a streetlamp at the field and got into a vantage point, where a scoped hunting rifle was waiting. Sniped the bad guys, hid the bodies in their car and destroyed it, and live happily ever after blah blah blah BS.

Off-Topic / Summer - pros and cons
« on: 17-05-2010, 20:05:19 »
What do you think about summer? What is good or bad about it?

I think summer is great for these reasons: I'm not freezing my ass off when fishing, plus I don't need to go to school, and having summer jobs is a great way to make some money.

Bad stuff: Thunderstorms. I hate 'em. They always come when I'm having a good time playing and i have to quit and disconnect the power and ADSL cords to prevent hardware damage. And the weather is so moist just before them that I start to grow moss on my ass. FFS!

Off-Topic / Silent Storm, the Jagged Alliance of WW2
« on: 14-04-2010, 20:04:39 »
Does anyone remember this classic from couple years back? If not, here's a reminder:

In short: It's a Turn-based commandos.

Now, I had this thought: Are there any mods for Silent Storm that turns the crappy sci-fi based plot into a series of linear missions throughout the war?

Suggestions / Custom maps made official?
« on: 10-04-2010, 00:04:04 »
In the modding section there are so many custom maps and some of them are like the cherry on top of the cake, for example Carentan and St. Fromond. I think the devs should look through them, organize a betatest, and make an official mappack out of them. Why, you ask. They look good, and there can never be too many great maps.

Tactics & Tutorials / Tank roles by Steel_Lion_FIN
« on: 17-03-2010, 15:03:20 »
My two cents for tanking.

Rule #1, DON'T USE WLAN!
If you are, you would usually come head-to-head with a Panzer that can kill you with a single shot and the infamous "YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH YOUR CONNETCTION" pops up, and when it goes away, you're dead.

Rule #2, Hull-down positions
Hiding that tall Sherman aluminium foil hull will increase your chances of surviving tank vs anything-else- that's-not-airborne combat. The turret is harder to hit, since it's a rather small target. Note that this also applies to tall self-propelled guns. (read: marder-series)

Rule #3, Smoke shells are not rubbish
When attacking, fire smoke shells to create defilades from anti-tank guns. Also, if you get hit but are still burning, fire a smoke shell between you and the shooter, then retreat to a not-obvious direction, meaning: don't go backwards. Move behind the nearest cover and repair, which leads to the next rule:

Rule #4, Take an engineer kit
Don't take limited kits with you if you decide to go tanking, since you'll block the kit from other players. Also that wrench comes handy if you manage to bail out of your tank before it's destroyed and fix something, say, a PAK gun to avenge your tanks fate. The explosives are useful, if you know you can't repair the tank in time or you are out of ammo and other people decide to be pillocks and not get an ammo truck, blow the tank up, so it spawns faster.

Rule #5, Tanks have different roles.
If your tank has a slow turret or it doesn't have one, defend with it. Anticipate the enemy's movements and wait in their flank to maximize the potential of the gun. Also applies to Tigers, but they are better in fire support role with their heavy armour. The Churchill, however, is best used as a plow. Lead the attack with your heavily armored fast turreted tank. If a defending tank shoots at you, the armor can take it, then just blast the guy.  StuGs are different. Their low profile makes ambushing easy. wait under trees for that sherman to expose himself. Also works in bocage country. Sitting low, you will be able to see targets sooner from under the branches than the opposing tall Sherman can see you.

See drawing:

Tactics & Tutorials / Flak 88
« on: 16-03-2010, 20:03:46 »
What is the purpose of 88mm Time Fuse HE round? And how you use it? How does it work? Does it always blow up at certain distance or does it have some sort of proximity detonator?

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