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Off-Topic / Re: Game of Thrones
« on: 03-06-2013, 10:06:24 »
The North remembers.

Off-Topic / Re: Game of Thrones
« on: 01-05-2013, 15:05:17 »
viewers are up by half a million again

5.35 million life viewers for yesterdays episode!
Damn that was quick. I expected that the finale might break 5 million.

Off-Topic / Re: German Telekom: 75GB max. traffic
« on: 24-04-2013, 13:04:52 »
On average I pull double that number of usenet alone.

Off-Topic / Re: Game of Thrones
« on: 13-04-2013, 12:04:24 »
Now that the Reeds have been introduced I hope we get to hear the quote in my sig this season.

Off-Topic / Re: Game of Thrones
« on: 04-04-2013, 22:04:15 »
4.45 million for a premium cable channel like HBO is pretty good. HBO doesn't really care when people watch it, as long as they watch it. For HBO the combined number of views on all their services is more important. They don't have commercials so the numbers on the first airing aren't as important. It was the Easter weekend though, and of course the Walking Dead season finale was on as well. So next week might get even better numbers.

Off-Topic / Re: Game of Thrones
« on: 02-04-2013, 12:04:50 »
That dress that Missandei was wearing. Made me uncomfortable in all the right places.

So, I watched the complete first season of Rome. It was an absolute pleasure to watch. Hilarious, cunning, bloody, historically rather accurate, conspiracies, and, of course, the actions of the inimitable Titus Pullo.

I think I have to get season 2 as well...
Season 2 is OK but nowhere near as good as season 1. Sadly they had to fit 3 seasons of story in the second season and it suffers for it. Still better than nearly every TV show that is on TV now though.

Gaming / Re: Thief 4
« on: 06-03-2013, 17:03:02 »
Like it will be any good. Games these days are made for a generation of idiots who want everything spoon-fed to them. Challenging a player is sadly a thing of the past with big budget titles and singleplayer games. It's good that indie titles get more attention than ever with initiatives like kickstarter, greenlighting etc. Indie devs are not hamstrung by a bunch of suits that only care about money.

Gaming / Re: Big Sony meeting today...(PS4?)
« on: 01-03-2013, 00:03:38 »
8Gigs of ram on a console means 8 gigs of ram fully for games

8 gigs of ram on a PC means distribution to games AND other active programs
But that's shared with GPU. PC with 8 gigs of RAM and GPU with 2 gigs, will have more to spare just for games.
But it's not used because games aren't developed with the best hardware scaling in mind.

Gaming / Re: Big Sony meeting today...(PS4?)
« on: 28-02-2013, 19:02:38 »
Really happy with the PS4 and most likely Nextbox both having x86 architecture. This means more developers will port games to the PC that they would not in the past for the simple reason that it takes far less work.

Off-Topic / Re: Game of Thrones
« on: 26-02-2013, 19:02:58 »


Over 13 million views in a few days.

Maximum hype achieved.

Gaming / Re: Big Sony meeting today...(PS4?)
« on: 21-02-2013, 10:02:39 »
x86 processor

Nothing really impressive so far.
8GB GDDR5 is pretty impressive to be honest. Kinda insane actually.

Off-Topic / Re: Picture of the Day (Other eras)
« on: 29-01-2013, 13:01:03 »

Parachutists of the 2ieme REP (Foreign Legion Parachute Regiment) are seen jumping from an airplane over Timbuktu, Mali in order to secure the northern part of the city and to encircle retreating islamist fighters.
This is looking more and more like Afghanstan Part 2. Fanatical Islamist rebels retreat from the cities and hide in the desert/countryside to avoid open combat.

General Discussion / Re: Battlefield 1942 - Now Free
« on: 07-11-2012, 11:11:32 »
"like"?` ;D since when do software "like" things?
Didnt you understand? is a figurative way of speaking,

you got it all wrong.  :-*


botton line, EA has shit servers with no control whatsoever and they cant even be bothered to install basic scripts like kicking for minus score or when a number of tks hapen. not surpising really.
People are autokicked after a number of TKs or for minus score. You can also initiate a vote kick. I did so a few times yesterday and they always worked. Free game will always have ass-holes, just like free forums.

General Discussion / Re: Battlefield 1942 - Now Free
« on: 05-11-2012, 22:11:29 »
Just played a few rounds, flying felt great. Using the B17 to transport ten guys (on the wings) to an outpost. Good times. I never liked flying in any other BF games after BF1942. Simply felt too floaty.

Oh yeah, I'm sick and tired of always seeing the same guys shitting up threads on these boards. You know who you are and you're not contributing anything so please just go away.

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