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FH2 Help / Support / Sec. Radio Button (spotting, etc.)
« on: 21-05-2023, 18:05:30 »
Nevermind Imma noob, close topic.

Suggestions / Mobile Artillery
« on: 30-05-2022, 20:05:25 »
Any chance to make mobile artillery all 1 manned vehicles or locked in some manner when already in use? It never fails on the public server some new player or smacktard starts driving off with the mobile artillery while another player was already using the vehicle. I know this isnt historically accurate, but for gameplay may be better off.

Bug Reporting / 2.6 broke prone
« on: 19-05-2022, 22:05:38 »
There are many times in game when even standing still prone does not work. Usually when I try to lay mines down, nothing to do with dolphin diving btw.

Gaming / venice unleashed
« on: 16-06-2021, 21:06:22 »

id buy bf3 and learn the mod tools to port over some maps to help out  :D

Suggestions / Hawkins
« on: 26-05-2015, 20:05:11 »
Used some hawkins mines today, but noticed there is no team warning marker like other AT mines or S mines. Is that by design or something missed? thanks.

FH2 Help / Support / Alt Tab broken?
« on: 05-05-2015, 01:05:10 »
Before the last patch alt tabbing out of game worked fine with no problems, but since the latest update i lose all hud options after returning to game from alt tabbing to desktop. How do i fix this without having to restart the entire game over again?

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