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Pick-up kit suggestion
« on: 30-04-2021, 00:04:06 »
Hi all!

I was wondering about a pick-up kit style weapon, which I think could be portrayed on a few maps. Of course if someone talented enough finds some interest in it and decides to make it, sadly I do not have the knowledge to make it.

Weapon: Mannlicher M1895 (full sized rifle, or the shorter version), caliber: 8×50mmR Mannlicher (this is the original WW1 caliber)

This rifle has a straight-pull action, I think there is no such rifle in the game at the moment.

Maps: Arad, Dukla Pass

The kit itself could consist only of the rifle with some 50 rounds of ammunition (+ 1 bandage), and a bayonet if modeled. The kit could be invisible (like that sword kit on Pegasus), hidden inside attics or haystacks in a barn building for example, as I imagine it as a weapon that was stashed by some civilian or soldier returning home from WW1 or from the conflicts after WW1.