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Off-Topic / Re: Picture of the Day
« Last post by Seth_Soldier on 02-12-2021, 19:12:29 »
General Discussion / Re: Devil in the Dawn - A FH2 Campaign is now Open!
« Last post by RAnDOOm on 02-12-2021, 12:12:59 »

FRIDAY , December 3rd, 19hUTC , the map Djebel Tahent will be played in the Forgotten Hope 2 Campaign
Devil in the Dawn

"By 26 April the 1st Division had attained its initial objectives and controlled all the high ground south of a line from Hill 575 to Hill 347 (Djebel Sidi Meftah). However, the division now had a long flank on the left, exposed to enemy counterattack from strong positions on high ground. Corps Headquarters saw that any further progress eastward would increase the danger to this flank.

The next moves, therefore, were coordinated blows by the 34th and 1st Divisions. The 34th was to attack into the hills east and west of Sidi Nsir, with Hill 609 (Djebel Tahent) as a key objective. Supported on its flank by this attack, the 1st Division was to carry on its offensive eastward and complete the opening of the Tine Valley.

The ground facing the 34th Division was as hard to fight through as the area just won by the 1st Division. The German right flank was anchored on Djebel el Hara, west of Sidi Nsir and dominating the highway and railroad from Beja to Mateur. To the east, the enemy held Hills 435, 490, and 609. From these heights, as a result of the retirement forced by the 1st Division, the enemy line now ran slightly south of east to the eastern end of Djebel Sidi Meftah.

The attack on the 34th Division was aimed at one of the strongest defensive areas in the German line. The enemy had held this ground for months and had used this time to organize a whole series of positions protecting the valley to Mateur and the road from Sidi Nsir to the Tine Valley. Outstanding in height, Hill 609 was the key fortress in this area, and its approaches were defended by supporting positions on hills almost as difficult.

Two of the more important outlying defenses of Hill 609 were the ridge of Djebel el Hara and Hill 375. The key features of the ridges were two high points (407 and 473). Across a wadi to the northeast, Hill 375 was a supporting position. Our capture of these strongly fortified hills would compel the Germans to fall back east of Sidi Nsir.

The enemy held on through 3 days of artillery fire and infantry attacks. On 25 April, the 175th Field Artillery Battalion and several battalions of Corps Artillery laid down a heavy fire on Djebel el Hara. The 1st and 3d Battalions of the 168th Regimental Combat Team then began their assault, but enemy machine-gun and mortar fire halted the advance after slight progress. On 25-26 April, the artillery fired numerous concentrations on Hills 407 and 473 to soften enemy positions. On 27 April, after renewed heavy shelling by the artillery, the infantry again attacked. The 2d Battalion moved up from the southeast and obtained a foothold on the southern slopes of Djebel el Hara. On the next day, while the 2d Battalion mopped up Hills 473 and 407, the 1st Battalion went on to capture Hill 375."

Click on the image below to join the Campaign
Damn Jan, you are going to force me into the modern age.   ;D

I'll do it later today.  I'll have to get Discord installed.
FH2 Help / Support / Re: Windows 11 and FH2 - Has Anyone Tried it?
« Last post by jan_kurator on 30-11-2021, 18:11:38 »
Anyone using Windows 11 is surely not using the forums anymore. Future is now old man, join us on Discord. and ask there.
FH2 Help / Support / Windows 11 and FH2 - Has Anyone Tried it?
« Last post by pvtgmerpyleusmc on 30-11-2021, 14:11:51 »
Microsoft will be forcing folks to migrate to Windows 11 soon.  Has anyone installed and tested FH2 in the Windows 11 environment?  Thanks.
FH2 Help / Support / Re: FH2 via WINE on Linux
« Last post by Ivanwazowsky on 28-11-2021, 13:11:38 »
Hi! some of our FH2 devs are using linux. so they can help you about your problem. to get more help please join our discord:
FH2 Help / Support / FH2 via WINE on Linux
« Last post by Baked_Potato on 27-11-2021, 00:11:49 »
I recently got FH2 standalone to run on W@INE for the first time in years.  It works by running wine ForgottenHope2.exe

This loads BF2 first, so when I click the server; it loads FH2.  There is no option for 2160p gaming in the menu this way. 

It doesn't load the launcher either.  Is there a file I can edit to get 2160p?  144hz?

I found FH2Launcher and the program crashes if I try to enter anything into windowed mode.
Off-Topic / Re: Picture of the Day
« Last post by Seth_Soldier on 22-11-2021, 19:11:44 »
General Discussion / Re: Devil in the Dawn - A FH2 Campaign is now Open!
« Last post by RAnDOOm on 18-11-2021, 21:11:56 »

FRIDAY , November 19th, 19hUTC , the map Road to Kairouan will be played in the Forgotten Hope 2 Campaign
Devil in the Dawn

"The Axis army commanders had become aware of the U.S. movements and decided that the 10th Panzer Division should stop them. Rommel had departed Tunisia for Germany on 9 March before the battle, leaving von Arnim in control of the newly named Africa Korps. Von Arnim also held Rommel's opinion on the low quality of the American forces and felt that a spoiling attack would be enough to clear them from the Eastern Dorsals again.

At 06:00 on 23 March, 50 tanks of Broich's 10th Panzer emerged from the pass into the El Guettar valley at 34°20′12″N 8°56′53″E. German motorised units in halftracks and motorcycle sidecars broke off from formation and charged the infantry on the top of the hill. The halftracks would move up the hill as far they could and then the infantry they carried would dismount while covered by fire from 88mms. The Germans were maneuvering to hit American artillery anchored on the hill. They quickly overran front-line infantry and artillery positions. Major General Terry de la Mesa Allen Sr.—commanding the U.S. 1st Infantry Division—was threatened when two tanks came near his headquarters, but he shrugged off suggestions of moving, "I will like hell pull out, and I'll shoot the first bastard who does."

Click on the image below to join the Campaign
Is it possible to introduce an option to change not all weapons, but only the main small arms? For example, I play as Germans with a KAR98 rifle and a faustpatron on Vossenac 64. I killed an American soldier. Is it possible to make it so that, when I approach his weapon, I press a separate button on the keyboard, and my Kar 98 rifle changes to a Thompson submachine gun from a corpse, but at the same time the faustpatron and everything else remains?
Not possible.

If this looks like too much reinforcement of the infantry, then, in contrast, you can make it so that the cartridges for the enemy weapon can be replenished only from the box with cartridges on the enemy flag. Then, as soon as the cartridges run out, then the players will throw out the main weapon.
Not possible.
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