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Hi, where is the latest coop map pack ? The discord links appear to be no longer valid.

Havent been geeking the game audio for some time, but been using these settings for more than a year. Suits my headphones and ears great     

rem ** Balance between 2d and 3d samples.
sound.setProperty "balance2d3d-default" 0.55
sound.setProperty "balance2d3d-eax" 0.5

rem ** Reverb and obstruction (0.55->1 sound-maxreverb 0.55)
vars.set sound-maxreverb 0.55
vars.set sound-reverb-steepness 0.55
vars.set sound-raylength 17

Interesting. Is there a EAX designer app out there somewhere ? Then the ".eax" definition file could be tuned for each level.

Howdy ya'll!

I found out about the game via a friend (I love it! I play with 120 bots on small maps, very chaotic).

But something is really nagging me to no end, there is no 3rd person tank view?
I've looked around on the net and messed around with the game files, to no avail.

I can see why no 3rd person would be working for multiplayer, but I solely play singleplayer.

What do I need to do to get it working? Is it a parameter or something of the sort?

Play using seperate server (connect to server don't start from inside the game). You might have to set some setting server side.

Announcements / Re: Walking Fire - A Forgotten Hope 2 Update
« on: 02-12-2020, 18:12:06 »
Will do. I've been away from FH for a LONG time until fairly recently :)

Announcements / Re: Walking Fire - A Forgotten Hope 2 Update
« on: 02-12-2020, 15:12:25 »
Does this mean some early war French maps ? Maybe Dunkirk ?

Also I wonder if the FH news release team can give Ivanwazowsky some love ? He's been adding Coop to some of the CMP maps. Not easy especially for the Pacific one's. I wrote on article on my site here.

Does this mean I should be using the CMP downloader util to install ? I'm not seeing an updated download link.

I wrote an article about these maps ... "Coop Support for CMP Pacific in Forgotten Hope".

Thanks very much Michael Freeman for your attention and article  :) . I will try to improve the cmp coop maps. if you have ctd problems, just post here some screenshots about ctds. so i can help.

Np I enjoyed writing it. Should I run as FH debug version (the executable with "_r" after it?) and if so how do I do this as double clicking on it never started FH.

Did a reboot fix it ? I've had this error before. Just got it yesterday and it always throws me. Of course I should have tried rebooting first rather than X number of random foxes off the net  ::)

It appears to happen when running a game or application before BF2 that triggers a bug in the SDL (I think it is) system.

Played it as last. Pure genius  8). What can I say  ;D?

Here are some random screenshots, AMD Virtual Super Resolution @ 3200x1800 (right click to see full view in browser) ...



Stable as well. An hour and quarter game play.

Hi Michael, I play over a LAN with my two friends and regularly play for the full two hours on Ogledow, Villers Bocage and Breakthrough at St Lo. The maps that have been released ( Russian front Maps ) recently all seem to work flawlessly.
Have a try.

Thanks. Are those user made or the official maps ?

But what I was really asking about is the CMP maps released on this thread.

Great stuff. This could bring back to FH gaming ;D

Which maps are stable ? Nothings worse for me than getting really stuck into a game only to have a CTD half an hour into it.

Yes. I was just being a pedantic arse really  ::).

Announcements / Re: Shush - A Forgotten Hope 2 Update
« on: 07-08-2019, 15:08:57 »
Yes. Just my fantasy of turning FH into Sniper Elite 4 :D

Announcements / Re: Shush - A Forgotten Hope 2 Update
« on: 04-08-2019, 21:08:11 »
How about selectable sub-sonic/normal ammo on the usual auto/single fire mode key ? The normal ammo wears out the silencer quicker but has increased range (should it be a "suppressor", or maybe they were called silencers in the 40's, anyway I'm being very pedantic). When the silencer wears out using normal ammo the weapon makes a lot of noise and you have to pick up a new one for a new silencer.

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