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Bug Reporting / Universal Carriers
« on: 07-10-2017, 04:10:06 »
The universal carrier/DT carrier/T 20 seem unrealistically fragile when travelling across certain kinds of terrain.  They seem to take a lot of damage and blow up quickly on muddy, wet, or bumpy terrain.  On this same terrain, jeeps and trucks perform just fine.  Tanks are fine too.  This seems wrong.  They should perform better than jeeps, IMO.  Maybe they are superior on desert maps for which they were originally developed, IDK.  I hope this is looked into so that they can be used effectively on EF maps in the future.

Announcements / Pacific Campaign Battles
« on: 06-03-2015, 23:03:59 »
War in the Pacific

Battle #1   Guadalcanal

The campaign begins at Guadalcanal as the US Marines battle
the Imperial  Japanese Navy forces for control of this strategic island.

The fighting  will rage from the beaches to the jungles, featuring new soldiers,
new  weapons, new equipment, and new experiences you won't have anywhere  else.

Game Time -- Saturday 2PM EST (New York) / 7PM GMT (London) / 1900 UTC / 8AM NZDT (Wellington)

Game Server -- 762 #3 Pacific MC Test

Game Server IP --  16569

Pubbies welcome!  Install the maps and hop on the server.

Or Join Here for Allies or Here for Axis

Join us on TS3:   
Allies will be on   
Axis will be on

Enjoy the Battle Day!

General Discussion / Pacific Mini-Campaign
« on: 04-02-2015, 01:02:39 »

Come and join our joint endeavour to experience a different FH2 on a new theatre: The Pacific War! Over half a dozen maps and new vehicles await you! Replay the grand battles of history: Iwo Jima, Guadalcanal, Midway, Wake Island, Invasion of the Phillipines!
Find yourself in a Yamato- or King-George-V-Class Battleship as shipmen and have a thrilling fight against the enemy fleet, submarines or a tremendous amount of enemy fighter planes! Only with the right amount of teamwork you will be able to get your hands on the strategically important and highly contested atolls in the middle of the pacific!

Every Saturday for the next few weeks, starting at 19:00 (UTC) , World at War, Forgotten Honor and 762ranking invite you to join this semi-public campaign. On the server, you will find a good amount of players, already organized in divisons, hosted by both tournament communities.
You can either choose to casually join this campaign and simply play with us by joining one of the ingame squads, OR, immerse further into this campaign and sign up for one of the both sides:
  • The 3rd Marine Divison hosted by World at War, gallantly led by Hiltz.
  • The 2nd Imperial Guards Divison hosted by Forgotten Honor, gallantly led by Erwin.
Sign-Up for the FH2 Public Campaign "War in the Pacific" are now open:


The 2nd Imperial Guards Divison, hosted by Forgotten Honor, led by Erwin:
15th Sentai Guards
18th Engineer 'Suchiru Kuma' Regiment
6th Sensha Rentai
93rd Inoshishi Light Infantry Unit
International Company
International Company
Polish Company
International Company
Led by: Spindrifter49
Led by: LtnGeorgeNL
Led by: Kwiot
Led by: Sir_Kowskoskey

The 3rd Marine Divison, hosted by World at War, led by Hiltz.
Combat Assault Battalion
4th Marine Regiment
3rd Marine Regiment
9th Marine Regiment
International Company
International Company
German Company
International Company
Led by: Koketsu
Led by: KSolo
Led by: Hawk
Led by: Jucabala

On behalf of the Organization Team we wish you all an unforgettable campaign.

In this FH2 Pacific Campaign you will experience:
Forgotten Hope 2 at its best!
Fighting on a 100 player server
New gameplay on new maps with new vehicles, planes and ships and a new army: The imperial japanese army!
2 sides led by best with teamwork oriented armies employing strategies and co-operation with promotions and rewards for your achievements.
New friendships with likeminded people from all over the world
It is free and everybody is welcome!

So either choose to fight for the US 3rd Marines or the Japanese 2nd Imperial Guards alongside your mates against the opponent!

Featuring These New Maps:

Adak Island!                        Battle Isle

Guadalcanal!                        Iwo Jima!

Midway!                         Wake Island!

Invasion of the Philippines!

and more...

This campaign is open to the public!

Join us on TS3:

World at War invites the public to take part in our Pacific Theater beta test
This Satuday, August 9th  1PM New York - 6PM London
Featuring:  Japanese nationals, Mitsubishi Zeros, Boats of immense size, and new Cartographies

WaW #1 server
Join us on TS:


Download Here:

Extract the map archive to your .\fh2 folder
For example, a default location is C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\mods\fh2
This will be putting files in your .\fh2\levels and .\fh2\localization folders.
It will not interfere with your FH2 or other BF2 modifications.

Suggestions / End Bunny-Hopping and Dive-shooting!
« on: 14-04-2014, 17:04:29 »
This is a great mod and a decent update.  The one thing that continues to ruin public play however is the hit-box manipulation tactics used by some players, namely Bunny-Hopping and what I call here Dive-Shooting.  These are totally unrealistic and makes you feel like your playing CounterStrike or something.

Dive-Shooting is when one goes prone and fires an aimed shot instantly.  There should be some recover time where you cant fire your gun like what happens when you jump.  That should be easy to fix, right?

Everybody knows what Bunny-Hopping is.  Maybe just make it so that there is 1 second between jumps.  That alone would end the stupid bouncing around that some do.  Bring back the hated endurance bar if you have to. 

I really think that this would have a big impact on public play.  It's not just a minor suggestion.


Watch this!

Play custom maps on a public server!
Every Sunday
Starts Sunday Oct. 13 around 13:00 Eastern US / 18:00 GMT

WaW favorites with custom equipment
New 32 player and 16 player maps to be added.
No registration required just download and join!
Over 8 maps to start, more added each week.

-West Wall
-Garigliano Crossing
-Carpiquet Aerodrome
and more

On WaW Public server:
Join us on TeamSpeak3:

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