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Was Wondering.
« on: 20-05-2009, 01:05:24 »
Well I had a good time Animating FH weapons for BF1942, and although I had great success with my BF1942 hand rig with over 14 different FH weapons, my former positive skill seems to be useless in bf2. I've tried for days now to get a hand-rig that looks and performs well, but to no avail. The way's in which the fingers on the skeleton bend often make for very interesting situations when a finger is moved, often times destroying my feeling of satisfaction because of the way it bends and distorts the mesh, even with a complex weight table.

I would love to Animate FH2 for fun, but if I can't seem to repeat my BF1942 success in 3ds Max with BF2, it makes it rather hard. I was just curious if one of the FH animators could email me his .max scene, it would be greatly appreciated and make a weary soul calm.

If not its understandable, and i'll simply return to 3ds max for a few more hours of tinkering, but if it could happen I would be utterly in the debt of the devs for their help.


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Re: Was Wondering.
« Reply #1 on: 20-05-2009, 01:05:11 »
You'll probably wanna talk to KilliVanilla about this. Or perhaps Kev. He (IIRC) does some animating.