Author Topic: Having problems with "apply spline"? Try these.  (Read 1389 times)


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Having problems with "apply spline"? Try these.
« on: 30-03-2009, 15:03:58 »
Many people have had problems with the "apply spline" function in the bf2editor. Sometimes the ground disappears and sometimes the ground is flattened in a somewhat random area. There are a couple of things to try if you are having these problems.

We were discussing the "ground disappears" problem with some of the devs sometime ago and finally realized that if you make the bf2editor to run in a "Windows 98 / Windows ME" compatibility mode, the "apply spline" function seems to work. It hasn't been thoroughly tested but it was working for many people. And for those who don't already know: you can make a program to run in a compatibility mode by right-clicking the icon, choosing "properties" from the pop-up, clicking "compatibility", checking the box next to "run this program in compatibility mode for:" and choosing "Windows 98 / Windows ME".

Running the editor in the Win 98 mode might cause some other problems regarding the memory, so a couple of suggestions 1) use the win 98 mode only when you are going to do "apply spline". 2) Always, always save the map (the terrain at least) before doing "apply spline".

Another thing I noticed is that if any of the vertices (points) in your spline are under the ground, the program tends to flatten a random area when doing "apply spline". I haven't really tested this but it's just something I noticed.

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Re: Having problems with "apply spline"? Try these.
« Reply #1 on: 30-03-2009, 16:03:40 »
I really had problems whit these Splines.. first of all.. they didnt appear OR a part of it appears. Gotta keep an eye on that tool.. i used  it 1 time.


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Re: Having problems with "apply spline"? Try these.
« Reply #2 on: 30-03-2009, 17:03:35 »
hmmm all valid points. next time I have this problem, I'll be sure to try these out.