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FH2 Help / Support / Re: Trouble launching game
« Last post by DethroGlok on 22-10-2021, 21:10:44 »
I'm getting the same error message, anybody know how to fix this?
Off-Topic / Re: Picture of the Day
« Last post by Seth_Soldier on 22-10-2021, 19:10:16 »
General Discussion / Re: Devil in the Dawn - A FH2 Campaign is now Open!
« Last post by RAnDOOm on 21-10-2021, 12:10:10 »

FRIDAY , October 22nd, 18hUTC , the map El Agheila will be played in Devil in the Dawn Forgotten Hope 2 Campaign

"Rommel's supply position had not improved: Tunisia was still being prioritised for supplies and of the ships which were sent to Tripoli to supply the Panzer Army in November, three-quarters had been destroyed. Rommel was short of men and equipment and very short of fuel and ammunition. His stated intention therefore was to hold out as long as possible but to retire in the face of strong pressure. When the preliminary attacks began on 11 December Rommel took this to be the start of Eighth Army's attack and started to withdraw. By mid morning on 12 December patrols detected that the Axis positions were starting to thin out. In response Montgomery ordered the New Zealand Division to move immediately and brought forward the main assault to the night of 14/15 December. By the evening of 12 December, the Axis withdrawal was under way, except for some units who were covering the extrication.

On 13 December, Axis reconnaissance aircraft discovered some 300 vehicles north of Marada oasis 75 mi (121 km) south of El Agheila (the New Zealand column), which meant for the Axis forces the danger of being outflanked. Rommel wished to launch his remaining armour at this outflanking force but was prevented by lack of fuel and ordered the withdrawal to continue. An attack by the 7th Armoured Division was repulsed in a rearguard action by the Italian 132nd Armoured Division "Ariete". In his diary, Rommel wrote:

    Late in the morning, a superior enemy force launched an attack on Combat Group Ariete, which was located south-west of El Agheila, with its right flank resting on the Sebcha Chebira and its left linking up with 90th Light Division. Bitter fighting ensued against 80 British tanks and lasted for nearly ten hours. The Italians put up a magnificent fight, for which they deserved the utmost credit. Finally, in the evening, the British were thrown back by a counter attack of the Centauro's armoured regiment, leaving 22 tanks and 2 armoured cars burnt out or damaged on the battlefield. The British intention of cutting off the 90th Light Division had been foiled.
    — Rommel

The Eighth Army change of plan had come too late and when the New Zealand Division completed their "left hook" on 15 December, they were dispersed after a difficult journey across difficult terrain which left them with only 17 serviceable tanks. They found the 15th Panzer Division on the escarpment guarding the coast road and the 6th New Zealand Brigade, further west, was ordered to form a block on the coast road, while the 5th Brigade protected the divisional supply and transport vehicles. During the night of 15/16 December, most of the remaining elements of the Panzer Army were able to withdraw towards Nofilia, moving in small fast columns through the gaps in the dispersed New Zealand units, under cover of dark. On 18 December, short-lived but fierce fighting took place at Nofaliya (100 mi (160 km) west of El Agheila), during which Rifleman Charles Ashford of the Kings Royal Rifles won the Military Medal for attacking an emplacement of panzers in his Bren Gun Carrier despite losing his support vehicles and being shot in the face. The fighting at Nofilia brought the battle of El Agheila to an end."

Click on the image below to join the Campaign
Hello. I am Russian. I am writing via google translator, so the translation may be distorted. In FH2 there is a serious problem with firing short bursts of submachine guns of 2-3 rounds at "long" distances for them of 90-100 meters. Perhaps this is some kind of bug, but in FH2 the first cartridge in each queue has a much higher return than all the others in the same queue. Because of this, it is impossible to shoot in short bursts of 3 rounds aiming at a distance of 100m. In other ballistic shooters, all shots in a short burst have the same recoil. Because of this, when firing a burst of 3 rounds, the first bullet almost always hits the target, in more than half of the cases the second one hits, and the third is already flying past. But hitting even the first two of these three bullets is enough for the aimed mode of firing 3 rounds to be actively used.

In FH2, due to the fact that the first cartridge has a greater recoil than the second and third, only the first cartridge hits the target, after which the muzzle of the PP bulges up too much, and the next two fly above the target. Because of this, effective fire with short sighting bursts of 3 rounds per 100m from PP is impossible. For the same reason, it is difficult to normally shoot single shots, single ones need to aim too long after each shot.

If you don't believe me then check it out for yourself. Here on the screenshots, I conducted an experiment. I found a drainpipe near the corner of the building. In the first screenshot, I aimed at the wall at the level of the very beginning of the pipe and fired 17 shots at the wall in a continuous burst. As a result of the continuous queue, the PP front sight stopped at about the level of the tops of the trees in the background (second screen). Then I reloaded and fired the same 17 shots from the beginning of the tube, but only with single shots. In the second case, it is clear that due to the fact that the first shot had an overestimated recoil and all these shots were single, the front sight of the PP was lifted about a third higher.

It would be correct if the developers fixed this bug and made it so that the first shot in the queue from all PPs would NOT have an overestimated recoil relative to the rest of the shots. The most productive female sniper in the history of mankind Lyudmila Pavlichenko recalls that she often maximized the sound of her sniper rifle being fired for 3 and 5 shots from German machine guns from the enemy's side (12:51) This suggests that this mode of firing from PPs of 3-5 rounds was actively used by the Germans.

Voting among the Russian-speaking audience showed that it would be better to remove the overestimated recoil of the first shot in each burst
Singleplayer and Coop / Re: A tip to slightly improve FPS
« Last post by DutchGuyMike on 19-10-2021, 19:10:19 »
Yah, well... that usually happens with a higher refresh rate (above 60-70) :D

Another tip might be to put the game a few Hz below what the desktop Hz (refresh rate) is,
in Battlefield 2 it makes the frames sync up better to what is going on/depicting it visually.

My monitor is capable of 144hz but I locked it to 120 on the desktop and 112hz in the game itself.

Also, some monitors are locked to 60Hz (officially) but they can often be forced into 75hz,
but it will require a dedicated graphics card and usage of the Nvidia control panel/AMD variant.
impressive !

It's a shame bf2 bot aren't that smart and are just following the shortest path.
It would be more epic to have "pack" of enemies instead of a line/column
Yeah.. that is why I play with quite a lot of bots - so they often look as if they are in a pack/group.
I also made the priority for bots to stay in cover higher, which makes battles look a lot more real!

The reason they are in a column, as seen in the video, is because they just started to move out of the base and piecemeal the AI were going into the tanks and started to move out, hence a column formation formed.

All I ever wanted was a WW2-themed game in which you can fully play the German side,
and to just have fun using a variety of weapons and vehicles (combined warfare) at once.

I used to play Heroes & Generals to get my WW2 fix, but it's a very mediocre game (and I don't really like PvP),
Forgotten Hope 2 delivers all I ever wanted - as a child, especially! Even just listening to a battle is great for me!

Not to mention that the game can be modified to your taste, which really enhances my personal enjoyment of it.


And on a side note, I like that the bots stay on given "paths" (mostly), because it prevents them from scattering all over the map which the AI has a tendency to do in other games and it makes battle feel more intense. At least in my perspective, the bots aren't THAT horrible, it could have been much worse (especially default AI).
Off-Topic / Re: Which kind of music are you listening to?
« Last post by Capten_C on 15-10-2021, 04:10:46 »

Gary Moore - Voodoo Child - HD

"Almost" better than original imho!  ;)
General Discussion / Re: Devil in the Dawn - A FH2 Campaign is now Open!
« Last post by RAnDOOm on 14-10-2021, 13:10:44 »

FRIDAY , October 15th, 18hUTC , the map Sidi Muftah will be played in Devil in the Dawn Forgotten Hope 2 Campaign

"To complete the attack, elements of the Italian XX Motorized Corps and 101st Motorized Division Trieste were to clear a path through the minefields north of Bir Hakeim and near the Sidi Muftah box to supply the armored advance. To hold Allied troops in place, the Italian X and XXI Corps would assault the Gazala Line near the coast. At 2:00 PM on May 26, these formations moved forward. That night, Rommel personally led his mobile forces as they began the flanking maneuver. Almost immediately the plan began to unravel as the French mounted a vigorous defense of Bir Hakeim, repelling the Italians.
A short distance to the southeast, Rommel's forces were held up for several hours by the 7th Armoured Division's 3rd Indian Motor Brigade. Though they were forced to withdraw, they inflicted heavy losses on the attackers.
By midday on the 27th, the momentum of Rommel's attack was faltering as British armor entered the battle and Bir Hakeim held out. Only the 90th Light had clear success, over-running the 7th Armoured Division's advance headquarters and reaching the El Adem area. As fighting raged over the next several days, Rommel's forces became trapped in an area known as "The Cauldron.
This area saw his men trapped by Bir Hakeim to the south, Tobruk to the north, and the minefields of the original Allied line to the west. Under constant assault by Allied armor from the north and east, Rommel's supply situation was reaching critical levels and he began to contemplate surrender. These thoughts were erased when early on May 29 supply trucks, supported by the Italian Trieste and Ariete Divisions, breached the minefields north Bir Hakeim. Able to re-supply, Rommel attacked west on May 30 to link up with the Italian X Corps. Destroying the Sidi Muftah box, he was able to split the Allied front in two."

Click on the image below to join the Campaign
Hi, where is the latest coop map pack ? The discord links appear to be no longer valid.

Hi!, Michael. The download link of the latest coop map pack is always in the first post of this thread. Also you can download the pack from the link: hosted by CMP.
And also there is a nice coop map pack made by Vela MPB from chinese community. its download links:
discord link:
direct link: . his map pack also contains his own coop maps. worth to download!
Off-Topic / Re: Which kind of music are you listening to?
« Last post by Redbadd on 10-10-2021, 02:10:20 »

Raveena headaches.

Cant play games atm Dago.
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