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Singleplayer and Coop / Re: 2.3 SP gameplay review
« on: 22-11-2010, 18:11:01 »
There is a possibility of having weapons behave differently in the hands of bots from humans in the same way bots could fire the heavyMG and anit-tank rifles while standing before but human players had to go prone. I'm trying to figure out how this works because I want to fix the bots not reloading the M1garand, but it requires editing the .tweak file in a way that makes the weapon behave differently for human players. If it does work like I'm hoping then it might be possible to have the regular view for human and an altered view for bots. But I wouldn't get my hopes up. The current AI arty system works well for people playing alone. I can see it being a problem if you're playing with someone else who is spotting for you. The dials may be off a bit as the arty system overall when through some changes in 2.3 to accommodate the new mobile arty (wespe). So, I'll see if that at least can't be fixed.

Singleplayer and Coop / Re: Fixing the ratio/bot count bug
« on: 22-11-2010, 18:11:35 »
I agree completely, I actually wanted to do this for 2.3 but was concerned about performance issues on low end computers if I raised the base number of bots. But I might just do it anyways.

And you know you can always PM me with stuff like this ;) :P unless you wanted to open it up to conversation with the rest of the community.

Singleplayer and Coop / Re: Bot Navigation Tweaks
« on: 22-11-2010, 17:11:53 »
I don't recall doing anything with the basic temps of vehicles. What basic temps levels are there are either Drawde's or Legion's doing. I may have fiddle around with the basic temp of a couple vehicles to make bots favor them over others, but I think I only did that with aircrafts.

I certainly wouldn't make the MG gunner position of higher value over the driver. But thank you Devilman for pointing that out, I'll try and fix it. Part of the problems with doing AI for FH2 is there are so many different vehicles and weapons most of which have their own AI that it's easy of little problems like this to fall through the cracks. I lose track of what vehicle or weapon files have been updated, and with new vehicles and weapons being added I lose track even further.

The only real changes to vehicle behavior I did from Drawde's AI was change the turn radius on most vehicles. I notice vehicles with a turn radius of '2' where having an easier time navigating the maps over vehicles with a turn radius of '5'. So I changed most of them to have a turn radius of '2' and notice some improvement so I kept it. You can try changing their turn radius back to '5' see if that improves anything.

Otherwise it's something in the file that causing the bots to be "shy" in narrow areas. I've been fiddling around with my file to try and figure out how to get infantry to aim down their sights. So my files are different than yours, and although I do see them get hung up on the occasional narrow path or corner, I doesn't seem to me as terrible as you guys are describing. Void seemed to notice some problems with the aibehaviors files so I'm hoping he can help smooth out vehicle movements for all of us. I'm not sure what I did that’s different than drawde's files other than the turn radius and increased ranges of engagement. It's possible the new ranges have bots in tanks trying to engage enemies that they previously where ignoring and that's why they seem to be driving differently.

I think that has to do with Kev not having completely finished the animation sets for the g43. So in some circumstances the g43 reverts back to the pre2.3 3rd person animations, but the bots are still firing from the hip. I'll take a look at the PR AI files see what they did and play around a bit (now that I've finally found their AI files... they are quite well hidden).

Hey, You fine gents wouldn't happen to know how to get infantry bots to enter "Aim mode" or "Iron Sights Mode" when engaging a target with their Rifles, would you? I was trying out the latest PR update the other day and noticed that BOTs would frequently raise their gun sights and go into 'aim mode' (gun raised to eye, walking slowly, etc.) and was curious what causes that. Currently in FH2 bots only seem to fire from the hip. Which isn't bad, just looks funny. Particularly with Kevs new 3rd person animations where players models carry their guns lower. It looks like an army of Rambos all running around shooting from the hip. If it's possible to have the bots at least occasionally aim down the sights when engaging a target I think it would add to the atmosphere.

Singleplayer and Coop / Re: ESAI: FH2 Edition
« on: 11-11-2010, 22:11:40 »
TBH, what I really want to be able to do now is to Navmesh and code bot-weapon/vehicle interaction!! Some map like Anctoville still have glitches like British bots trying to superficially flank the attack route, only to find the hedgerows to cumbersome to maneuver in-between.

The Allied tanks on Anctoville all head north when entering the town because as far as they are concerned that’s the only way in. All other roads have objects on them that make the paths too narrow, so the navmesh didn't generate completely through them. I do have an updated version of Ancotville's navmesh that didn't make it into 2.3, where some of these narrow paths are fix, but the tanks tend to get stuck on the objects and barriers in the road. I was going to include the update navmesh with my fixes, but encountered a last minute CTD bug with Anctoville and decided against it.

As for learning Navmeshing and AI codeing all I can say is... What’s stopping ya? I have no clue what I'm doing, Never more evident than in the multitude of AI problems in 2.3. But I'm learning quick, and mostly through trial and error. If you really want to learn it... Start by doing it. ;)

Sounds promising ;D Give it the full thorough testing, if no problems are found I'll see what I can do about adding it. So far my experience with files they cause increase in comander spam. Speaking of which the comander spam on lebisey is caused by mount olympus' file getting mixed in. deleting it will solve that problem.

Sorry guys I've been really busy with non-FH related work but I still check these forums daily.

I would love to figure out what causes the double cap issue. It's frustrating as hell, and really breaks the flow of gameplay. But I've been unsuccessful in finding the problem, and I agree it seems to have gotten worse and more widespread. I unfortunately don't have much free time for testing and bug tracking. So I'm relying on you guys for the time being. Hopefully Winterhilf, Devilman, Drawde or one of the many talented people on these forums will find the problem... and hopefully I will get some free time in the near future so I can be some help :P

@Remick: What happened to Goodwood-16?

Goodwood-16 fell to laziness and exhaustion. I realized when putting together the files that I had forgotten it, and almost added the files last minute, but it would require editing the info's .desc file and that would require slightly more complicated installation instructions than simply "add to the". And I just wanted to get you guys the files I had as soon as possible so I skipped it. But Winterhilf's original files for Goodwood-16 should still work. Or one of the other talented guys on these forums can set it up for everyone. ;D

And I apologize for the Lebisey files mix-up. I was aware that some of Mount Olympus' files had gotten mixed up with Lebisey, and let the devs know, to which they said they fixed it. But something must have changed between then and release because Lebisey lost its AI files and Mount Olympus is still mix up in its Gameplay objects. I have a half dozen versions of Fh2 on my computer and I'm loosing track of who has what files and which files are in which version. I'm very appreciative of those of you who are picking up my slack because I have been slacking and I apologize for that.

Ok, here are a couple of fixups to a few of the problems reported in this thread

Fixes included
-Proper AI files for Lebisey
-Fixed navmesh for Villers Bocage
-Updated Gameplayobjects for Villers, Olympus, and Port en Bessin
-Fixed StategicAreas file for Port en bessin
-Winterhilfs fixed Goodwood navmesh and updated GPO files

I didn't have time to write up an elaborate installation instruction. But I'm hoping you guys know enough about what you're doing. Just be sure to place the files for each map into that maps, and keep backups of the original server.zips incase something goes wrong.

Keep posting any future issues, I probably won't be able to post any future updated files but I will keep working on any reported issues. Just these particular fixes are files you should have.

I'm probably not going to include Devilman's PHL GPO file in my small fixes, for a couple reasons. For one, it’s Devilman's fix, so I'm not going to unintentionally take credit for it by including it among mine. And two, because I'm hoping it's a temporary fix until we can find out what’s wrong with the lafette. They are too important to the defensive positions of the map to remove entirely, and I don't want to have to release more files adding them back in once a fix is found.

Singleplayer and Coop / Re: Purple Heart Lane: Testing
« on: 10-10-2010, 22:10:24 »
The 'TeamSP' error messages are caused by outdated gamplayobjects.con files. TeamSP stands for Team 'SpawnPoint'. Some maps have flags with spawnpoints that are team specific. I hope I fixed this on PHL by updating the GPO files, but that did override anything Winterhilf did to make the defense more aggressive. Now that devilman seem to have found what’s causing PHL to crash I'll try and fix the bots use of defenses to make them more aggressive.

I trust Devilmans find, he certainly knows more about what he's doing than I... But I find it odd because there are a couple maps that I know for a fact the bots use the MG42 lafette (Point Du Hoc 64 I believe is one) and it doesn't crash. There must be something specific about the ones on PHL... but a good find none the less.

2.3 isn't using the most up to date navmesh by Winterhilf. I didn't realize this until it was too late to make the change. I have tomarrow off from work so I'll try and compile some of the fixes I've made to a few of the problems in this thread and post it for you guys. I'll include Winterhilfs updated navmesh for Goodwood.

Actually the fix to get Stuka's to dive steeper is in the 2.3 files, though Drawde could always tweak it further though.

I'll definitely try and get you the Lebisey AI files by the end of the week at least. The only hold up is I want to try and get a few fixes to other maps done, and if possible post everything together instead of a bunch of separate little files.

There is one thing you guys can help me test. I have a possible solution to the Ramelle flyover bug... If you go to your mods directory, go into  'fh2\python\game\plugins' find the '' file and open it with notepad. At the bottom you'll find a section "# fix spawners with huge spawntimes"... Removing this section entirely seems to fix the flyover issue. The p_51s spawn at proper intervals instead of all at once. Problem is this section exists for a reason. Objects with large spawn times can cause AI game modes to crash or so I've been told. So try fiddling around with the min and max spawn times to see if you can find a ratio that works. Or remove the section entirely and see what maps if any crash. BE SURE TO BACK UP THIS FILE before you make any changes to it.

Other than that keep doing what you do best and finding those bugs! ;D


Correction.... If you choose to edit the maxspawn time try editing the line near the top that says 'MAX_SPAWNER_DELAY = 900'... editing the lines at the bottom doesn't seem to do anything.

The AI MGs were created by Winterhilf prior to Drawde's or my involvement as his solution to getting bots to stay on MG positions. Drawde's AI files do render them useless, so they could probably be taken out of the mod files. I used them on a couple of maps before Drawde's mini mod was applied, but replaced them with standard MGs once the AI tweaks were in. Port en Bessin wasn't one of those maps though, but like I said PeB was updated by the mapper prior to release. So, the GPO and Strategicarea files are not mine.

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