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Oh and just to clarify: the pictures of the pegasus bridge are somewhat misleading. I think they ones posted are from the new bridge which replaced the old one. The old one was moved to another site as a memorial, however capacity was too low.

I love it to finally see my babies in the game.  :D

edit: and I love to see that this thread was updated! thank you for your work on that.

You like "The walking dead" and pranks?

Off-Topic / Re: The Walking Dead
« on: 02-03-2015, 21:03:02 »
Finally one good episode after a lot of boring episodes that reminded me of season 2.
So 2 other main chars bite the dust and we're approaching Alexandria
... anyone still with me?

Looking forward to hunt that damn SU152... but not again with my little poor Pantherbaby.  ;)

Modding / Re: What have you modded recently?
« on: 21-09-2014, 09:09:28 »
If you can bring this house up to standard, I'd suggest submitting an application. Nissi and other devs can help you along the way. If you've got time to model and are willing to learn, you could be a good candidate 8)

Thanks for the suggestion, I have been thinking about it for quite a while. Although, I have to learn quite a bit more to get comfortable in doing this. :)

Matt I'm coaching him through the first model for the time being. We will see how it turns out but I'm still optimistic. I'm going now to look for a whip and go back to the modelling dungeon.  :P

Modding / Re: What have you modded recently?
« on: 19-09-2014, 20:09:40 »
A little pic of how Roughbreak's little house is now looking


Well done for the first house.

General Discussion / Re: Conspiracies Thread Mk II
« on: 08-09-2014, 07:09:28 »
Sorry can't believe that. Nobody of you is a certified Dreamcrusher.

No we really decided to delete Kuuter.

Modding / Re: Abbey of Sant'Antimo
« on: 15-08-2014, 14:08:21 »
That sounds good.

New images do not seem to work.

The hierarchy and setup for the export was done in max 9, however that's very easy in max9 and shouldn't trouble you much once you reach that point. He's not an ex dev, still active.  :)

Modding / Re: Abbey of Sant'Antimo
« on: 14-08-2014, 16:08:49 »
Intersting. Keep it up!  :)

Just as an idea: did you already texture some assets with the BF2 Static Mesh Material Setup?
Usually you can save a lot of time by coping over non-unique items such as pillars etc. after texturing and lightmapping.

For the export from Maya: We have one Developer that used to create his meshes and uv maps within Maya but exported it first to 3ds Max 9 (max. version for working export).

As I'm not aware about your technical know-how I just give you this link which might be helpful for you.

General Discussion / Re: Cooperation with Antimatter Games
« on: 13-08-2014, 11:08:08 »
These models were used for the documentary with out permission. Some also appeared in a BBC documentary that aired this year, but apparently nobody noticed.  ;)

I guess you wanted to write "our" instead of "out"  ?

With our permission of course.


Actually the cockpit is what takes probably most of the time. And it's not the funny part of making such a model. I think Fred was working about 5 weeks per cockpit, but these were his firsts (which of course ends in a lot of additional time). You can imagine that these little details take sometimes more work then making a large but much simpler object.

So a huge congrats to Fred for all the cockpits he finalised.

Off-Topic / Re: Your connection speed?
« on: 24-06-2014, 23:06:13 »
LOL, thanks for the link.  :)

Off-Topic / Re: Your connection speed?
« on: 24-06-2014, 13:06:32 »

How can it be that it shows me a download rate of 10.41mb while I never can go beyond 1.3mb/s on actual downloads... 10k is my theoretical one and it measures it... now I wander where the other 9k mb are going.  ::)

Damn computer noob.  ;D

A side note: I love how it tells me that the connection is crap and this is even more hilarious knowing that I pay like 40 eur per month for this connection.

Developer Blogs / Re: How to make an Eastern Front map
« on: 23-06-2014, 15:06:48 »
The editor colors are very misleading, the following pic shows how the road works ingame

Note that none of the objects are lightmapped on the screenshot... and therefore looks quite strange.  ;)

edit: thanks Ts for the blog.

Modding / Re: [Files] 2.45 Mapping Files
« on: 16-04-2014, 23:04:48 »
All new lightmap samples are not in the public build.

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