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Singleplayer and Coop / Re: Where do I start?
« on: 21-01-2022, 20:01:15 »
Forums are pretty much dead nowadays, try asking at

FH2 Help / Support / Re: Standalone Server in game browser
« on: 23-12-2021, 22:12:02 »
Try asking on Discord.

Anyone using Windows 11 is surely not using the forums anymore. Future is now old man, join us on Discord. and ask there.

Is it possible to introduce an option to change not all weapons, but only the main small arms? For example, I play as Germans with a KAR98 rifle and a faustpatron on Vossenac 64. I killed an American soldier. Is it possible to make it so that, when I approach his weapon, I press a separate button on the keyboard, and my Kar 98 rifle changes to a Thompson submachine gun from a corpse, but at the same time the faustpatron and everything else remains?
Not possible.

If this looks like too much reinforcement of the infantry, then, in contrast, you can make it so that the cartridges for the enemy weapon can be replenished only from the box with cartridges on the enemy flag. Then, as soon as the cartridges run out, then the players will throw out the main weapon.
Not possible.

Could you write to me what actual problems you have in the game? Maybe I could think of how it would be better to change them.
No, you clearly have no idea about how the refractor engine works. If you wish to help us, we suggest you to learn modding, and come back with solutions, not ideas.

But you yourself told me today that it would be desirable to improve the submachine guns. So I came up with 5 improvements.
No, you misunderstood my point entirely. Thanks for the suggestion though.

The beta tester wrote to me that now the most powerful weapon is rifles, and that in the game it would be desirable to strengthen submachine guns. To enhance submachine guns, you could do the following:
That's not what I meant, but here we go:

1) Dramatically reduce the recoil of all submachine guns to the level of version 2.0, or almost to that level. In general, it is necessary to make the recoil such that at a distance of 90-100 meters it would be possible to shoot quite accurately from submachine guns with 3 rounds and in more than half of the cases hit the human figure with at least two rounds.
We already told you it's not something we can easily change. There are engine limitations involved like in most cases when it comes to BF2.

2) Increase the power of submachine guns. Most SMGs now take three body hits to kill. You can enhance their power and make it take two hits to kill. Now two hits to kill are enough only for Thompson. Thompson can be made to cause bleeding from one hit in the body.
Damage dealt with SMGs is based on caliber of the cartridge and .45ACP is the biggest pistol round in game, so it deals bigger damage.

3) Reduce spread when shooting from the hip while standing to sitting / lying. And in the sitting / lying position for the same amount. Then the accuracy of the fire from the hip will increase even more.
Not desired. We don't want people to go rambo, we want them to aim the gun.

4) When shooting from a front sight, bring the weapon a little closer to the player. The bottom line is to enlarge the view of this "window" which I marked on the screenshot of the screen in red at the Thompson. In order to see more space ahead in this red window, for this you need to sort of push the submachine gun closer to the player. Then the time spent on aiming from the front sight will be reduced.
Already done on most of the SMGs in game, we can't change whole mod withing 1 mouse click, simply wait for new release to see new animations, or follow 2cool2fool (our animator) on YouTube to some see previews of his work.

5) When a player gets up from a prone position in a standing position, about 1.5-2 seconds from the moment of lifting, the spread when shooting from the hip increases several times, but after 1.5-2 seconds it returns to normal. In skirmishes, this leads to the fact that the player is not immediately able to shoot, but only after these 1.5-2 seconds. Is it possible to do so that either there would be no such gigantic increase in the spread, or to reduce its time to 0.3-0.4 fractions of a second? If this is done, then it will be possible to shoot immediately after changing the position of the body without waiting 1.5-2 seconds. Often in shootouts, this delay of 1.5-2 seconds cost me my life.
Done on purpose to prevent people from dolphin diving. Keep in mind players tend to abuse gameplay mechanics and FH2 is a multiplayer game.

If you make all these changes, then it can lead to the fact that submachine guns become more powerful weapons than rifles and most will play only with them. I have an assumption that in version 2.3 the developers for this very reason sharply increased the recoil of submachine guns, although before that in version 2.0 it was very low.
That's absolutely not our goal, at all. We don't want everyone to play with SMGs. We are trying to portray historically accurate, balanced and fun gameplay with more or less historically accurate SMG to rifle ratios. Balancing the game is much more complicated than you can possible imagine.

At this point I am convinced that you should play totally different game, seeing you want to change every single aspect of FH2.

I'd suggest to simply open your game files and modify them to your preferred settings, nothing is stopping your from modifying your game for your singleplayer use.

We are not implementing any of those changes, please stop spam the forums.

Suggestions / Re: 9 suggestions for improving rifles
« on: 11-11-2021, 12:11:59 »
In 2011, the developers of FH2 released version 2.3 of the game, which dramatically increased the recoil of all submachine guns.
Any data to support this claim?

1) Introduce the ability to simultaneously shoot from a rifle and beat it with a bayonet.
It's the most basic suggestion anyone can come up with. It would be introduced in the first release of FH2 if

You can also hit with a bayonet while sprinting.
You can do that now, you only need to release sprint button for a split second and use your bayonet, then spring again. Your player model in game won't slow down and stabbing animation will play during sprinting.

Additionally, it would be possible to significantly increase the range of a bayonet strike, and make sure that there is not such a long delay time in hitting a bayonet strike that is now.
Not desired. Your stabbing distance is only as long as your rifle + bayonet combined together (and depends on a rifle type). Learn to use bayonets in FH2, though against bots it won't do you much good, we suggest to play mulitplayer for far better experience.

All this will slightly strengthen rifles in relation to submachine guns.
Not desired. The opposite would be more welcome. Rifles in hands of experienced players are already too deadly on most of the occasions.

2) In the mode of shooting from the front sight of the rifle, after each shot, the shooter takes the rifle to the hip, after which you need to press the button of aiming with the front sight again and again aim from the front sight. Because of this, the shooter loses 1-1.5 seconds after each shot. In Call of Duty 1, this is done differently. After firing from the front sight, the shooter does not move the rifle to the hip, but reloads the next cartridge and automatically returns to the front sight mode without pressing the front sight button (6:05)
Again. Not possible in the refractor 2 engine (not without major drawbacks). We develop this game for nearly 15 years now, we really tried everything already ;)

If you enter the same thing in FH2, then the player will not lose 1-1.5 seconds after each shot, and the rate of fire of the rifle will increase significantly. This will further strengthen the rifles in relation to the submachine guns.
As said above, rifles win most of the engagements due to their 1s1k ability. If anything needs beefing up, it's submachineguns.

3) Make it so that while jogging (in normal mode) it would not be possible to reload the weapon.
Not possible in the refractor 2 engine.

4) Introduce rifle and machine gun cartridges more penetration of materials and objects than submachine guns. That is, to make it so that the rifle cartridge would pierce wooden boxes, wooden carts, window frames, carcasses of dead animals, doors, thin trees, some towers, two layers of a tent. And submachine guns cannot penetrate all this. The greater penetration of the rifle cartridge will slightly strengthen the rifle in relation to the submachine gun.
Not possible without re-doing the whole game from scratch. Penetration in refractor engine is pretty limited. For now, you can already shoot through thin wooden fences, several layers of a tent, wooden carts, some window frames, thin pieces of furniture, cloth materials, doors, windows shutters, wooden planks, plants, thin metal objects and many more. This unfortunately affects both rifles and SMGs. Welcome to BF2.

5) Introduce overheating of submachine guns the same as for MG-34 machine guns.
Not desired. SMGs were designed not to overheat easily, and pistol cartridges generate much less heat than full rifle caliber.

6) In ARMA 3 there are 5 different body positions: standing, slightly bent over, standing on one knee, sitting on the butt, and lying down (2:14)
I saw that the MG-42 machine guns on the carriage on the Omaha beach have the function of adjusting the position of the machine gun in height up and down. Couldn't we take the same function and add it to the regular infantry?
Not possibe. This is not Arma 3. This is battlefield 2 from 2005.

There is also peeping around the corner (2:25).
Is it possible to do something similar in FH2?
Again. Not possible in FH2.

7) If you implement functions with different body positions from point 6 and peeping out of the corner, you will need more precision rifles. I saw you do a lot of magnification when shooting from the front of the Bren machine gun. Perhaps all rifles will have to do this in order to have a large aiming rate and greater accuracy to hit the head of the enemy leaning out from behind the obstacle. This will further increase the utility of rifles in relation to submachine guns.
Not possible (point 6 cannot be done at all) + not desired (rifles are already super deadly and super accurate).

8) If the developers decide to return the crosshair of the sight to the screen
Not going to happen.

9) A SMG fighter needs a lot more ammo than a rifle fighter. According to the logic of the higher consumption of cartridges for a fighter with a submachine gun, he is forced to carry a greater weight of these cartridges than a fighter with a rifle. Is it possible then to make fighters with submachine guns a slightly lower movement speed than fighters with rifles? This will further strengthen the rifle fighters.
It is possible, but again, not desired. It will have it's drawbacks like keeping your soldier slow even after he will spend most of his ammo, and this is nonsense, not to mention that soldiers in FH2 have load outs usually based on their real life counterparts, meaning that they carry as much ammo as they "comfortably" can without slowing them down, given pouches they had and other gear.

If all this is done, then the usefulness of the rifle will increase dramatically.
Rifles are already the most efficient weapons in FH2.

In contrast, it will be possible to significantly reduce the recoil of submachine guns almost to the level of version 2.0. Shooting submachine guns and rifles will become more enjoyable, and this will increase the growth of new players. And the more new players, the more donations the developers could receive.
Any data to support this claim?

Please do your research first. BS-41 is a standard AT bullet PTRD and PTRS use in FH2 and you can penetrate side armour of a panther with it (keep in mind that our EF maps with AT rifles are from the 1944).

We do research on stuff like this, and if special ammo was available, we would gladly add it the same way we added B-Patrone to German sniper rifles.

The German PzB 38 anti-tank rifle is the least powerful and ineffective in the game.
This not true. You base this opinion on?

German anti-tank guns were supplied with tear gas cartridges
Those are also famous for not having any impact at all. Capsules broke on the impact and if shot penetrated, any damage done inside the tank was mostly caused by shrapnel. It even says that in the article you brought up "The idea was impractical due to the core penetrating the armor and leaving the capsule outside. "

Weapons specialist, writer, and researcher of Soviet archives Andrei Ulanov testifies that the Germans used such cartridges against Soviet tanks.
It is well known those were used, but those were useless and Germans quickly switched to tungsten core bullets which achieved much better penetration, as a matter of fact, I doubt any tear gas bullets were still in use during Op. Barbarossa. 

There are repeated reports from Soviet tank crews that after such gas cartridges hit the tank, it became impossible to be inside the tanks, and the crews left them (6:44)
Please give us repeated reports with sources other than random YouTube video. We base our research on proper documents whenever we can.

Similar cartridges for Soviet anti-tank rifles were also developed in the USSR, but they did not go into production.
For the same reason, those were simply useless.

I would like such cartridges to be implemented in the game as a separate firing mode for an anti-tank rifle, similar to the bipod firing mode of a machine gun. It is not necessary to make all the cartridges of the anti-tank rifle gas, it is enough that, for example, 20 cartridges were ordinary, and another 5 were gas with a separate firing mode. You can take the animation of the dimming and reddening of the screen when the player is injured, repaint it from red to green, and add it to the crew inside the tank when after such a gas cartridge enters the tank.
Not historically accurate for the period FH2 maps are based on. Not desired

Is it possible to somehow realize the effect of gas inside armored vehicles in a different way?

So I uploaded a video to a google drive with a demonstration that my MP-38 recoil is more than that of the MP-40. Try it yourself and see.
No one ever denied that.

I say for sure that there were no such changes before, and then I got them. Maybe the fact is that I also added a pack of new cards weighing several gigabytes to the standard version of FH2 2.58? It seems that this pack is from some fans of the game. Is it possible that in this package there were some other script files for bot behavior that changed and improved them?
Not possible.

Another improvement about half a year ago was that in the version up to 2.57, bots did not shoot at light tanks from rifle grenade launchers, and in version 2.57, they began to shoot from rifle grenade launchers at light tanks and destroy them. Because of this, playing light tanks with bots has become much more difficult. Isn't it the same with you? Do you have bots shooting rifle grenade launchers at light tanks? If you do not believe me, I can record a video of how, driving a light tank Stuart on Omaha Beach, I see how German bots shoot at me from rifle grenade launchers, and quite often get into my tank.
Not true. As I already told you. Bots use riflegrenades since FH 2.0.

Regarding the MP-40 and MP-38: Should the recoil of these two submachine guns be the same?
Those are not the same guns, so no. Also, recoil is to some extend randomised, so you can't really compare those.

But after all, in the last update, you made the bots fire a rifle grenade launcher at machine gunners. This was not the case in the penultimate version. Is it possible to do so that, for example, prohibit bots from taking out a knife / bayonet and fighting hand-to-hand?
We never did that, nothing was changed in that regard in the latest patch. Bots use rifle grenades since their introduction in the 2.0 version.

Yes. it's not desired. Sorry.

seems like a good suggestion with a an easy fix.
no easy fix for that

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