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Off-Topic / Re: Picture of the Day
« on: 07-02-2013, 18:02:49 »

damn u mudra pointed out its a fake

Unfortunately a bug that was reported and I managed to overlook in the heat of RC testing.
The sights should be center, which they're not. The cannon should be a 50cm or so off center.
Unfortunately, the deacon will be removed in the next server patch. It'll be added back next client patch.

General Discussion / Re: Inefficiency of the 75mm/L48
« on: 29-07-2012, 19:07:50 »
On the one side, we've got people wanting more 1s1k. Or wanting penetration = kill.
On the other side, there's many who dislike being 1 shot 1 killed, especially after driving for minutes to the frontline. If the attacker survives the first hit, he has 4 seconds to spot, aim, and hopefully hit the enemy. Positioning is still the most important factor, though speed and skill have an increased role.

A Tiger survives 4 shots to the upper side (80mm) from a late Sherman 75mm, which is max penetration.
The 88mm can one shot almost any Sherman to the front (at same range where sherman requires 4 side shots).
No attention is drawn there, the 75mm L48 seems ineffective, while the ineffectiveness of the 75mm L40 matches Hollywood expectations and thus is overlooked.

Its unfortunately quite impossible for me to draw any conclusions yet. Some may want the entire damage formula changed, others may want specific cannons or tanks rebalanced. Though allied tanks aren't as weak as documentaries put it, the kill ratios were mainly due to offensive/defensive nature. So I'm taking most feedback atm with a grain of salt. Once players get more accustomed to it, in a couple weeks, I'll open a thread for more technical feedback on it. Until then, I'd suggest to play more before drawing conclusions.

Tho I am interested in general opinions. If given the option between any two tanks, which would you take? Doesn't need to be directly comparable. Did your opinion change with 2.45 when comparing any two?
M4A3 > PzIVh
Panther > Firefly

I hope the ban isn't for long - people get aggravated and say stuff without thinking through. No reason to issue a ban for more then a day unless its repeated/constant. As among the most populated servers, 762 has a responsibility to not shun otherwise good players from the community. Permabans or year+ bans should be used on confirmed hackers.

As for attacking uncaps, devs don't have a consensus on it. My personal opinion?
Stealing the flak vierling on mareth before a single outpost is capped? Warning then kick then if repeated ban 2 hours. Increased duration for each repeat.
Rushing through an outpost with an APC on the way to flank a captureable one, killing 5 guys in the uncap base on the way: Flanking maneuver not intentionally camping an uncap.

Typically, attacking the uncaps presents little problem. It'll do no good for attackers, the manpower could be used elsewhere. Most of the time it'll give the attacking team more of a disadvantage.
There's more reason to kick someone attacking an uncap because he is not helping his team, instead of kicking him for killing defenders in their base.

It presents a large grey-area, and the vast majority of the cases should not call for a kick. Without more clarification to the grey area, I'd vote for removing the rule. Intent is key.

Bug Reporting / Re: SdKfz 250 "enableItem()" bug?
« on: 26-07-2012, 15:07:02 »
Any clue on how to reproduce it, also do you remember if you spawned inside the vehicle before switching positions?

Suggestions / Re: The periodic penetration suggestion
« on: 24-07-2012, 22:07:34 »
There are more penetrable materials in 2.45 then in 2.4. And hopefully they will be increased.
There's numerous problems when doing this, as the materials are applied irregularly. If we make some material penetrable, it may be applied to surfaces we don't want penetrable. So its a large task, and we may work on it where possible. What's stopping us from doing it is a logistical limitation, and not a technical one.

Also I've been attempting to do penetrable materials is for XXL bombs. Unfortunately, doesn't look very promising due to technical limitations.
Got a reinforced position that needs to be taken out? Drop a 1000kg bomb on it. Would make the difference between a 250kg bomb which doesn't penetrate concrete to a 1000kg which could clear an entire area regardless of line-of-sight.

General Discussion / Re: Inefficiency of the 75mm/L48
« on: 22-07-2012, 22:07:07 »
Pak40 has a longer case, and the 75mmL48 has a thicker case. Both fire the same projectile at aproximately the same velocity and therefor are treated the same ingame.
All guns are in some way or another changed in 2.45. Go figure out the hard way ;)

Still things are overlooked. With the PZIV's main gun, IRL a churchill MKIV"s hull was immune to this gun. Yet even the L43 penetrates it in FH2(and since FH2"s engagement range is 500 meters

Churchill MKIV has 90-100mm frontal armour.

If you're tech savvy, you can extract the and to the map's folder, then repack using this script as described at the top of this thread

General Discussion / Re: Inefficiency of the 75mm/L48
« on: 22-07-2012, 20:07:34 »
It penetrates 100mm. Penetration is not a kill however. The 75mmL48 will need a couple shots frontally against most Shermans. The same way a Firefly will need a couple shots against the Tiger's frontal.
It'll do 4x as much damage vs. 40mm then it will against 100mm. In addition, damage is lowered over range and if hitting an angle between 60 - 90d.
The panzer IV has a weak mantlet with only 50mm. A good Sherman tanker will hit it and kill it.

The sherman V was buffed in 2.45. The frontal armour is 51mm@56d from vertical IRL. By line of sight, this calculates to 90mm. In 2.45 it is 70mm, in 2.4 it was 60mm. This is standard compensation we do for angled armour, which was overlooked for the Sherman previously. Also, the sherman variants now differ more between engine types and cast/welded armour.
Basically, axis bias has removed. Glad its being noticed.

Make more kids, FH2 needs more soldiers in the future!

Bug Reporting / Re: [Vehicles] sherman_v_late_alt_olive
« on: 22-07-2012, 15:07:57 »
Thanks for the report! The sherman_v_late_alt_olive is indeed bugged.
We will work to provide a fix for this in an upcoming server patch.

Suggestions / Re: Return the APDS shells to the churchill
« on: 21-07-2012, 15:07:59 »
The factors that matter are actually the length and density of the projectile ;)

Then a 75mm sherman would be almost as powerful as a firefly. The real difference is in the shell or amount of propellant.

Suggestions / Re: Return the APDS shells to the churchill
« on: 21-07-2012, 15:07:03 »
Weight + velocity. Also material hardness, when it comes to APDS, APCR and APC to a lesser extent.
Diameter and weight are not good classification systems for determining penetration.
Shell size/propellant is of more importance. I was contemplating new ammo icons to represent this, but did not find time to implement it yet.

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