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Update coming at 21:00 GMT.

Requesting Reinforcements!

Enjoy! If one can say this for this update.  ;)

Hi guys.

The following tutorial is not from me, but when I found it I considered it as quite helpful as it shows the full workflow for one object.

The only thing missing for a BF2/FH2 object is actually the export but that shouldn't be the problem.

Cheers Nissi

Modding / [Map] Colleville Draw
« on: 27-03-2011, 18:03:52 »
Hi all

For about 2 weeks I've been working on my second undertaking which will showcast one of the most important beaches of the Omaha codenamed beachzone. My aim is to cover as many realistic details as possible while not all neglecting the fun of the gameplay. My sketch, the terrain and the general texturing... flag position etc. has been done but after some successfull alpha-testing I like to enrich the map to a level which will be ready for my second test.

What I'm looking for are close-up details of the defense systems. I got several nice sources which have some statics in common. They are already positioned and form the core of the Widerstandsnest 62. While I know where I have to (and want for the gameplay) place barbewires and many obstacles as the famous watertrench (which costed me quite some nerves) I really want to know which object on the following picture are what type of object. Unfortunately I can not read the signs and I found the picture a dozen time... but it's never readable.

I hope someone can tell me what type of bunker, trench, weapon where on the corresponding numbers. This image seems to be the most reliable on I found.

My current list:

1.) MG Position or simply Colleville sur Mer?
2.) Villa (Name?)
3.) Infantry barracks?
4.) ?
5.) Radio?
6.) Tobruk with Mortar
7.) Tobruk with MG34, gun aiming directly on the beach
8.) H669 Bunker with 70mm guns of Czech production
9.) ?
10.) ?
11.) ?
12.) ?
13.) ?
14.) ?
15.) Pak 40 entrenchment (without bunker coverage?)
16.) MG Position, Type?
17.) MG Position, Type?
18.) Sandbag (???) with MG34 or MG 42?
20.) Trenchelines in zigzag
21.) Tobruk with Mortar or MG Position (Type?)
22.) ?
23.) Barbedwire
24.) Barbedwire
26.) Anti-Tank trench filled with a bit of water, 2 flamethrowers according to a few sources (confirm?)
27.) ?
28.) ?
29.) ?
30.) ?

Some other variants of the Colleville Draw defense line:

Still some differences...

The last one is my source for the terrain. But it's missing existing buildings and trenchlines... to sad.

Hope you can help me with that problem so that I can fill the list up as good as possible.  :)


Bug Reporting / Ramelle: 20mm Flak with no sound when moving
« on: 10-10-2010, 19:10:13 »
Hi guys,

I'm not sure whether the following is a bug or just a sound which could be (in my opinion) improved:

I don't have any soundproblems with other objects but today when I moved the 20mm flak over the map I didn't hear any sounds of the pak. I hear it firing but all other sounds (in comparison when moving a pak) did not show up.

First I thought the sound is not enough loud, but to test it a put it on maximum - and I still couldn't hear any pushing sounds.

It is just a bit bizar to move a heavy gun (from the viewpoint of an infantry soldier) when there are no soundeffects.



I wanted to do the following:

    4) If the above doesn't work, such as some files simply not being there, try to download the BF2 and/or FH2 shader files.


    Place the BF2 file in the BF2 directory (default: c:\program files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\mods\bf2)
    Place the FH2 in the FH2 directory (default: c:\program files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\mods\fh2)

    If you use Windows Vista/7 you may get a "C:\Users\...\Desktop\ Cannot create BundledMesh.fx. Access is Denied." error message (it's a safety precaution). Simply extract the folders to the desktop and then drag to the proper folder, that will allow you to change the necessary folders.

My problem is: The files were deleted and aren't anymore on rapidshare. Can you please upload them?
Since the incremental patch I have lag issues and thus like to kill them with the proposed step. I get with the start the message which is mentioned in the FAQ area.

Thank you,


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