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Off-Topic / A thing than some people here need to see..
« on: 21-04-2014, 23:04:48 »
Greetings guys

Do you remember about the ash 762 admins had on me? do you remember how some of them hated me? (not everyone but some) because of that Teamwork squad thing?

Well... lets say today i was banned from "liberating confidential information" about what 762 admins should do about me.

You see: the 762 server.. i mean, i showed up, created the Teamwork squad, and played my own way there... i liked to play, and it was cool.. but seems like some admins didnt enjoyed the way i played... they claimed than i was wasting people, and stuff like that...

So they wanted to take me out of the picture... but eventualy, they had a problem to face: their reputation. were they bein fair to ban someone just because of the way he plays? how would more people react to that? and so they discussed this secretly between themselfes...

Today, i was pissed off due to the constant uncap rape: wile others go for uncaps and kill everyone and dont even get kicked, i get kicked from bein like 50 metters from an uncap flag with my squad... that really pisses me off... wen i complain, admins told me than there were wrost problems in the world... but wen i do some shit, i get kicked for it.

Heres an screen shot of an post made by admins, discussing my situation: this was closed so no more people could see...

I didnt really wanted to reach this point... but for hell sake, im tired from getting constanly screwed by some people who just dont apreciate the way i play, and make sneaky maneuvers to screw me over...

I dont think some admins (note the word SOME) are trusthwortly as you guys think... but well, who i am here to be rigth on any topic? im just an 17 year old boy who is pretending to be next hitler - why should people even listen to me?

Im getting FREAKOUT with this!!!

So i used to play games normaly... until someday, this happened: games started to run in LOWER windows! (like 640x500 or whatever size, wen they could run at 1200x600 sizes because i have an 1600x1000 monitor)

EVERYTIME I TRY TO PLAY BATTLEFIELD 1942, IT LOOKS LIKE THIS (image) and this also happens in other games as well (some games the window is bigger.. still, theres always that black space)

PLEASE HHHEEELLLPPP!!!!!!!    :-[  :-[  :-[

Clans and Tournaments / Forgotten Hope - Imperial Event!
« on: 14-02-2014, 00:02:39 »
Teamwork Division proudly presents:

The Great Napoleonic Event!

Teamwork squad finaly got reunited, in order to become something even bigger: an totaly organized clan! and so, we created an server, and we are going to create this event from 4:00pm to 7:00pm saturday!

The prupose is trying to make some napoleonic gameplay - by that we mean making some real musket line figths with a good number of players on it  ;D

20 people are more than enough to join the event.. theres no need to download any program, so if you want to join up the event, you must ONLY join the following server:

"1st Teamwork Division Server"

We are going to make an training friday (at the valentines day) from 4:00pm to 7:00pm as well, in order to prepare the people for the event of the nextday.

These are the only requiriments:

- Make sure you can hear the people by voip (having an microphone is optional, but listening the others is mandatory)

- Do not disobey the superiors orders - its fundamental to keep them on mind so we can become this event like its suposed to be... even if the orders seem stupid and desnaturated, just follow them (as you migh calculate, this will not be an normal gameplay event, but it will be fun.. and the squadleaders who are leading you are doing it acordiyng to the event objective.. so keep following their lead please!!)

Did you ever saw an rifle musket figth in forgotten hope 2 like they do in mount and blade? did you remember the times you tough it was something real cool to be done, but kinda utopic? well... now you can actually experience that! join us tomorow to make the proper training, and you will get up on saturday for the real event! the server is open to public, and you dont need to download anything.. just listen to what the others say on VOIP, and obey the orders, and we grant you some real fun!  ;)

Server you shall join:

1st Teamwork Division Server

See you there Granadiers ;)

(and sorry for mein grammer)


So as most of you world war 2 nautics migh know, during the battle of britain there was an TV transmition about it, and a video wich shows 1 airplane getting shot at and splashing on the water (the report says its an german plane but they find out it was an british one, and the pilot died after one day)

You migh know: its about some kind of an "Cargo Assault" in wich the luftwaffe tryes to destroy the british ships...

Hoewer, problem is than anytime i tried to find the real 100% full video about it i couldnt.. and i only found entire radio transmition,  but not the video..  :-\

Guys please: if somewone here knows about this, and knows were can i find the original 100% full video, i would be gratefull!  ;D  (and if you bring it in colour, i would be 10x more gratefull  )

Thanks for the atention  :)

Off-Topic / Haunebu ( the nazi ufo´s)
« on: 24-12-2013, 01:12:41 »
I was hanging around, and then i remember than ive saw some pics in wich there apear ufo´s with the german black cross... i always tough that was somekind of a myth, and than the high ranking nazi oficials (including hitler) were the pioners on thinking about "Aliens"

I tried to search for the reason why germany developed these UFO´s, what was the real prupose... but i didnt found anyting relevant... still, im pretty damn curious about it, and since there are a lot of experts in world war II in this comunity, i wonder if somewone could give me an full explain about this (not an 100% one, but something relevant)

Was that real?

Did they actually used anyting like that in any battle?

Who and why did they started to produce those?

(Ect... lots of questions about this)

Seriously, this thing is freaking mein mind, so if you know someting, please tell me :D

Off-Topic / Can somewone help me with this?
« on: 14-12-2013, 17:12:09 »
Alrigth, i know this seems ridiculous, but i really need your help (and dont come tell me i need an psicologist because at this exacly moment THIS is the only thing i can do)

I was about to close the War Thunder game, and then suddently my mother cames out of nowere with my sister, and tells me my grandfather died.

(he was already heavy sick, and "lived" in a hospital, we were all waiting this)

at first i was like: "this is too much serious so it can be true" and so i was like: "what?"
she repeated it, and then i sayid: "are you serious?" because it was kinda strong, and then she leaved the room.

This happened like 4 minutes ago, and im somehow nervious.. i dont know what im feeling, because im kinda sad, but at the same time i dont cry... but is still hard to believe he is death

I mean... i will not see him anymore! and now i dont know what to do, im kinda confused with this...

I dont feel good if i just continue to have an normal behaviour - im shocked, but i dont really see what i can do now besides i continue to do the same...

My mother is cooking something, and my sister is around her - they must be sad as well, but they arent crying or having a conversation about it...

and here i am... in my computer, posting this...

i mean, what did you did wen somewone from your family died? i mean, what can i do now?
should i go there and speak with my mother?

(NOTE: last time i visited my grandphater, it was the day Paul Walker died... and so, i posted something on facebook saying this:

"My grandfather is about to die.. im about to write an huge text about it, hoewer, here are some reasons i will not:

-Nobody can read my huge text
-People are still afected with Paul Walker´s death
-Nobody cares about who gave you education"

and the problem is than somewone from my family saw that post, and there was an huge discustion over there... my mother after telling me that, she came back and asked me to not post on facebook my grandfather´s death, and she told me about the family discussion...

i think im actually screwed up for some reason, but i dont really know what to do (and no, im not even speaking about suicide, and im not trolling/joking/ect... with nobody here...)

If you can help me with this please do it (reply,message,ect...)

(and for hell sake hold your tonge if you are about to say bullshit: at least on this post.)

Gaming / DDos atack on War Thunder
« on: 03-11-2013, 13:11:06 »
So im playing war thunder... yesterday, and today, i couldnt even play because of a DDos atack...

Im gona be honest: the first ones i tough they would atack war thunder, were the ones from War Gamming.. and here´s the thing than screws me up: what the hell is this shit? cant they acecpt than War Thunder is way better than them?!? cant they acept than atacking other games servers will not get any achievement to them?!?

I really hope than War Gamming  gets screwed up, like it happened to that FPS game than the wole FH2 comunity started to lynch because they have stoled your textures and your models...

It fucks me up to know than wen somewone is getting better than another one, the more weak will try to screw up in the back of the greater one... of course, sometimes the great ones taked some advantages from the weak ones... but Gaijin just did it out of nothing! so War Gamming doesnt even have an revenge argument against them..

BTW, i hope wen the hackers and the one who payed to them to make that DDOS atack, get Jailed like 1 year, and get their computers confiscated for the rest of their lifes... also, i hope they pay an huge tax to the police (or whatever entity may arrest people like them)

One thing is to make downloads for free... but hell: another one is to send atacks to destroy an wole work than was made... War Thunder will rule over those War Gamming jealous people, and i hope they destroy them: no mercy for the ones who try to screw up another´s ass.

In adiction, im speaking IF War gamming had actually atacked them... but hell, i think its more than obvious, not only one can make such an atack for no reason (for what? getting 24 more premium? will he stop an wole game to get more 24 hours of premium?)

I hope they will pay for this.

EDIT: (btw: world of tanks players dont have fault... but yes the bosses of those games.)

(Not even going to say "hi", nobody will kiss my ass because of that.)

today i was suposed to make the driving teory exam (wen you go learn driving, you must first learn about the rules, signals, alcool and shit)

And of course, this was one of those great things than cant happen.

I was heading to the exam center, all nervious and shit, and i would need to make an exam with 40 questions in 40 minutes, and i could only get 4 questions wrong, and its an "X's" exam.

Guess what? failed 6 questions.

Fuck this shit man! enough is enogh! in any other day each time i made exams by the internet (wich have the same questions) i would get like 1-2 questions wrong, and sometimes it would even be 0 questions...

Now i failed, and my mother must pay 125 euros (in portugal) so i may continue to go to the exam... but im desmoralized as fuck, it would be suposed to get this exam rigth, but i failed, and my mother doesnt even know (but she will in like 1 hour) than i reproved... also, the next exam will be made in the next moth, and new rules will come... and i decided to make this exam now so i could avoid those new rules i didnt wanted to get (because i was teached with the old ones)

Also, my mother can refuse to continue my driving license (i didnt even drived yet, i just learned the rules) and so my wole thing of having a car/bike and going for my crush highschool with it would be doomed

Basicaly, im 16, and i can take the Bike driving license, and if i take it, i dont need to repeat the rules exam wen making the car license, i will only need to drive it

But if i dont get the rules license, i will not even drive...

I tried to kill myself on my way to home in the beach (there was nobody there) because i just want to give up... hoewer, i came home, and my sister asked my if i passed or if i reproved, and i didnt say nothing, and she is now happy as fuck because she things i reproved and thats what she wants to happen..

I already told my school mates than today i would make the code exam, but wen they ask me if i aproved or reproved, i dont know what to say, and i dont really whana face that situation, so i must make something during this weekend.

What actually frustates me is than if i passed this exam, i would have an big bike (and not those small bikes), and this could help me a lot wen i would make the car license (wich is the same dificult level)

I would make an hard exam, but i would be on a way more better level than anywone else, because few people can actually pass this exam, and if they whana have the car license, they must start it from 0, and not like people who take bike at 16, in wich you only need to drive

Now its fucked up! because anywone else who was in the same place as me would pass this exam, and everywone would look at him like: "ah shit! that guy as an 125cc bike with only 16, and can drive an car instantaneously wen it reach 18! he is cool, ect.."

But now if its me, everywone pretends to get my things bad, and everywone hates me everywrere.

(NOTE: wile i was writing this topic, my sister showed up, taked my bag and just placed it on the sit, i saw her smiling at me because she could calculate i reproved, and i gave an big fucking *slap in her face... then she started to cry, and screamed all over the place: "RETARED! YOU SHOULD GO TO *JULIO DE MATOS BECAUSE THATS WHY THEY EXIST! YOU ARE EVERYTING BAD! YOU ARE RETARDED! MOTHER SHOULD INTERNATE YOU IN A HOSPITAL FOREVER! (...)" and she continued... she was really anoying me, so i gave her more slaps, and i even hanged her, and i tried to manage to take her out of my room, but she still entered an yelled at me the same exaly way)

*- Julio de matos is one well known portuguese hospital for mental sick people.
*- the slap i gave was like an slap in the head, like in the hair... not those big slaps than make people go down and get seriously hurt

Also, i whana know why did you blocked my profile picture? tell me: am i a nazi? did this pic showed porno content? was it promoving violence, or drug adicts?

Oh wait... yeah, you blocked my picture, because im somekind of an extremist motherfucker for you.. yeah, fucking awesome to know than even in a democracy, my photo can be blocked if im dressed as a guy who suports an dictatorialship who pretends to implement nice ideas so everywone can life well and peacefully, rigth even if that dictatorialship didnt even existed... hoewer, i can still put an photo of some corrupt polititian, because no one will get ofended... is that even rigth?

well, i will not even care of what is rigth or wrong... i actually wished if you were the only ones than would treat me this way, but you arent.. also, if everywone is well, and im wrong, who is wrong? its me, so i guess i need to do someting about it in a definitive way

I will not even try to make anyting else, i give up now... but i just need to get a gun, because i cant actually commet suicide winout a gun, its such easier and instantaneously, and once i get it, i may proceed to it

(and dont come tell me about people who had bad problems before... those people had friends, and sucess beind them... why should somewone suicide for driving lessons, if they are rich or have an girlfriend, or have someting better to care about? also, this is my fucking unlucky instinct working, and i will have this my entire life, so im tired, i dont whana life with this anymore.)

Gaming / Empire Earth - Road to Kingdoms mod
« on: 03-09-2013, 14:09:21 »
As you migh know, empire earth its an old sierra strategy game, wich prupose was to grow up an empire trow the ages: you had 15 diferent epocs, from Pre-Historic age to Nano Age, or you could set your game in an specific age

Hoewer, you could actually have the same buildings and units as your enemies, and the only thing who changed both of you was the color...

BUT, 10 years later after his release, i learned how to mod this game, and so, i decided to start working on a special massive mod for empire earth, wich prupose is to add diferent countries to the game, and try to become it way more realistic

And so i can manage to do that, the old age system evolution must be unavaliable, so instead of ages, we add countries with diferent units and buildings

and so, i present you today: Empire Earth - Road to Kingdoms

Empire Earth - Road to Kingdoms its a mod for empire earth wich will set the game ONLY in the middle age times, with units and factions of the middle age... the age evolution system is disabled on this mod, wich means than instead of ages, you have countries...

This is going to be the first oficial mod of Road Series.. since the majority of the people who play Empire Earth online prefer to play in the middle age only, i decided to start my Road Series mods in the middle age set, so it may gain popularity online, and then wen i make other mods releases (like Empire Earth - Road to Reich wich will set the game in World War II ) people download those thinking than they are as good as the middle age one, but with another age changed... and so on

Hoewer, heres some pics ive made from the mod: the original pics are from the original game, wile the Road to Kingdoms represent pics from the mod im working on... today, i finished the Moors building´s faction (and simultaneously the Ottoman Empire faction, wich represent 2 of the 8 main online factions of the mod)

Im about to post my work at Moddb... hoewer, i still need more pics and i need to organize a better way to explain my mod to the people

(as you can see, i speak very desorganized about it, and btw: im working totaly alone over it, so all the work shown was made by myself)

Heres some pics:

Original Game Buildings

Road to Kingdoms mod buildings

Ruins aspect in original game

Ruins aspect in Road to Kingdoms mod

Resourses (Iron; Gold and Stone) aspect in Original Game

Resourses (Iron; Gold and Stone) aspect in Road to Kingdoms mod

Original Game Start Menu

Road to Kingdoms Start Menu

As you migh calculate, i have lots of more pics to show you.. hoewer, it would be a pain to be here posting the entire pics ive taken from the mod.. and compare it to the original game...

Anyway i may post more pics in case you guys get interested..

and btw: i would like an opinion about my work over here :)

Off-Topic / The Great Bajonet & Musket Petition
« on: 26-08-2013, 10:08:17 »
The prupose of this petition (if we may consider an petition) is to make oficial the "Bajonet & Musket Mapvotes" over the 128 players server wen it gets low level of players..

We already played like that, and belive me: its cooler than you think!

Heres the rules to run a game with "Bajonet & Musket" mod:

Each team must create an squad called Bajonets... hoewer, if the squad already exist, you must join that squad... but if theres no rom for you, you create an second one named: 2nd Bajonets, and ect....

Both teams must be in a determined place at the map, and shoulnt capture flags (so tickets dont bleed) and you must be close to your squad leader: dont stay beind him, but yes, try to create an line (like in 1800 battles)

You must fire only 1 Bullet 10 to 10 seconds! and you should only fire wen squadleader gives the order to do it so (he will say that by voip)... AND MORE IMPORTANT: its forbiben to aim! hoewer, if the enemy charges against you, and you get engaged in the middle of an bajonet figth, you must mount your bajonet and not fire until you get in line with your squad again

No MG kits allowed, as well as kits wich weapons dont have bajonets

(btw: by musket i mean rifle wich can use an bajonet)

Another important note: bajonet & musket mapvotes should be made in the map earlier to the one suposed to be used to make bajonet & musket figth

More rules would be displayed wen you start to play with that mode... then you will understand how it works, and you will apreciate it...

(belive me: people who didnt played this way before say than they actually liked that way to play... and by voting yes you dont mean than FH2 will become only knifing fighs... we are only making an petition to allow bajonet mapvotes... not to become FH2 in the bajonet dictatorialship for ever)

And heres an photo as an propaganda to the "Bajonet & Musket Petition Campaing"   ;D

Off-Topic / "Damazian Theory"
« on: 26-08-2013, 05:08:14 »
As an result of chating during an Forgotten Hope 2 match, we started to talk about people killing themselfes, and the true sence about life... so i tryed to presented them the "Damazian Teory", wich is my explanation to what is life all about, and how was the universe created, and why life doesnt actually make any sence... hoewer, since is kinda disturping telling that during a game (somewone warned be than i should shut up before everywone hates me) i decided to post it here, and request your opinions about it...

(somewone asked what would we choose: beind in a prision the wole life, or beind executed, and this is how the argument started...)

So before anyting else, i searched from somewone who migh had the same tinking as i had... but i actually didnt found no one... so i guess i could name my teory by myself, and i decided to called it: "The Damazian Teory"

The Damazian Teory defends basicaly than life doesnt actually makes any sence... by defending also than the creation of the universe wasnt even suposed to happen: it was an error.


First of all, most of the people know how was the universe created (by the big bang).. hoewer, NO ONE knows 100% how was big bang possible (neither they know if big bang is 100% acurrated explanation to what really happened.. hoewer, lets imagine big bang actually happened as it is said)

Hoewer, actually the universe didnt started with the big-bang... the universe started with the FIRST thing than even apeared... and that ting migh be responsable for the big bang...

But the question is: how the hell did the first ting apeared?

As we all know, if there was anyting created first, that means before that was created, than there was NOTING!

And lets face it: there was surely an period than there wasnt NOTING in the universe... but someting must have apeared first in the universe so the big bang was created, and then the space was created, and then Earth was created, then Animals, Dinousaurs, Humans, ect... until today

Now tell me: How was the Big Bang created?

A - Atomic Fusion

B - It just spawned and boom

If you choose A, you migh whana know how the first atoms were created... because before them, there was noting!

And if you choose B, you also whana know how was the Big Bang created in the middle of noting...

So we reach an conclusion: the Universe was created in the middle of noting... the first thing than apeared was created in the middle of noting, and thats true because if it was someting before that ting, that someting should also be created by someting else, and ect... until we reach the first ting who was created in the universe.

We dont actually know what was the first ting ever created, but we know one ting: the first thing on the universe just spawned over there, because there wasnt noting else around to create it...

Now tell me: how was that possible?

I tell you: Its a "bug"

Basicaly, whatever was the first ting than apeared, it wasnt suposed to apear... because noting existed before that... and that should be the correct behaviour of everyting: noting.

And now lets just look to the outside world, and ask yourselfes: whats the 100% behaviour?

You have Cristians telling you they are the righ ting... you have muslims telling you the same, you have comunists against capitalist, you have good people and bad people, you have Nazis and Anarchists, you have Swaggers and Polite guys, you have people who smoke a bit and die, others smoke a lot and survive more than any other human... rich guys break the law freely: poor people dont... some people born rich and belive money is everyting: some people born poor and belive love is everyting... some people tink Gays are disgusting, some others acept gay people... some people think its totaly normal to kill people and they dont care about it  (assasins) some other people think killing eachother is bad (but some of them go to the army) some people think smoking weed is good... someothers hate people who smoke weed... some people just whana have sex the wole life... some others are embarased about it... some people rather like to spend their wole life on a church, some others rather spend it traveling to the world, vegetarians against guys who eat meat, ect....

Now tell me: from all this behaviours (and all the universe behaviours you may choose to have) it is possible to act like 100% reasonable?

No it isnt... altougth everywone will tell you than they are acting 100% reasonabily, or altougth you tink somewone is beind 100% reasonable, thats just an illusion because its impossible to fit 100% reasonably with people: EVERYWONE HAS THEIR OWN POINT OF VIEW THAN YOU MIGH FIND DISGUSTING AS HELL BUT THEY FOUND IT REASONABILY AND YOU FIND YOUR OWN POINT OF VIEW 100% REASONABLE WILE FOR OTHER PEOPLE THATS DISGUSTING!

And many people had rigth points of view, but people around them tougth they were wrong... but sometimes, they were rigth!

Even if you give an step: what if the MILLIONS OF ZILIONS of atoms your steping in are galaxies beind destroyed with life in it? or what if actually the mean of life is killing people until nobody is alive? or what if muslims are actually correct of what they say by sleeping with 7 woman? are you acting well wen eating an Double Cheeseburger? or are you behaving well wen eating anyting? dont you care about the feels of what youre eating (a plant, an atom, whatever)?

You cant actually follow an perfect road... noting says than if you follow all the steps your parents made you may life well... and noting actually says than killing people is a bad ting (i mean: its actually someting artificial... that was just organized by people... and people are not 100% acurated as this teory describes it... its "artificial" altougth you look around for what people have managed to made, the wole universe is still an error wich had become someting perfect (for some people) or an hell (for some other people)

Who or what grants me than Catholics are the rigth Religion? or Muslims? or whatever religion is over there?

Who grants me than Democracy is actually the best system? or Dictatorialshipments?  or whatever sistem is over there?

Can everywone trusth and follow an single road to sucess at the same time by following 100% acurrated steps in life?

No, because life its an error... we werent suposed to even be alive.. it was an acident..

And why is it an error? because the universe was created in the middle of noting... does that make any sence? nope it doesnt.. and someting wich was created in the wrong way (or wasnt suposed to be created) its an error... its like telling you than 2+2 = 1 (wich is wrong, but we still may write it)

And if the universe, the life, and everyting created was an error... well, so everyting you make migh be wrong, so you cant follow an perfect 100% behaviour because youre part of that error... and you will always be, and as most good as you try to be, you will be always wrong...

And this is the Damazian Theory, wich was thinked and created by me: Henrique Dâmaso

(i couldnt find anywone who had the same tinking as i had... hoewer, if you found it, please reply, and give your opinion about this)

Off-Topic / Respect during war times
« on: 24-08-2013, 14:08:55 »
So i was checking about Manfred Von Richthoften (the "ace of the aces" during world war I), and i found out than he was respected EVEN by the enemy during the war time, and wen he died, the allies from world war 1 decided to make somekind of cerimonies in honor to Manfred Von Richthoften behavior during the war (by "behavior" i mean how he managed to be the best pilot in world war 1, and maybe in the wole history, but that cant be compared nowadays because airplanes are diferent, and pilots may parachute now)

Hoewer, the wole point of this its because of respect... and there is one ting than i sometimes thinking: "respect during war times"

Nowadays, people suck: they see the enemy, and they automaticaly start shooting at it, or sometimes, people just go there and kill the enemy and he doesnt even know than hes beind underatacked (and sometimes, its not enemy´s but inocent civiliants)

But back in Roman Age, Medieval Age (maybe?) Napoleonic Age, and World War 1, people were more kinda respectfull to each other, even if they were enemies...

That is someting than comoves me... one day for example, i saw an movie about World War I, and there was an trench figth going on... 3 British soldiers hoewer, have fear of the figth, and go hide in a crate (im plenty sure its not spelled crate... basicaly, its an hole in a ground created by a bomb)

Meanwile, as they hide over there, they see 3 German Soldiers rigth infront of them! (hiding too) AND, one of the british was kinda about to point the gun to them... but then, instead of shooting eachother, they both start looking scared to each others, and go out of the hole (nobody got shot)

I also know than during World War 1, there was a time than Germans and British soldiers ceased fire, and started to play football wich eachother! (incredible! altougth i kinda hate football, i think it shows somekind of compaxion, or attempt to have an friendly behavior over the enemy) hoewer, the situation coulnt continue and Germans wanted to advance... so the german high command ordered them to stop football parties with British and to start advancing (im not sure about this but maybe)

BUt guess what? instead of Germans made an surprised atack over British Trenches, they just telled them to prepare for the war again (im not sure about this... but i dont really think than they started to shoot british soldiers who atempted to go talk with germans about football parties... they migh have warned them  than war time was back)

Nowadays, thats someting imposible! even in a war between 2 formal countries (United States; Russia), each country will worry about themself, and they will look always to the enemy as someting to kill... but also to desrespect, betraith, and all other bad tings...

I cant imagine U.S. soldiers trying to get friendly with the enemy (if the enemy is a country, not an terrorist organization or citizen insurgency) nowadays... hoewer, i could imagine an American not shooting the enemy, even if he saw him during world war I because of "Trench ceasefire"

Basicaly, back in 1900 (or other older ages) you could respect the enemy, and enemy respect you, there are obvioulsy some people who will betraith you, but it was kinda rare back over those ages... but now its impossible! if you surrender to the enemy nowadays, you may not even have time to place an white flag: somewone apears and kill you unarmed, and then yells: "YEAH! I KILLED AN ENEMY MOTHAFUKAR! DIE BITCH!" and youre death... maybe if you had an pistol and tried to kill him, he would be death... hoewer, you surrendered, and the asshole will kill you eigther

But in the old days, an enemy who claims to surrender, it would be serious stuff: they wouldnt get shot wile trying to surrender, and even the surrenderes if they had an oportunity to betraith the enemy wile surrendering, i think in most of the cases they wouldnt do it...

There were trusth back there: if the enemy says "I will not shoot you, and i surrender" they wouldnt definitivaly shoot you (in some rare cases they would... but im speaking in general)

Even in the middle age, to make an battle, the nobles would combine with eachother to meet up their troops in an determined place to make an battle, and the nobles wouldnt get killed before the battle started

And even if you losed the figth, and the enemy noble was about to make you prisioner, they could release you because you figthed well (im not sure about this... but if its really true, its fuking beautifull)

And thats why i get a bit happy wen we start making an bayonet figth over FH2 (unfortunamently only works with like 20 players): because we speak with the enemy, and we are like all together in a same place winout shooting anywone until the musket figth starts (i know it is a game, anyway people kinda respect eachother during these moments.. and they dont start to kill for score or someting, but they actually respect what the people are trying to do)

Give your opinion about this please, or correct me if im wrong in any aspects (i migh be in some cases)

So i was searching for some mod for battlefield 2 wich may include some rifle line figths (basicaly, somekind of Napoleon Warfare mod for battlefield 2) but unfortunamently i couldnt find anyting related to it..

Either way i searched some time ago for some World War 1 mod for battlefield 2: "404 mod not found"

Now tell me: isnt really any mod for battlefield 2 wich migh have those features? didnt nobody really made an Napoleon rifle figth mod for battlefield 2? or eigther an world war 1 one?

Anyway if it wasnt made, i wonder if it could be made (atleast the napoleonic one)

Let me give some tips:

The mod name could be called: "Forgotten Glory" (if FH Devs would work on it) or it could eigther way have a name like: Battlefield IXX or Battlefield Waterloo, ect...

It would be kinda easy, because there wasnt veicles back in 1800... you could make an horse driving system like in Mount and Blade, and the horses could be all with the same model, but diferent textures

And now than all the mods have like 100 players servers (wich may grow up a bit to 200 player servers with a mod like this) we could make squads also a bit bigger, and organize them like if each squad was an battalion (you know: those people who make squars on the battlefield) and the squadleaers would be mounted in horses with those single binoculars looking for the enemy

Teamwork would also be great, because as you all know, those weapons in 1800 take centuries to reload, so if you whana shoot anywone winout beind killed wen aiming to the enemy, you should stick in line with your battalion, otherwise you would get executed alone by an wole enemy batalion in the middle of the battlefield... and obviously, you would get mumble incorporated with this (like in PR)

Commander (wich would be called General)  hoewer, doesnt seem to be wort anymore.. anyway he would have the capacity to watch the wole enemy army on the map (yeah, like you see the exacly wole enemy spots on the map) and so, he would have that intel, and the only job he would have to do was to give orders to other battalions (squads) to go there or make whatever the commander says to do, because he actually knows were the enemy is exacly, and the battalions would follow his orders... also, he would need an specific commander kit, he would need to be sit on an specific horse (yeah: an wole beautiful, heavy and britness horse) and he would need to be close to his wole team in the battlefield, in order than he can watch the proper commander map to see enemys and give orders, speak with battalion leaders, ect..

There could be also cannons in the battlefield, wich should be the artilhery, and the artilhery spoting system would be the same... but only "Squadleaders" (wich should be called "Commanders", or "Marcheals" or whatever fits with reality 1800 battlefield hiearchy system) would have the hability to spot for artilhery with their single binoculars.. general (wich is the commander) would also have that hability.

Hoewer, asking for medics is an tougth question: they should be woman nurses taking care of the soldiers, and they were wounded but they werent dead (like in PR) and each batallion should have an specific quantity of nurses... they should make somekind of a cool animation to take out the bullet, and to add some cotton at the soldier (like if he was really taking care of him.. not like going there, revive, give a massage, and be everywone ok like in PR...)

There would be also soldiers on horses (i think its called Hussars, the ones with only go horses with swords) and Dragons also (those guys use horses but use rifles even on horse), and to be an hussar/Dragon or any kind of Cavalary asset, you shold join an specific squad (like in PR: you whana go Tanks, you must join tank squad and take crewman kit... otherwise you cant do anyting)

I also tougth about build fobs... but this time, they would be really big fobs (well, its not going to call Fobs in 1800... hoewer, you must know what im talking about) and you could deploy Sandbags (i mean an HUGE wall of Sandbags), some wood giant towers, so you could climb to there, and spot enemys, some Cannons trench (wich you be basicaly an little mountain with 2 cannons on the top, both surrounded by an little sandbag wall, and with cannon balls and amunition around) adding some imperial battlefield objects like trenches and stuff, so you could defend your fob
Fobs could be taken by the enemy, and the enemy could eigther destroy them, or capture: To build fob objects like Sandbags, artilhery cannons, command posts, towers, Rest tents (were you could be healed), you would need to build what i call: the "Command Spot" (wich would be the place were people should spawn) and then, each "Command Spot" would be kinda an little mountain with a little sandbag trench, but with a flag of your team near it... and to capture it, the enemy should take an FLAG CARRIER unit to go there, use the "Flag weapon" (wich would be an flag of his team) and then, "shoot it" near the enemy Command Spot flag, until the flag of his team raises and the command spot gets captured... then the enemy troops could spawn over there, and the game would be more interesting also...

To build an "Command Spot" you would need kinda a crate (like in PR) and so, All the horses should have the capacity to attach side cars to them (im not sure if its said side car, but you should know what i mean) and those suposed "Crates" should be on those sidecars... wich should be transported by the horses... Cannons could be also atached to horses and beind carried by them (there should be some "mobile cannons" at the mainbase

Hoewer, there is one ting than would be criticaly changed: the radio voices.. since we all know than there wasnt radios back in 1800, i tougth on making like radio voices should be pronounced NOT with that radio efect anymore, but yes as they were people talking near you... hoewer, you coulnt listen an commander at  3 kilometers of distance from you saying: "Requesting reinforcements" like if he was 20 meters from you.. so, to be able to listen your comrades, you should be near them... and then you could listen what they say in real spacing... a commander screaming: "Hold up in line soldats!" and then some British infantry saying: "Hurra!" and you listen then in the real distance they are... also, if we add mumble to this, we should only be able to hear people near us... so if the battalion leader speaked to you in the squadleader chat, you would listen like if it was local chat.. so you would need to get close to him to hear.. but you dont hear other squads conversations (unless theyre speaking on local) but you just need to be close to them.. commander and squadleaders would also need to be close to eachother even if they speaking on squadchat... hoewer, if the commander speaks on local for everywone near him, people would see who was speaking BUT with an yellow name beyound the screen (like in PR) and that would be also aplied to squadleaders (battalion leaders, marcheals, whatever...)

And in adiction, we could also have some Ships figth maps... but this would change the system from infantry rifleman battlefields, because here you could use kits like: Sallior, or marine, captain, ect... and your job is to maneuver ships and destroy enemy ones... each squadleader (wich on this kind of sea gameplay would be the captain, and would need to use the captain kit) would maneuver a ship, and his squadmates would hang out the cannons, AND even repair the ship (in this sea maps there could be somekind of "ship repair" kits wich should have an little mace (i dont remember how to say that in english) and therefore you would be like kiking the ship wood with it in order to repair it (but it should be real, and it would be need some great number of repairers to repair an ship)

In sea maps there should be various classes of ships:

Heavy Ships - wich migh be controled by the "commander", and it would be need 2 squads (be adviced than each "squad" takes like 20 members now) to maneuver each ship cannons side... so you could have 20 cannons shooting at the same time to an enemy ship

Medium Ships - Wich migh be controled by the "Squadleader", and you would need only 1 squad to take the cannons and maneuver it

Small Ships - Those should be controled by any people... hoewer, you should be on a squad, and take an proper "driving ship kit" to maneuver it... it would have like 1 - 5 cannons, and it would be like little boats with cannons...

Transport Ships - Squadleaders should maneuver it, it would have also cannons, but they would be only used to transport... they would also have horses, mobile cannons, and some land equipment (in case of any Sea-land map, or Island map...)

(ship section is under development....)

There could be also some Sea maps with some land... and sometimes you could have Line rifle battle figths in a island wile theres an Navy engagement at the sea... people could also build fobs and stuff, and make those Rifle line battles... hoewer, there would be a lot of kits on the map: there would be SEA marine kits, and Land riflefigth kits...

Also (now talking about land gameplay) There should be added some battles wich would be kinda Peasants figting against Imperial Riflemans... i remeber, for example, than wen the French Army invaded Portugal (my country), the king of portugal run out to Brazil, and left only the people alone at the villages... hoewer, Great Britain gave us aid, and libertated Portugal from france... (general Beresford btw) hoewer, there are stories of some conflicts between Villagers and French soldiers in villages... and sometimes, the Villagers won against the Soldiers... so this new mod would be similar to insurgency from PR, and there would be 2 teams on it:

-The Peasants (the people basicly: with forques, and a few guns... the guns should be considered an special kit)

-The Invading Army (wich should be an proper army: it could be France invading some portugal village, or Prussia invading France, and taking over some french village, ect...)

The Invading army mission should be to stole Artifacts and Items from an specific village (like Golden stuff from churches, huge amount of money in sacs, ect...) and the Peasants mission, is to stop enemy from stealing those tings...

(because as we all know, the armys of 1800 sometimes used to rob enemy villagers, so this is how these kind of maps should work)

The peasants could be any people.. hoewer, their voices, way to dress, guns, ect... would change depending of the map they will figth in (a map wich has French Army invading an Portuguese village, has portuguese peasants speaking portuguese... hoewer, a map wich have Prussia invanding Russian Villages, cant have Russian peasants speaking portuguese... but they need to speak russia... hoewer, voices should be diferent from army voices, cause there would be also peasant womans figthing, and theres an diference between "People" and "Army"... also, the peasants wouldnt need to be organized like the army... hoewer, they coulnt make rifle line figths in open battlefield agains an wole enemy army, because few players would have the rifleman kit.. so they would be kinda executed in the middle of the battlefied... instead: they start on a village, and they hide and shoot from high positions wile the invading army keeps marching on the ground... peasants could also make traps (like those vietcong holes with stiks, animal traps, ect...) so they could have some advantage over that... obvisously than they couldnt place those traps in open field, because enemy would spot them... anyway, noting will stop you from putting an trap over there.

(it would be similar to Insurgency in PR)

Another kind of maps would be maps with city´s, but with both teams beind proper armies... for example: Invasion to Vienna map, French against Austrian troops, but in a city...

Fortress maps would also be aceptable as well...

AND maybe, there could be also some figths over America: Between the North and the South Americans (the American Civil War) also, British landings against Indepenent american colonies (Independence War), possibly (if not starting to be ridiculous) some insurgeny maps similar to peasants mod, but this time the peasants should be the "Apaches" tribals against the United States Rifleman soldiers...

(and talking about America during 1800, Trains could be also added to this mod...)

Basicaly, it would be an huge hell of a mod if it was done anyday...

I wonder if i could work to it, and make a mod... but unfortunamently, i dont know were should i start (and BF2 modding is way more diferent than BF1942 modding... and i dont even know how to handle with scripting and mapping in BF2... and i dont even whana speak about 3D Max studio wich i dont know how to make a grenade over there...)

So think about it, and give your opinion about it (after you read this all)

Gaming / Battlegroup 42
« on: 04-08-2013, 02:08:33 »
So, theres an battlefield 1942 mod called: battlegroup 42...

Im going to be honnest: battleground 42, is definitively (in my opinion) the best mod ever made for battlefield 1942.. seriously, the quality changes A LOT! textures are awesome! sounds, efects, ect...

(Forgotten Hope 2 hoewer, its the best mod for battlefield 2... altougth i also like PR, forgotten hope 2 changes the wole game to the world war 2 dimension...)

Now the question is:

Why are such an great work from Battlegroup 42 not even recognized?

I mean... the mod is soo great! but i dont see anywone playing it! never saw at least 10 players online in Battegroup 42 mod!

(this are kinda those sad moments wen people work a lot, but their work is wasted... because nobody seems to give a single shit)

And btw, i have that mod since 2 years...

I´ve heared than the soviet front patch is the next uptade for forgotten hope 2... hoewer, i have some questions about this:

1º- How much time is going to take to the release of the update (not need to be exacly time)

2º- Is the uptade EXCLUSIVELY about the eastern front, like are you only going to add maps with battles wich take the Soviet and Finland Army? or are you also going to add some more maps non-related to the Eastern Front? (for example adding another map wich can be a Battle between Germans and British, or Americans and Italians, ect...)

3º- (about Omaha and Britain) are those  maps going to be made for Forgotten Hope 2? (even if not in this update, but in another future update)

4º-(about Omaha and Britain) why those maps keep beind an "utopia" for FH2 community? (what i mean is, why werent they even made, altouth they were considered the favourite maps of Battlefield 1942, FH2 could have been made those 2 maps wen they started the mod... altouth for some reason it seems like someting impossible)

5º- (about an "possible" pacific update:) There was once time i tried to help making an future pacific update (like trying to make the japanese army model and stuff) but i couldnt handle with 3D´s Max, and i still need to learn so i could someday help FH2 devs... hoewer, it is possible to make pacific maps with the battlefield 2 map editor, by using wrong teams, but those teams beind changed by FH2 devs wen making pacific front? (what i mean is for example, i recreate the map of Wake Island, but instead of beind Japs agains americans, i put germans against Americans... hoewer in the future, wen the Japanese army gets done, the Devs change the german team to Japanese team, and add Japanese objects to the map... but the map is already done, it just needs the Jap update)

6º- Oh and i almost forgot: is that mini-mod French hope going to be add in this update? or is going to be an separated mod for forgotten hope 2? and wen its going to be released?

its all for now, and good luck with the update

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