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Big thanks to Slayer too for trying and trying! :)

Thanks for that kummitus, I must have been blind when I looked because I really didn't notice that in the top-left.

Hey so great news! :D It worked! There was a CD Key that was issued to me via Battlelog, I then downloaded the BF 2 CD Key Changer on their website and put the CD Key in they provided me and voilĂ ! I felt like it must have been the CD Key after doing a fresh install, seemed like such a strange crash.

Thanks for all the help everyone, I just enjoyed a few hours of FH 2 just before! Awesome fun. :)

And even BF 2 Vanilla is working also, mind you my accounts seem to be lost/not working due to the user for some reason even though they are real and work with FH 2.

So my fix was:
  • Uninstall and delete all BF 2 and FH 2 files
  • Reinstall BF 2 from Battlelog (Patched already to latest updated version)
  • Reinstall FH 2
  • Apply the CD Key given to me from Battelog

Thanks for all your help and I'll see you on the Battlefield!

you can try it by going to their site and your profile settings. It should have a page get battlelog key.
I could not find the place to do this, sorry. A link would be appreciated if possible please?

Thank you kummitus.

More bad news haha, I cannot find my old BF 2 copy and therefore my CD Key! What's a good way to get one of these?


No, it just crashed to desktop with no error message at all.

I'll get to that today. Yeah I thought the same, but I did install via the Battlelog version so I don't know what the go is with that.


Yeah I'll try that but I'm sure it'll just crash to desktop like it has been.
Yeah it did the same.

I didn't enter a CD Key, there was an option to but because I don't have it handy I tried it without one. So this far I haven't entered one.

Yeah I'll try that but I'm sure it'll just crash to desktop like it has been.


Yes, allowed through Firewall along with BF 2. I've never had to before but yes that could be true. That's via the router configuration, correct?

After installing I booted up FH 2 and the Launcher opened automatically as normal, it then done a 1.0 Mb - I think - update and then reopened the Launcher. I clicked 'Play', all went fine, the game booted! For the first time in a while which I was very happy to see. Then servers, all came up fine, clicked to join one, crashed to desktop immediately. I was doing a repair previously when getting trouble but because this was a total fresh install with the update just done I didn't repair. Yes using the Launcher, there is no other method around it is there? Just the 'ForgottenHope2.exe' on the desktop with the install which then automatically tries to update and then opens the Launcher and then you click 'Play' to open it.

Do you think the CD Key would be affecting this?


Okay so I've just finished reinstalling FH 2. Boots up fine, automatically logs into the account, browses servers fine, click to join one and then it crashes!

Help please?

Also just found this for future reference and if it continues I'll probably refer back to it,

Thanks, reinstalling at the moment.

I downloaded Battlelog's version of BF 2, installed that, trialled it, BF 2 booted up fine, tried to login to an account and it said the account wasn't real, which they are as they're my previous ones and the ones I use for PR and FH 2. Would it have something to do with the fact I didn't enter my CD (Licence) Key? I would have but it's somewhere in my garage...

Also just went to install FH 2 and I have a question, every time I open the installer it takes forever to actually open. I have the spinning loading circle beside the mouse cursor for over ten minutes before it pops up with the install wizard and sometimes doesn't. Is there a quick way around this so to know whether it's actually going to work or not?

And on top of this I've now had the FH 2 install file 1 of 2 come up with an error, "7-Zip; Unspecified error".

I'm struggling a bit haha, am now re-downloading the FH 2 install files again for the fourth time this week.

I feel something else has gone wrong! ?


D:\Games\mods sound awfully wrong. If anything it should be D:\games\Battlefield 2\mods\ which should contain bf2, fh2, xpack.
Yeah I know it sounds wrong but it is okay, back when I installed it years ago I accidentally stuffed up the folder directory and it installed like that without the "Battlefield 2" folder.

Yes Slayer, so I'm missing that "bf2" folder which seems really strange! It must have disappeared somehow in the FH 2 update. Yeah I reinstalled FH 2 as 2.51 via the two file downloads and didn't use the Launcher to update. Yes it's looking that way! Haha yes I'm aware of that, thanks.

Quote from: hitm4k3r
My guess is that if your BF2 is corrupted, then FH2 won't work properly aswell. So I would try reinstalling BF2 first as it is giving error messages too. How you do this is explained here:

Incase that you use the retail version, make sure that you apply patch 1.41 and after that patch v.1.5 properly, otherwise it will not work. The last error is showing a problem connected to Patch 1.5 so my guess is, that you installed FH2 without the required patches for BF2.

Besides that you can also follow the battlelog link wich should be alot easier and doesn't require any patching of BF2.

Would be also interesting to know your PC specs, incase that reinstalling the whole thing doesn't work. Also make sure that you installed your proper gfx drivers.
Yeah, it sounds like BF 2 has been corrupted and therefore also FH 2.

All I can say is that it must have somehow been the FH 2 update and/or reinstallation that caused this error because all had been fine until I went to play again and it needed an update.

Is that the free version of updated BF 2, the Battlelog link?

PC spec's:
CPU: NEW Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400 2.66Ghz x 4 6MB Cache 1333FSB LGA775
Motherboard: ASUS P5QL-EPU latest Intel P43 chipset
RAM: 8GB DDR2-800 memory in Dual Channel
HDD: Samsung HD103SI 1TB
Graphics: ATI HD 4850 512MB
DVD: Samsung/LG 22X dual layer fastest DVD-RW
Sound: 8 Channel High Definition Audio
Network: Broadband ready gigabit network
Monitor: BENQ 22" Full HD 10000:1 Contrast Ratio Widescreen LCD
Power supply: 500W Dual 12V rail high performance PSU

Thank you for the help everyone! I will reinstall tonight I think.

Stupid question, FH 2 still requires a functional BF 2 to work doesn't it? It's not a standalone game now?


On a side note before I reply again, in my BF 2 installation directory (D:\Games\mods) there's only a "fh2" folder in there, none for BF 2. That must be wrong?

OK, it's a BF2 problem. I guess it has something to do with shaders, you could try the following first:

The error has something to do with cleaning the shader cache folder. You can delete this cache folder manually anytime without any problems. Next time you run the game, the shader cache will simply get re-created.

So go to "my documents/forgottenhp2/mods/bf2/cache/" and delete everything you find there.
Then run the launcher again and use the repair function.
You can also clear the "my documents/Batttlefield 2/mods/bf2/cache", it gets recreated when you launch the game.

If this doesn't help, then I guess that something went wrong installing patch 1.50, because that's what the first error message mentions. Did you install BF2 in the correct order, namely BF2/patch 1.41/patch 1.50? The install guide is here:
The FH 2 cache folder was empty. The BF 2 one had two folders in it which I deleted.

Done the 'Repair' on the FH 2 Launcher, all seemed fine and then got this error message again;

I notice it has a code of "BF1942.font" in there which seems strange? I also have that installed of course, but I wouldn't assume they'd conflict somehow?

I'm confident there's nothing wrong in the patch, as I done this probably over five years ago now and it's never been an issue. It's definitely been installed correctly.

It wasn't till I went to play FH 2 the other day this problem occurred after it updated.

Thank you.

Did you try running Wondowed Mode? If yes, what did you get an error mesage? If yes, what did it say?
Have you tried playing BF2 without FH2? If yes, did it work?
You go good Slayer!

Window mode;

BF 2 Vanilla;

Now what do I do! ?

This reminds me of ages ago, probably even years, I remember an issue regarding FH 2 and shaders with BF 2 that you used to have to clear a folder to "reset" them?

I look forward to your response!

Thank you. :)

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