Author Topic: Desert Combat Mix n Match Event!!!  (Read 282 times)

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Desert Combat Mix n Match Event!!!
« on: 21-07-2022, 20:07:53 »
Hello all!

To keep pace with our popular weekly Desert Combat events;

A variety of maps will be played during this event, some with custom bots, some ctf. It will be a fun variety filled night!

Event will be roughly four to five hours long, then we will return to regular map list.

Players are more than welcome to stay longer than the booked event slot, we will continue on with other maps not associated with the event afterwards if the player counts permit.

-[HELLO]- Desert Combat : 14567

Friday July 22nd

Time for the event;

5 PM EST - 10 PM EST

To participate you need the following;
1. Battlefield 1942
2. Desert Combat 0.7
3. Desert Combat Final

Hope to see you on the battlefield soldier!

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