Is it necessary to reduce the overestimated recoil of the first shot in an automatic burst SMG?

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Author Topic: Inflated recoil of the first shot in each burst from submachine guns  (Read 301 times)

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Hello. I am Russian. I am writing via google translator, so the translation may be distorted. In FH2 there is a serious problem with firing short bursts of submachine guns of 2-3 rounds at "long" distances for them of 90-100 meters. Perhaps this is some kind of bug, but in FH2 the first cartridge in each queue has a much higher return than all the others in the same queue. Because of this, it is impossible to shoot in short bursts of 3 rounds aiming at a distance of 100m. In other ballistic shooters, all shots in a short burst have the same recoil. Because of this, when firing a burst of 3 rounds, the first bullet almost always hits the target, in more than half of the cases the second one hits, and the third is already flying past. But hitting even the first two of these three bullets is enough for the aimed mode of firing 3 rounds to be actively used.

In FH2, due to the fact that the first cartridge has a greater recoil than the second and third, only the first cartridge hits the target, after which the muzzle of the PP bulges up too much, and the next two fly above the target. Because of this, effective fire with short sighting bursts of 3 rounds per 100m from PP is impossible. For the same reason, it is difficult to normally shoot single shots, single ones need to aim too long after each shot.

If you don't believe me then check it out for yourself. Here on the screenshots, I conducted an experiment. I found a drainpipe near the corner of the building. In the first screenshot, I aimed at the wall at the level of the very beginning of the pipe and fired 17 shots at the wall in a continuous burst. As a result of the continuous queue, the PP front sight stopped at about the level of the tops of the trees in the background (second screen). Then I reloaded and fired the same 17 shots from the beginning of the tube, but only with single shots. In the second case, it is clear that due to the fact that the first shot had an overestimated recoil and all these shots were single, the front sight of the PP was lifted about a third higher.

It would be correct if the developers fixed this bug and made it so that the first shot in the queue from all PPs would NOT have an overestimated recoil relative to the rest of the shots. The most productive female sniper in the history of mankind Lyudmila Pavlichenko recalls that she often masked the sound of her sniper rifle firing under 3 and 5 shots of German submachine guns (12:51) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tm2yraNQWqM This suggests that this mode of firing from PPs of 3-5 rounds was actively used by the Germans.

Voting among the Russian-speaking audience showed that it would be better to remove the overestimated recoil of the first shot in each burst https://vk.com/forgottenhope?w=wall-14079341_18951%2Fall
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seems like a good suggestion with a an easy fix.
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seems like a good suggestion with a an easy fix.
no easy fix for that