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Bug Reporting / Re: [Multiple] Issues so far with 2.6
« on: 25-05-2022, 09:05:14 »
Hi I've been playing FH2 since the very beginning and have always had various permission issues. Most have been easy to get around up until this latest update. I'm not sure if it is the update or my computer however, but I cannot for the life of me find a solution.

The download suddenly stopped and had to be cancelled. When I went back to restart the update, the launcher told me it does not have permission to access the FH2Updater.exe. I tried deleting the updater and it would not let me. The only way I managed to do it is by turning my firewall back on (I usually have it off when updating/downloading FH2) and dragging the updater to my desktop so that my antivirus could force-delete it.

Secondly, the launcher seemingly does not have access to an appdata folder which does not exist. I say that because while looking into this issue I have discovered that the appdata folder used by all of my other games is under a user which also should not exist.

I have been searching for hours and will continue to do so, because I am a hardcore FH2 fan. However, if anyone has any insight into the matter I would be very grateful.

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