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WWII reenacting is something new in my country but since now people have started doing some small events I really want to join as I have always been interested in reenactment. I'm currently trying to build a waffen SS uniform and am facing a small issue. I need to buy trousers however the biggest size i could find was 42 inch waist. Unfortunately that would not fit me and I need at least 46 inch. I usually order form Can someone suggest a different site where I can find and order bigger ones? Also can someone give me advise for the field equipment or suggest some guide or something for SS uniforms? I would really appreciate it.

Hey guys,

so I've played FH for years now and had no problem what so ever. However a few days ago a problem appeared. When I start the game it shows this small windows saying "Checking for updates" and it stays like this and the game just won't load. I can't even press the Skip button. Before it appeared for 10 secs or something and the game menu appeared where i selected Play to start the game. I don't know why it doesn't load now. Can someone help me with this?

Bug Reporting / Spawning bots die in Operation Goodwood
« on: 01-07-2015, 23:07:30 »
As title says it the bots die at only 1 spawn point on the map right after they spawn. Heres a screen:

Also i was wondering about the same map the listed german vehicles dont spawn. I found around the forums that they do spawn for reinforcements but that doesnt work in SP so i was wondering is there a way for the germans to get their vehicles in SP at all.

Also i think this may have been posted but on Sidi rezegh bots also die on the spawnpoints.

And a final question - will Pegasus have SP when its released?

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