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Bug Reporting / German mobile AA
« on: 13-06-2015, 17:06:34 »
I have recognized a few minor bugs on the German mobile AAs. The hitmakers do not appear to work (SdKfz 7 with Flakvierling and possibly the Opel Blitz - Flak 38)

Another bug on the Opel Blitz with Flak 38: Everytime you switch seats from the gun back to driverseat, the gun gets reoriented to the forward looking positions. This is pretty anoying, if you are just doing some minor repositioning and have to turn the complete gun again.

Suggestions / "Afterburner" for planes
« on: 11-06-2015, 09:06:34 »
A lot of mid and late WWII fighter planes had systems on board, which provided their engines with some additional power, e.g. water/methanol injection for low altitude or nitrous oxide for high altitudes. This provided some extra speed or climbing rate, etc.


In my opinion it would offer the current dog fights some more tactical possibilities. Also the original vBf2 has an afterburner feature implemented, which might it be more easy to implement.

Bug Reporting / CTD in planes during toggling view
« on: 07-06-2015, 20:06:38 »
I often experience CTDs when flying with planes. Today I got the feeling, I might have found a reproducebility or atleast something, I think might be connected to this. I would like to hear, if others have the same problem.

When I fly plane, I often toggle the outside views via "c" button, for example to look behind me. Sometimes I directly change back to the crosshair via "x", to immediately aim at targets in front of me. During toggling views and changing back to the cockpit I often experience CTDs.

Is this something others do have experienced?

General / M13 Dual .50 cal
« on: 07-04-2015, 11:04:51 »
It is probably been noted down for long already, but if not: The damage dealt by the Dual .50 cal is way too low compared to single .50 cals found on half tracks, for example. This limits the AA capability of the allies on sidi bou zid massively.

General Discussion / Conspiracies Thread Mk II
« on: 24-03-2011, 11:03:57 »
As the old thread got closed, because of - well - private chatting, I decided to start a new one.

As news are rare at the moment, I want to start with a summary.  What do we know about the next patch, especially the BotB content as Russia is very far out. I mean the already shown stuff, as well as for example the maps and names spotted on the test server. And some speculations, what is missing and a "must have".

Since the last patch was shown:
  • Jagdpanther
  • Sherman Jumbo (76 and 75mm)
  • M24 Chaffee
  • M1919A6
  • Jagdpanzer IV
  • Eihandgranate
  • Sd.Kfz. 250/3 Command Vehicle
  • german playermodels in wintercamo
  • Some Mapscreen of Botb
  • M1903A1 Springfield rifle
  • M9 Bazooka
  • Leuchtpistole 34
  • Fiat 626
  • Hetzer

Is there still something very very important missing? A weapon, a tank? The most important thing are the US winterskins, which need to be done or better to say, finished and shown to us.

The next list will contain the names of maps, which were spotted on the testserver (a Part of this list is taken by a list made by Kelmola in the old thread):

  • Kuuterselka
  • Crimea 1944
  • Gold Beach
  • Ste. Mere Eglise
  • overlord
  • Meuse River 1944
  • bastogne
  • Foy
  • Hürtgen Forest
  • Battle at Puffendorf
  • Vossenack
  • Eppeldorf 1944
That are some Maps related to the Eastern front, the next 3 maps are maps related to normandy (Ok, the overlord map seems to be a testmap and comes up for years now.)
Then there are maps, which seems to portray to the BotB fighting. The last maps are related to the Hürtgenwald battle, which is already german territory.

I will finish my post with some speculating.
One of the map sreenshots, which was shown in the january news, has some similarities to kettcars signature. So I guess: One map might be done by kettcar:

Next I remember there was a "hurtgen forrest"-thread in the modding section. The screenshots on the january update made me remember that. The map shown in the moddings section contained a forrest with a lot of fortifications and even some special statics, like westwall bunkers. In a short search I couldnt find the thread anymore, nearly all evidence in the public part of the forums are gone. But I found a thread, where torenico asked what to do next (Hürtgen was an option) and in the "battle of aachen"-thread he showed a very WIP of such a bunker. Next he said, he want to redo his "battle-of-aachen" map.

Very, very WIP sreenshot of a bunker made by terenico, 1 year old. The ones from the hurtgenforrest map, looked different and were more or less finished.

My randomn guess: The hurtgen forrest map from the modding section had enough potential, so it got moved to the internal forums and might be one of the maps of the release.

Thats it, I hope this thread will not be closed because of chatting. I hope we can summarize all the infos, which are written between the lines and such, as we got a lack of news at the moment.


PS: I nearly forgot, the tank warfare will be reworked, which was said somewhere in the suggestion forums.

Suggestions / Deployable anti tank guns
« on: 29-01-2011, 01:01:11 »
Today the idea came into my mind, that anti tank guns could be made somehow deployable by the individual player, like the mg lafettes, and not just spawn at dedicated locations. I my opinion it would even match with the tactical dimension of the game.

This would represent the fact, that most armies had in a batallion a dedicated support company or even antitank company, which gave the heavy antitank support. I remember, that I even read somewhere, that the US Army had an antitank-platoon in every company. (Now I hope VM or whoever with more knowlegde on miliary doctines of the individual armies joins this thread and proves, that i am not totally wrong).

Basic thoughts:
Of course this would change balance of some maps, but noone ever said i has to be on every map. But there would also be some maps like Aberdeen, where a pak on the right place could balance them. Also the imbalance caused by the deployed at gun depends on which gun is deployed on what map. A Pak40 in a good position in an africa map would mean overkill, while a 6pounder in normandy in the right place could be still be a thread to german tankers, but a blessing to your own team.

The next thing, which could be seen positive, but also negative, this would solve the mobility problem of the pushed guns by still being vulnerable to enemy infantry or HE fire.

Also more mobile guns would make it a little bit more difficult to attack a flag, as you cant know, where the at-gun is. Yeah, I know hear some of you calling "Its still hard to take a flag, why make it even harder". I just got three answers, It would be more difficult to HE behind the fogrange, with the situation with pushable at-guns at the moment, it isnt much different. you can't always predict where they are and last but not least: I am just thinking, this is suggestion forums.

And of course as a new gameplay featrure, there a ways to abuse/exploit it, by deploying a group of guns, or deploying them behind enemy lines....
Another thing to balance it, we have to think about, if the deployed guns should be pushable or stationary like a lafette.

To implement this, I thought about three possibilities, each with its pros and cons.
1. An Antitank pickup-kit

This would basicly work like the mortar or lafette kits already in the game. You pick up the kit, move to the place, where you want the gun, then deploy it.
Cons: It would be possible, of course difficult, to sneak behind enemy lines, deploy it behind some tanks and shoot them. But without support, you would be still vulnerable to enemy infantry and it would be (depending on the map of course) still be difficult to get to a good location. But dont forget u can move at the moment behind enemy lines and use their weapons/guns against them, so it would not change that much.
The last danger i see is a possible exploit in the system by standing next to an ammo crate an deploying gun are gun, this could be partly prohibit by a long resupply time.

2. A truck spawns it (if possible)
A truck, like the ammo truck, would spawn a at-gun be pressing right mouse button like the ammo boxes from the ammo truck.
This would match best, to represent the weight of at-guns and the need of transport vehicles. with a truck it also would be impossible to sneak behind enemy lines, as you are vulnerable even to rifle fire.
Danger of exploit by ammotruck and at-gun-truck combination.

3. droplable by commander
This system would basicly use the car-dropping system of bf2. The commander would send a gun to the troops where requested. This has the least eploit danger, as there could only be 2 or 3 dropped cars on a map in vBF at the same time, so i am sure the number even could be lowered.

I hope after reading, u got the point. And I am sure this wasn't suggested before, as I am watching the forums for years now. And i hope my english is not that bad.

=dmk= Oberst S.

PS: I even see some people coming back with: Bring the lIG 18 or something.

Bug Reporting / Operation Cobra flag problem
« on: 29-07-2010, 16:07:17 »
When you play Op Cobra, sometimes the farm and the train station flag (I haven't seen it at another flag, but maybe happens there, too.) can't be captured by the US. The flag on the pole appears to be US, but on the map the flag still belongs to the germans. So the germans still can spawn but the americans can't take the flag. When the american evidence is killed, the germans can cap the flag. It goes white and when the cap is complete, it is "really" german and it is cappable for the US again.

Neither I have taken a screenshot (I will do, when I see it next time), nor I recognized the conditions, when or why this happens.

Still I haven't read anything about this bug, although I surf the forum quite frequently. So i decided to post.

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This is my first post, hello guys!
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