Author Topic: The Wierdest Thing  (Read 932 times)

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The Wierdest Thing
« on: 05-04-2009, 01:04:56 »
I was playing FH0.7 the other day, and was loading Desert Rose, when my computer made a slightly disturbing mechanical sound, coming from the tower. It stopped, and I entered the game and spawned. When I spawned, though, I couldn't walk, fire, or switch weapons. All I could do was turn. I disconnected and reconnected, same thing. I disconnected and loaded SP, same thing. I tried BF1942, same thing. So I reinstall 1942, and I can move again. I patch 1942 up to 1.61, load FH(still there after uninstall) and enter a server playing Omaha:Charlie Sector. I spawn in a LVT(a), get out, and find I can't move, fire, switch weapons, or get back in. I reinstall 1942, patch it, to find the same thing. In frustration, I look through the controls, to find that all of my infantry controls had been deleted, and were blank. My other controls, however, were normal. I fixed the infantry controls, and found that I couldn't get into a plane. I checked, and my 'Common' controls had been deleted. I fix this, get in a plane, and proceed to nose dive into the sea. I find that my plane controls have not been deleted, but my 'invert mouse' checkbox has been mysteriously unchecked, and mouse sensitivity reverted back to zero. My naval controls were unchanged.

All this happened while loading desert rose or reinstalling 1942, and my infantry controls were deleted for sure while loading Desert Rose. My question for you, dear forum-mates, is how on Earth this could have happened.
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